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Once A Guy Loses Interest Can You Get It Back?

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once a guy loses interest, when a guy loses interest in you, can you get a man back if he loses interest

We work so hard to make ourselves attractive to others. It feels like we just have to get someone to be interested in us, and everything will work out. But, just because someone is interested in us doesn’t mean they always will be. That can change. Once a guy loses interest, can you get it back? Here’s what I know.

Not unless you give him space to miss you by changing your behavior. Most often, guys lose interest in women who chase them and display excessive attraction early on. You can get it back, but it requires time and inaction on your part.

As much as it’s helpful and normal to display your desire for someone during the courtship, it is preferable to take things slow.

Why should you take things slow?

Great question.

The reason why it’s preferable to take things slow is because attraction and desire grow during phases of uncertainty.

The more anticipation you can build, the more invested and interested the other person will be.

Obviously, there’s a balance that must be managed.

You shouldn’t pretend as if you have no desire to be with him, nor should you throw yourself at him early on.

Instead, you want to allow the romance to blossom at a pace that feels comfortable and appropriate for both of you. 

So, to summarize, once a guy loses interest, can you get it back?

Yes, you can get it back as long as you don’t sacrifice your dignity and self-respect by chasing him. If you can let him go and add value back to your attention and affection by removing them from him, there’s a chance you can get him back.

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Men Like A Challenge

once a guy loses interest, when a guy loses interest in you, can you get a man back if he loses interest

It is during the courtship phase that excitement and desire develop due to the challenge involved in winning over someone who is interested in you.

I’ve noticed this to be the case with most men.

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Observe their behavior with women who don’t throw themselves at men during the courtship.

You’ll notice that men start to pursue and even chase women who are challenging.

Subconsciously, we perceive a challenge as worthy of our time and effort.

If something comes easily or freely, we don’t perceive its value to be high unless we have always wanted it.

If you study sales and marketing, you’ll come across the following phrase that perfectly summarizes the importance of being a challenge.

“Scarcity breeds value.”

When interest is low, there is a chance of rekindling it by removing access to that thing.

Think about it for a moment.

If I took away your ability to eat rice ever again because you were bored with it, you would suddenly value rice much more than before.

You’d perceive it differently because it’s no longer as accessible to you as it once was.

I’m not comparing you to food.

It’s just the principle behind the message of scarcity. 

If you take your attention away from someone who no longer values it, the result could be an increase in interest.

There’s nothing wrong with moving slowly or withdrawing some of your effort if a man appears to be losing interest.

In fact, take a loss of interest as a sign that you are doing too much or that what you are doing isn’t working for you.

Sometimes, of course, there could be other factors that cause a man to lose interest. For instance, he could be dating other people or be hung up on an ex who has just returned.

You can’t take it personally.

But, in all of those situations, it makes sense that you shouldn’t give your attention and affection to him because it will not be valued.

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Let Him Go To Get Him Back

once a guy loses interest, when a guy loses interest in you, can you get a man back if he loses interest

The best course of action is to let him go until he comes back.

It’s also the hardest thing to do.

I want you to meditate on the idea of chasing him. By throwing yourself at him after he loses interest, is it respectful to yourself?

It isn’t.

If you can’t respect yourself enough to reserve your attention and affection for someone who deserves them, how can you expect him to respect you?

Perhaps I preach this point too much, but I think it’s the most crucial thing to keep in mind throughout the courtship.

A man will never fall in love with a woman he doesn’t respect.

The only way to assign more value to your actions and presence in someone’s life is to be selective.

If a man is showing a loss of interest, it is your duty to walk away from him unless he makes an effort to keep you.

If he doesn’t and you continue to chase him, it will completely undermine your value in his eyes.

When your value diminishes, so does his respect for you.

Once he loses all respect for you, at that point, there’s no chance he will ever be into you again.

A miracle would be required for that to happen.

So, a loss of interest can be remedied, whereas a loss of respect cannot.

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Final Thoughts

I didn’t want to waste your time with unnecessary information, so I did my best to condense everything you need to know into this article.

What I will leave you with is some advice on pursuing a man properly. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you initiating more conversations than he does.

But, what you shouldn’t do is double and triple text a man who is clearly showing a loss of interest.

Approach communication like a game of tennis. Wait for him to hit the ball back into your side of the court before you try to take another shot back at him.

Create opportunities for him to ask you out.

If he doesn’t, or if you are met with replies that are unenthusiastic or boring, match and mirror his energy until he starts to show more interest in you.

Lastly, when a man loses all interest, you can get it back by walking away. That’s the last move left. It’s the only self-respecting thing left to be done, and it gives him the space to miss you.

With that being said, I hope you found this article to be insightful and eye-opening. If you would like to consult with me on an issue like this, please visit my services page for more information on my email consulting package.

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