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20 Qualities Of A Good Woman That Are Irresistible

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One of the most important things I’ve done to find the girl of my dreams was to focus on the kind of personality traits and qualities of a good woman.

And so, by focusing on what I wanted in a partner, I was able to ignore those who did not meet my criteria. More importantly, I naturally gravitated towards high-quality women because it was what I looked for all the time.

If you’re searching for the ultimate list of qualities of a good woman, you’re in the right place.

Let’s take a quick look at this list of qualities.

  1. She is kind.
  2. She is considerate.
  3. She is a good listener.
  4. She is strong-willed and opinionated.
  5. She is capable of taking care of herself.
  6. She is goal-oriented.
  7. She can communicate her feelings respectfully.
  8. She is loyal and has integrity.
  9. She has confidence.
  10. She has a sense of humor.
  11. She can be nurturing.
  12. She can be soft-hearted and gentle at times.
  13. She can be firm.
  14. She is patient.
  15. She can hold a good conversation.
  16. She knows how to prioritize.
  17. She can be optimistic.
  18. She understands herself.
  19. She doesn’t judge people for their flaws.
  20. She takes pride in her appearance.

Let’s talk about these qualities in more detail so you know exactly what they look like in real life.

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1. She is kind

When I think about my mother whom I love wholeheartedly, the number one quality that comes to mind is her kindness. 

She will go out of her way to do something kind for others because it’s the right thing to do.

Women who possess this quality often possess a strong ethical and moral compass. They thrive and nourish themselves by adding value to those around them.

This kindness is not attached to an obligation or ulterior motive. 

It’s just a part of their nature and this is a beautiful quality to possess.

2. She is considerate

A considerate woman is someone who is capable of placing themselves in someone else’s shoes and considering their position and condition before doing or not doing something. 

In doing so, she is capable of exercising kindness and care in a manner that is beneficial and loving to others.

A considerate woman will think about your feelings, your opinions and beliefs in such a manner that she accommodates you during situations and issues.

3. She is a good listener

Talking is easy. What isn’t easy is listening and paying attention to others. 

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Those who are great communicators are able to exercise silence in key moments.

A woman who is a good listener provides a sense of comfort with her presence alone. 

The reason that this is considered one of the most important qualities of a good woman is that it makes a man feel loved and understood when someone cares enough to listen.

It’s amazingly simple to have a wonderful relationship when the woman you care about is willing to listen to what you have to say. 

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4. She is strong-willed and opinionated

A strong-willed and opinionated woman can hold her own. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to speak her mind.

Her ability to accomplish things and stand up for what she believes in is a result of being strong-willed and opinionated.

She will show up as an equal to a relationship and demand a level of effort that matches hers. By doing this, she will actually help you become more of a well-rounded, strong-willed and smarter man.

This is one of the many awesome reasons why it is important for you to familiarize yourself with these qualities of a good woman. 

It will guide you towards finding someone who will change your life in ways that I wouldn’t be able to completely verbalize.  

5. She is capable of taking care of herself

Women who can take care of themselves require certain attributes in order to do so. 

They have to be hard working, smart, driven and committed. All of these traits will spill over into their love life.

This means that you really don’t have to destroy yourself trying to please her because she’s probably too busy building herself at the same time.

In other words, the two of you can work together to grow as a couple and rely on each other to thrive. 

When two people are capable of taking care of themselves, they become better suited and primed to care for each other in a way that matters romantically. 

Also, independence is sexy. 

6. She is goal-oriented

Women who are ambitious and goal-orientated tend to be happier and more fulfilled in their lives which ends up helping them to nurture a healthy and fun relationship.

Without purpose, most of us end up feeling depressed and unsatisfied.

That’s when people start relying on a partner to bring purpose and meaning to their life. 

As romantic as this sounds, it can cause undue stress and pressure on a person as well as a relationship. Nobody else can bring you complete happiness in life all the time. You have to find that within yourself.

This is the reason some women (and men) become toxically needy, clingy and desperate. 

They’re lacking a purpose or goals in their own life and then projecting that need onto a romantic partner. 

A woman who has goals will not do this. 

She’ll focus on her own growth and in turn, motivate others to become better, smarter and harder working with goals. 

7. She can communicate her feelings respectfully

There’s always this assumption that women are emotional beings and that may be true to some extent but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically great at expressing or communicating those feelings.

Some women lack that ability and in doing so, struggle to maintain relationships and friendships in a way that’s meaningful for them.

A woman who can communicate her feelings passionately but without fighting or breaking down is so much easier to be with.

Unnecessary drama can be avoided and the ability to connect with her as well as satisfy her needs becomes infinitely more achievable. 

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8. She is loyal and has integrity

Loyal and integrity go hand in hand. 

Having the resolve and awareness to measure decisions against consequences and choosing to do what’s right over selfish pleasures or desires is one of the best qualities of a good woman.

She will be reliable, honest and committed to you. She will keep her promises and make every attempt to be responsible.

If she does make mistakes (we all do), she will be forthcoming and will do everything in her power to make up for it and to never repeat her mistakes. 

9. She has confidence

I want to make something abundantly clear, good looks do not matter as much as confidence. A woman with a strong sense of self and loads of confidence is just sexy.

And the beautiful thing about confidence is that it really stems from self acceptance. 

A woman who knows who she is, accepts her flaws and perfections and embraces all of it without judgment gives off confident energy that is intoxicating and attractive.

This is the type of woman who carries herself well and doesn’t fall into deep and dark pits of insecurity.

Be that as it may, a good man can help any woman on her path to self acceptance and confidence. 

10. She has a sense of humor

Life can get really serious and stressful a lot of the time which is why it’s so great to have a woman who can make you laugh as well as laugh with you.

Being around people with a sense of humor is fun. 

They make you feel good and their energy is so much warmer than others. 

This is actually one of my favorite qualities of a good woman. 

Being able to laugh with a woman at silly and funny things is a wholesome experience.

Additionally, love and attraction tend to thrive within a humorous and fun dynamic between two people.

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11. She can be nurturing

To nature, is to care for and protect while something or someone is growing. A woman who is nurturing can be a great wife and mother.

As a partner, she will care for you by being supportive and encouraging when you are trying to pursue goals and improve your life.

She will also care enough to hold you accountable for certain actions and push you to be a better man.

It’s a great feeling to have a woman who cares enough to support you and love you, even through difficult times.

That is what nurturing entails. And as a man, you should offer this to a woman as well.

If you are lucky enough to find someone who has this amazing quality of a good woman, don’t mess up and lose her. 

Appreciate and love her the way that she deserves to be loved. 

12. She can be soft-hearted and gentle at times

One of the most remarkable things about good women is that they can be strong and independent while still maintaining a sense of softness and gentleness.

It’s the ultimate combination that makes these types of women irresistible.

But, more so than that, being soft hearted and gentle can go a long way in making others feel safe.

13. She can be firm

Firmness isn’t a sign of dictatorship. It’s a sign of leadership and strength.

A woman who can stand up for what’s right and be firm will hold those around her accountable to a higher standard. 

She will push you to be better and to do what’s right.

Additionally, she’s not going to let others bully her into doing things she’s uncomfortable with. 

14. She is patient

Patience is a virtue with an immeasurable amount of value. 

Those who are patient often have less drama in their lives, they don’t fight wildly, they can teach others at a perfect pace and their behavior is rarely overwhelming. 

Imagine having a woman in your life who gives you enough time and space to get things right and to do better in the relationship. 

Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

15. She can hold a good conversation

Looks will fade. Money can dry up. Fame can disappear. But, what doesn’t ever leave and matters the most is someone’s character and their ability to communicate.

Yes, people connect via shared experiences but communication is an intricate and irreplaceable part of bonding with others.

It’s how relationships thrive.

And yes, even those who are specially challenged still communicate and connect with others in their own way. 

A woman who can express herself and engage you on an intellectual level will never ever bore you. 

No matter where the two of you are, you’ll always find a way to have fun and meaningful conversations.

Also, you’ll be able to work through issues that most people can’t because they lack the ability to communicate effectively.

This is one of those underrated qualities of a good woman that you’ll enjoy thoroughly. 

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16. She knows how to prioritize

High-quality women often have on their plates at any given time. They’re juggling different roles, from their professional to personal life and it can be tough to manage expectations.

But, when you have a good woman who has her priorities in check, she’ll make time for those who are important to her.

Irrespective of how busy she is, there’ll be some time in her day that she carves out just for you. 

Even if that means some sacrifices, she’ll happily do it because she values importance and quality over other things.

And that’s a quality you rarely find in both men and women.

When you meet someone like this, just know, you’re not dealing with just a good woman but a great one! 

17. She can be optimistic

There are going to be times in life when things go wrong and it feels like you’re up against the world.

During those times, it’s hard to start positive. Thoughts of quitting or never getting to be happy again might cross your mind.

That’s when you truly learn how amazing it is to have a woman by your side who is optimistic.

Being optimistic simply means that you are able to hope for better tidings and better outcomes. 

Hope is important in that it keeps us sane. It provides us with a ladder to pull ourselves out of despair. 

Optimism is closely tied to hope.

We could even argue that they are codependent on each other.

An optimistic woman will find the silver lining even when things aren’t ideal. And that is something that will benefit her and those around her for life. 

18. She understands herself

When a woman understands the way she thinks, feels and behaves under different circumstances, she will know how to navigate life and relationships with more success than others. 

Imagine this – how can you please a woman in a relationship who doesn’t even know what she wants or needs?

This isn’t a problem you’ll experience with a woman who understands herself.

She’ll go so far as to help you become the kind of man and partner who can have a thriving love life.

19. She doesn’t judge people for their flaws

There’s nothing more unattractive and ugly than an arrogant woman who looks down on others, even those who care about her.

You’ll never feel comfortable enough to be yourself around this person. And if you are, you’ll end up feeling like a lesser person because she’s just that judgmental.

When you encounter a non-judgmental woman, it’s like the world appears more beautiful again.

Her focus isn’t on what’s wrong but what’s right. She strives to see the good even amidst the bad. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no such thing as the perfect woman who appears like a saint. Nobody is perfect. I’d argue that we men are more flawed than women.

However, women who are more or less non-judgmental are the kind of people who nurture pure and real relationships that add positivity and love to your life. 

20. She takes pride in her appearance

When we speak of appearance, I’m not referring to some plastic barbie. Not that we should judge someone who appears that way but I’m specifically referring to women who make an effort to take care of themselves.

This is a quality of a good woman.

She makes an effort to look good for herself. That shows a sense of self worth and self respect. 

Those qualities are often attributed to the highest quality of women.

If she can exercise this much of an effort into looking neat and presentable, you can bet that she would make as much of an effort in most areas of her life.

And that is one of the qualities of a good woman that should be hailed as amazing. 

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In conclusion

Let me be frank – if you can find a woman with even a handful of the qualities in this article, don’t let her go.

You’ve hit the jackpot and you should treat her with as much love and respect as humanly possible. 

And if you’re insanely lucky to find a woman who has all of these qualities, marry her right away! 

I’ve realized that what you focus on in life is what you will attract.

By focusing on these qualities of a good woman, you will automatically and naturally find yourself attracted to women who actually fit within this group.

Also, be the kind of person you want to attract. In other words, if you want to find a good woman, work on becoming a good man. 

With that being said, I hope you found this article on the qualities of a good woman to be insightful and fun. Before you go, I’d strongly advise you to check out my book ‘The Attraction Game – How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams’ so that you can avoid messing up when you cross paths with a good woman.

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