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My Ex Texted Me After A Week Of No Contact

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You’ve been told that no contact is the most effective way to get back with an ex or move on. You prepared yourself for the possibility that you may never hear from your ex again. Suddenly, you get a text from your ex and now you’re asking yourself, what does it mean if my ex texted me after a week of no contact?

Here’s what I know, if my ex texted me after a week of no contact, it just means that they’re afraid of me moving on, they’re uncomfortable with the silence and they’re checking to see if I’m hung up and missing them.

Unless the text states that he or she misses you and feels like they made a mistake, there’s not a great chance that they’re texting you to get back together. 

They’re starting to struggle with the breakup and need to know that you feel similarly or else it’s going to make them feel worse. 

For this reason, I encourage most people not to break no contact. I understand that you may want to reply to your ex who texted you after a week of no contact but it isn’t the right time to do so.

If you’re worried that they were texting you to get back together, I’m willing to bet that one unanswered text isn’t going to stop them.

Trust me, your ex will send you another text after a few hours or a day or two if their intention is to get back together.

And so, I think it’s much better to just leave that text unanswered for a while to really gauge whether your ex has a motive of getting back together or an ulterior motive to find comfort in chatting to you so that he or she can continue to move on.

Okay, now that we have a rough idea on this, let’s properly analyze all the reasons why your ex texted you after a week of no contact and what you should do about it. 

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Reasons Why Your Ex Texted You

reasons why your ex texted you

1. Your ex is afraid of you moving on

The dumper will absolutely experience the same feelings that you are provided that you aren’t chasing after them.

That’s why no contact is so effective because it forces your ex to experience a complete withdrawal of your attention and affection whether they want that or not. 

Most of the time, the dumper is expecting their ex to be so upset and desperate that they chase after them non-stop.

The fact that you haven’t and walked away is a sign of strength. 

When the dumper starts to wonder about why you didn’t behave in that manner, they’re going to consider the possibility that you don’t care as much as they thought or possibly want to move on as well.

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If the dumper still has some degree of attraction left for you, this is going to trigger an anxious response that encourages them to text you a week after no contact.  

2. Your ex is uncomfortable with the silence

As much as your ex wanted to part ways, they still have to deal with the change associated with a breakup.

This means that their routine, expectations, habits and plans all change after the breakup.

What we know about change is that it’s quite uncomfortable. Most of us fall more and more into comfort zones as we get older.

And so, experiencing such a drastic change and the negative effects of it can drive even the dumper to a state of uncertainty and discomfort.

Coupled with your lack of effort and complete disappearance, your ex is forced into a corner and doesn’t have the luxury of watching you pine over them after the breakup.

When things get too uncomfortable, people tend to revisit things and people from the past to feel a sense of control and comfort again. 

Hence, your ex texted you after a week of no contact.

3. Your ex wants to feel validated

The last thing anyone wants to experience is the feeling that they are irreplaceable. It would hurt any person’s ego and sense of self-esteem. 

Given that you have chosen to just walk away from your ex and initiate no contact, it shows that your ex is not so valuable that you would stick around chasing after them.

This may not sit well with your ex and it might cause him or her some frustration and surprise because they expected you to be losing your marbles without them.

To get that validation, they text you in hopes of finding out whether you’re actually suffering and wishing for them to come back.

Once they get that validation, they’ll feel good about themselves and continue to focus on moving on from you.

Another element that we should consider is that your ex wants to get an ego boost by making you abandon your resolve to not contact them.

Once you break no contact and chase after them, they’ll get that ego boost and ignore you. 

4. Your ex wants to get back together

Sometimes, people who break up and experience life without each other realize just how much they love each other and so they get back together within a short space of time.

It’s very possible that your ex can’t handle being apart from you despite ending the relationship and they want to get back together.

If that’s the case, they’re either going to send you a text explicitly stating that they made a mistake or miss you so much that they want to get back together.

Alternatively, they’ll reach out but when they don’t hear from you for like a day, they’ll send another text or try to call you and be a lot more forthcoming about their desire. 

If they’re really playing it safe, they’ll be flirty and fun which will indicate a distinct interest in rekindling things with you.

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5. Your ex is just concerned about you

If your ex is a good person and they actually care about you, even though they don’t want to get back together, they may feel bad for hurting you and will try to help you to feel better by reaching out at times. 

It may not be the ideal behavior because I think it’s better to allow the dumpee to have the space needed to move on but you can’t really blame them for wanting to make sure you’re okay. 

Many years ago when I had a breakup, I remember my ex reached out to me a few times following the breakup.

I mistook this as a sign that she wanted to get back together but in reality, she just wanted to make sure that I was okay and that I didn’t blame myself unnecessarily. 

If this is the case, then I’m sure that they will avoid saying anything that can be misconstrued as an interest to get back together.

They’ll be very polite and considerate but there’ll be nothing flirty or romantic about their texts. 

And after getting some kind of response from you, they’ll fade away again.

That’s a telltale sign that your ex texted you after one week of contact to just check up on you. 

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Should You Reply To Your Ex Who Texted You After No Contact?

should you reply to your ex

More often than not, you shouldn’t reply to your ex and break no contact because it doesn’t serve you in any way.

Any progress that you have made will be undone and you’ll end up back where you started. 

The only time when you should break no contact is if you want to get back with your ex and he or she is telling you in no uncertain terms that they want you back.

Otherwise, the only thing you should be focusing on is moving on.

If your ex has something important to say, they’ll definitely text you again in a few hours or in a day or two. 

If not, they just won’t text you again for a while.

By no means am I advocating for you to ignore your ex but if it’s going to help you to move on, then, by all means, do so.

There’s really no solid or valid reason for staying in contact with your ex if they don’t want you back or there’s no hope for a future with each other. 

It’s much healthier to focus on yourself and work through these emotions after a breakup.

If you are okay with the outcome of the relationship and have no qualms communicating with your ex, then it’s okay to end no contact.

In fact, it’s even possible for the two of you to support each other during the end of your relationship.

Rarely does this happen but it’s a possibility. 

In general, I’d just advise you to stay in no contact unless they want you back and it’s what you want as well.

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In Conclusion

Trust me when I tell you that I completely understand the rush of emotions you’re experiencing when your ex texted you after a week of no contact. 

But, if the text doesn’t seem to indicate that they want you back, then it’s best to just leave the text unread and move on.

Patience and maturity will serve you well.

What we do know is that no contact works and that is why your ex is reaching out to your right now.

But, approach the situation with clarity and make a decision that benefits your wellbeing and happiness.

If you reply, do not be the one to show emotions first. Remain calm and composed. Don’t break down or start begging your ex to take you back. 

With that being said, I hope you found this article on my ex texted me after a week of no contact to be insightful and helpful. If you would like to share your thoughts or questions with me, please do so by visiting the comment section below.

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