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10 Reasons For Exes To Block You! (Don’t Make These Mistakes)

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Getting blocked by an ex is like adding salt to a wound, it stings. As much as it’s not unexpected or weird, there’s this expectation that someone who loved us would at least want to keep the doors of communication open even if we don’t plan to use them. Getting some closure for yourself may help to move on which is why we’re going to discuss the reasons for exes to block you.

From my experience as a relationship coach, there are a lot of common behaviors that happen when people are overwhelmed by the pain of a breakup.

Without exercising emotional self-control, it’s easy to fall victim to emotions that influence us to behave in ways that are offensive, unattractive, desperate, inconsiderate and disrespectful.

A lot of this can be avoided if we actually had some kind of guide that walked us through what we need to do after a breakup. 

Be that as it may, I think the following lists of reasons for exes to block you will provide some answers that can be used to help you move on and learn from your mistakes so that you know how to behave differently in the future.

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Reason For An Ex To Block You

reasons exes block you, reason for why your ex blocked you, why your exes block. what is the reason for exes to block you, reasons exes block you

1. To help you move on

Letting go of someone you love is incredibly difficult and it’s natural to resist reality at first. The urge to fight for who you love is undeniable but when it comes to relationships, we all have to accept the fact that we must love in such a way that the other person feels free.

We cannot insist that someone remain with us nor can we fight to keep someone who is fighting and choosing to leave.

That is not a respectful thing to do, especially towards yourself.

Believe me, there is no greater love story than when two people choose each other and want to be together through the ups and downs of life.

Unfortunately, most of the relationships in your life are going to end at some point and it’s necessary for you to move forward and move on.

Allowing years of your life to pass you by in the hope of your ex coming back is not romantic, it’s a disservice to yourself.

You don’t get many chances at life and there’s absolutely no guarantee that you have a long time to live on this planet.

This may be the reason why your exes block you.

It’s more of an act of mercy and compassion than anything else.

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It’s highly possible that your exes are aware of the situation and they don’t want you to remain stuck in the past, hoping for a chance to be with them when there isn’t any left.

To help you move on and write the next chapter of your love life, your exes block you.

Being on receiving end is painful but it may be necessary for you to go through this experience.

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2. You won’t leave them alone

Perhaps, you’ve been unable to control the urge to reach out and chase your ex at every chance. 

If you have been blowing up your ex’s phone, begging for them to come back and you seem unable to let go of the relationship even after a significant period of time, it would make sense that this is one of the reasons for exes to block you.

This is a nasty bitter pill to swallow but it’s necessary that you do.

Just because you want to be with your ex and feel like it’s romantic or honorable to fight for them doesn’t mean that they want the same.

I know how difficult this is to hear but I have to be honest with you.

It’s not attractive or a sign of self-respect to constantly chase after someone who has walked away from you.

Granted, there may be other circumstances at play and your ex had no choice but to walk away from the relationship because all trust was destroyed or something to that nature.

Even then, you still have to let them go because remaining trapped in a toxic cycle of communication is not loving to your ex or to you.

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3. You keep lashing out

Grief can often present itself in anger and outbursts.

I’ve seen it happen firsthand with many people.

In fact, one of the signs of grief or loss is anger. 

Those feelings are so overwhelming and the individual is in so much pain that they don’t know how to navigate through these emotions.

The source of their love can even become the target of their anger.

In pain, we often look for the reason.

It just so happens that being dumped, left or rejected makes it easy to view the one we love as the one who has caused us anguish and pain, even if they didn’t mean to.

Someone who works hard at emotional self-control still feels this pain and anger but they choose not to express it to their ex.

Unfortunately, some people do, even unintentionally or unplanned.

If this resonates with you and there have been instances when you lashed out at your ex, it may be the reason why your exes block you.

4. You humiliate yourself by begging and pleading

Writing this article is actually upsetting to me because I’m thinking of my young teenage self who behaved in this manner.

I understand how it feels to lose someone you truly love on a deeply emotional and spiritual level.

The pain, shock, confusion, anger, desperation and depression that strikes is overwhelming.

Not many things other than the loss of a loved one to death come close to comparison.

This is why it’s so important for us to be thoughtful, caring and kind to others who are going through a breakup and to ourselves when we have been through a breakup.

I know that you feel this burning desire to move the world and overcome all obstacles to win back the person you love but that is not the way to go about it.

In this case, begging and pleading for weeks or months on end isn’t the way to fight for your love.

I would argue that walking away is the best way to honor your feelings and what you want because it’s the hardest thing to do.

Not to mention that begging and pleading are not behaviors that attract people. They’re off-putting and portray you to be desperate which is not a good look for anyone.

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5. You’re cold and bitter

I had a friend who was rejected, not even dumped, by a girl he really liked and then he spent the next year talking about it online.

He would post these status updates and pictures that all had an underlying or blatant message of bitterness to them related to this girl.

Everyone knew who it was for because he made it abundantly clear and so did she.

Eventually, she blocked him on all platforms and this only fueled his bitterness and coldness. 

As time went on, he began to lose more people around him and he became more judged for this behavior.

This led him to become more bitter and cold as a person.

Nothing about this was a mark of strength, dignity, respect or good character.

The people who cheered him on did so for their own amusement.

Here’s the thing, I don’t blame everyone else. I don’t expect people to behave any differently. The world is the way it is. It can be an extremely kind and beautiful place or it can be a cold and toxic place.

But, we get to decide who we want to be and how we respond to trials and tribulations.

Nobody suffers more from rejection than the one who spends his time bitter and cold.

That’s not punishing other people, it’s self-torture and punishment.

Exes are going to use this as a reason to block you whilst you’re stuck with the negative effects and results of being bitter and cold for the rest of your life.

Let go of resentment and bitterness so that you can make space for someone loving and warm to enter your life.

6. You keep trying to make your ex jealous

Let’s say that you were successful at being obnoxiously obvious about making your ex jealous, it’s not going to win them back.

On the contrary, more likely than not, it’s going to turn them off from you and provide the motivation they need to block you.

Not all breakups are spiteful and not all dumpers are cold or uncaring.

In fact, I would argue that a lot of dumpers do care about their ex and they experience a great deal of suffering by walking away from the relationship for reasons that are beyond fixing.

To unnecessarily hurt them through posts and updates of you with other men or women is childish, uncaring and immature.

There are better ways of convincing your ex to reconsider their decision. For example, walking away and focusing on self-development.

7. You are rude and insulting

Unless your ex ruined your life, was abusive in some way or betrayed you, I don’t see any seriously justifiable reason why you would be rude and insulting.

In general, I don’t think much can be gained from being rude and insulting.

But, when you claim to have loved someone, it doesn’t make sense to be rude and insulting to them just because they ended the relationship.

I’m not saying that you have to sing their praises on rooftops or anything like that but speaking poorly to them and about them is not a good thing to do.

It’s going to definitely fall into the group of reasons for exes to block you.

If you have all this anger towards an ex, perhaps journal about it. At least then, it’s only for you to vent and nobody has access to that stuff.

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8. You stalk them online

I’ve seen exes try to remain friends with each other only for one or even both of them to stalk each other online.

Rather than maintain boundaries, they cross them, scrutinize their online behavior, interfere with mutual friends online and interrogate each other over people who may be interested in them.

That’s not healthy nor is that going to end well for either of you.

Stalking an ex online is only going to get you blocked.

I’m of the opinion that when there’s no hope for reconciliation, it’s best to just unfollow your ex online at the least and avoid seeing what they’re up to.

It won’t help you to feel better, it will have the opposite effect.

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9. You have been a bad partner

I hate to say it but if you were a terrible partner to your exes and treated them poorly, they’re going to block you.

To them, they feel as if the rose-tinted glasses have been removed and you were this villain in the relationship.

Rather than keep you around at all, they want to get away from you and start over.

Look, you can’t blame people for blocking you if the things you’ve said and done to them were deplorable.

Before even thinking about being in a relationship, all of us should consider whether we can be good and loving to people. We should strive to be of service to others and our intentions should align with our actions.

That’s when you’re ready for a relationship.

Remove yourself from the situation and examine your own behavior.

If you feel like you were a bad partner, learn from your mistakes and commit to being a better person and partner going forward.

Things will change for you when you have faith, good intentions, good actions and good people around you.

10. They want to move on

Up until now, most of the reasons on this list have been pertaining to your behavior or actions that may have influenced your exes to block you.

But, I would be foolish not to mention the possibility that it’s how your exes choose to deal with breakups.

Some people want to remain in contact and support each other even from afar whereas others need to eliminate all contact in order to move on.

You could do everything right and behave amazingly but your ex may still block you because that’s what they are used to doing.

It’s pointless for you to beat yourself up in this case because it didn’t have much to do with you, it was a personal decision that your ex took based on their own experiences in life and their own emotions.

Perhaps, this is the only way your ex knows how to deal with a breakup and move on.

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Final Thoughts

Right now, it must be upsetting that your ex blocked you but someday it could be a blessing in disguise.

As long as you approach hardships in life as an opportunity to grow and learn something new, you’ll be just fine and you’ll find new people in your life that are better suited for you.

There’ll be periods of loneliness and sadness but if you remain disciplined and allow yourself to feel these emotions to heal them, wonderful things will begin to happen to you.

Channel all of this energy towards improving your life, it’s a better use of your time.

With that being said, I hope this article on the reasons for exes to block you was eye-opening and insightful. If you would like my help, click here to visit my services page for more information on my email coaching package.

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