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Never Chase A Girl Who Dumped You

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What I wish I had known in my teens was to never chase a girl who dumped you.

Not only is it demeaning but it devalues your self worth. Think about it, you’re rewarding someone for dismissing you and leaving. 

Investing yourself in someone who wants to leave your life doesn’t actually make sense. 

What you have to offer is clearly not enough for her right now. Giving her more of that won’t change her mind.

If anything, it will make you look weak, desperate and needy.

All of these traits are known to turn a woman off, especially an ex.

What you actually want to do is reinvigorate her impression of you. This can be done by moving on with your life.

Walking away and moving on with your life asserts your worth. It shows her that you’re not willing to sacrifice precious time or energy on her if she doesn’t appreciate you as a partner.

You value yourself far too much to chase after someone who rejects you.

That, in and of itself, is a power move.

Initiating no contact is another power move that can have a profound effect on your ability to move on or win her back.

We’ll discuss these ideas in more detail below so be sure to keep reading until the end. 

With that being said, let’s discuss all the reasons why you should never chase a girl who dumped you.

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Chasing her will turn her off

Believe it or not, scarcity breeds desire. Most of the time, a woman will dump you if she falls out of love with you due to certain reasons.

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If these reasons are predominantly caused by your behavior within the relationship, chasing her will not win her back.

On the contrary, it will chase her away. 

What you want to do is reignite attraction. This is why it’s so important for you to use the no contact rule.

Men who case often exhibit traits of weakness. They surrender themselves to her attraction and affection. This entails sacrificing what they want for her approval. They will abandon their morals and code to be in her good books. 

In an effort to win her approval, you lose it. Rather than coming across as a strong, ambitious, driven and confident man, you come across as a weak, needy, clingy and desperate man. 

This behavior will get you dumped. 

Additionally, most girls expect guys to chase them after they end a relationship.

But, when you flip the script and completely cut communication, it makes her question whether you were as into her as she thought.

Furthermore, when she starts to feel lonely, sad, anxious and uncertain after the breakup, your silence will make her consider the possibility of losing you altogether. 

This fear will have a profound effect on her decision and it may motivate her to contact you again and reconcile. 

If you were to chase her, none of this would happen.

She wouldn’t even have the opportunity to fear losing you forever because you’d be chasing her the entire time. 

Knowing that she could have you at any moment will actually reduce her attraction for you.

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Chasing her will devalue your worth

People tend to appreciate things and people who are hard to come by. What this means is that if someone has to work for your time and attention, they’ll feel a greater sense of appreciation for it.

Knowing there’s a price that had to be paid for your presence in their life attaches a higher degree of worth to your image.

But when you eliminate any and all of your standards for a girl, it makes you look desperate.

Someone who is desperate doesn’t come across as attractive because they wouldn’t be in this position if they were desirable.

Even if this isn’t true, your behavior can create a false narrative that drives your girlfriend or ex away. 

This is heightened when you are dumped. Nobody really dumps someone who they genuinely cherish, love and adore to a great degree.

Chances are such, if your girlfriend has dumped you, it’s because her perception of you is not what it used to be.

Chasing her doesn’t change her mind, it only reinforces her belief in your low value. 

Someone who is in high demand and is easily desired will not have to chase after people. He won’t have the time to be chasing anyone because he’s too busy pursuing his goals and passion.

Furthermore, he will not degrade himself by begging someone to see his worth.

Instead, he’ll only make time for those who are interested in making an effort. 

That’s a surefire sign of self-respect. One thing is for sure, if you don’t respect yourself, there’s no way women will respect you. 

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Use the no contact rule on a girl who dumped you

The no contact rule ensures that you don’t chase your ex. The time away and distance from each other will give her time to reflect on her decision and possibly make you look more desirable again. 

What most guys tend to overlook is the fact that distance can make the heart grow fonder. 

Think about this for a second – breaking up with someone is a power move. It is the unilateral decision to end a relationship. 

As such, it’s only normal for the dumper to experience a rush of adrenalin and power in their life. 

This huge change feels good for a few weeks before the shit hits the fan. As long as your ex was genuinely attached and attracted to you, not having you around anymore will eventually start to bother them.

During those moments when they are alone, not dating anyone and settling into the normalcy of a routine again, all those emotions that you’re experiencing right now will hit them as well.

When it does, it can be overwhelming to the dumper.

They become nostalgic, lonely, sad and uncertain of their decision to end the relationship. 

Not knowing where you are, what you’re doing or how you’re feeling is going to create a ton of questions in their mind.

At which point, they will either ride the storm or reach out to get some comfort and affection from you.

But, none of this can really happen if you’re busy chasing her after the breakup.

You absolutely need to walk away and allow the power of silence to work it’s magic on your ex-girlfriend until she starts to miss you.

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In Conclusion

Don’t devalue yourself by chasing after girl who dumped you. Instead, show her that you are confident in your ability to attract women by walking away and focusing on your life.

I know that it won’t be easy at first but nothing good comes easy. If you ask any guy who chased an ex, they’ll tell you exactly how unproductive and destructive it can be.

You honestly have very little from chasing a woman who dumped you.

The only instances when this is something you should consider is if you did something really bad to break her heart or break her trust.

Other than that, you must never chase a girl who dumped you. Even if it works, you’ll find yourself feeling resentful and turned off eventually.

Give her a taste of silence and if she actually cared about you, there’s a high chance she’ll come back and get in contact.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on why you should never chase a girl who dumped you. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

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