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Is My Ex Over Me? Here’s What You Need To Know

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It’s been a while since your ex and you parted ways. Much has happened in your life but you still can’t help but wonder whether your ex still cares. You’re often left baffled over one recurring question, is my ex over me?

The answer to this question depends on whether your ex has completely cut you out of their life, moved on, found someone else or if your ex still communicates with you, seems flirtatious and brings up the past.

The former are usually considered signs that your ex is over you. 

Whereas, the latter, are considered signs your is not over you.

It really depends on the above-mentioned factors but what I can tell you with certainty is that your ex will not be able to completely forget about you altogether.

We can move on and get over someone but the memories and shared experiences remain behind. 

So, if your greatest fear is that your ex will completely forget about you, I wouldn’t worry too much. Chances are such, they’ll always remember you to some degree. 

Be that as it may, to determine whether your ex is over you, we need to analyze the above signs or behavior.

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Signs your ex is over you

The reason why it’s imperative that we discuss these signs first is because they usually rule out much probability that your ex is still thinking about you, missing you or wanting to be with you.

Once your ex moves on, it’s better to focus on the next stage in your life rather than holding onto a sliver of hope. 

You’ll waste precious time on someone that is going on with their life. 

They cut you off

Sometimes, an ex will initiate no contact to move on but to also win you back.

It’s something that I recommend to a lot of my readers who get dumped.

Using the no contact rule is an effective way of getting your ex to think about you and reach out because it creates time and space for him or her to miss you. 

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However, let’s assume that you reached out to your ex and instead of being greeted with fondness or greeted at all, you’re snubbed or ignored altogether.

Worst of all would be that you get blocked as soon as you try to initiate contact.

In such an event, it becomes abundantly clear to us that your ex wants nothing to do with you, at least for the foreseeable future, and this is definitely one of the signs your ex is over you. 

Your ex has moved on

Part of the moving on process isn’t to find another lover but to just be content with being single.

An ex who no longer carries the baggage of your failed relationship has reached a point in their life that they are over you.

You’ll notice this by how indifferent they are to you, even if they initiate contact to be friends.

They show absolutely no signs of romantic interest, all of their behavior is platonic and they have very little interest in what’s going on with your love life. If they do inquire, they aren’t jealous or anything of that nature.

In fact, they exercise support and enthusiasm for you moving on.

This is definitely another one of the top signs your ex is over you. 

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Your ex has found someone else

An element of moving on that I cannot ignore is finding someone else. I don’t necessarily mean a rebound but that could also fall into this situation.

More specifically, I’m referring to a scenario in which your ex went through the stages of grief after a breakup, spent time alone, healed, dated, met someone and actually fell in love.

I believe that you can’t be in love with two people at the same time.

Which means, if your ex has found someone else and is in love with them, it’s likely that they are over you. 

The reason why I haven’t specifically mentioned dating other people after a breakup is because a lot of the time, people will be completely hung up on their ex while dating around in hopes of trying to move on.

For this reason, it’s not a strong enough sign to support the narrative that your ex is over you. 

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Signs your ex is not over you

At this point, if you can say with certainty that none of the above applies to your ex, then we can move onto the signs your ex is not over you. 

Your ex still communicates with you

Some people can remain friends with their ex with no romantic interest whatsoever but I believe there are other mitigating factors that come into play that make this possible.

But, for most people, especially those who are going through a recent breakup, staying in contact with an ex is just a way of staying connected or leaving the door open.

It means that your ex is not ready to face the jarring effects of a reality where you are just a past chapter and nothing more.

This fear is linked directly to attachment which is an obvious sign your ex is not over you. 

If your ex is the one who is initiating contact, sending long and engaging replies, punctual and invested, then this is a positive sign of attraction and attachment. 

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Your ex is flirtatious

Another important behavior to touch on is romance.

If your ex is flirting with you on text, calls or even in person, this is a great sign. It means that your ex is not over you. 

There’s absolutely no reason for an ex to be flirtatious with you if they have no feelings for you. 

It wouldn’t make sense and it shouldn’t.

In fact, an ex would be cautious about not flirting and how they speak to you to avoid giving off the wrong message if they are over you.

Your ex is nostalgic and sentimental

Let’s say that your ex and you choose to stay in contact or get in touch with each other after some time.

And instead of the conversation being neutral and general, your ex seems to bring up the past often, speaks on fond memories, keeps apologizing for past mistakes and seems to appear remorseful or regretful, it’s clear signs your ex is not over you. 

Nostalgia and sentimentality would not exist without care and attachment. Always remember that.

The more someone cares, the more likely they are to romanticize the past and bring it up often. 

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They gets jealous of other people

If your ex is not really a jealous person by nature but you notice that they seem oddly sarcastic, rude and annoyed when the topic of other people comes up, it’s a sign of possessiveness.

The only reason an ex will still feel this way is if they have some degree of attachment to you.

If they didn’t care, there’d be absolutely no reason for them to experience jealousy. 

Your ex wants to see you and hangout

Lastly, if your ex seems insistent on meeting you, makes an effort to look good for you, refers to these hangouts as a date and uses any excuse in the book to meet, they still care about you and probably want to be with you.

It happens more often than you think, especially with guys.

Couple this with some of the other behaviors mentioned above and I’m more than happy to bet that your ex is not over you.

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In conclusion

The last sign just about wraps up this article on whether or not your ex is over you. 

What I can say with certainty is that you shouldn’t have to dig deep or create elaborate arguments to convince yourself that your ex is not over you.

It should seem fairly reasonable and something a third party would agree on.

With that being said, I hope you found this article, ‘Is my ex over me?’ to be insightful, comforting and helpful. If you need personalized help, be sure to check out my services page for email coaching or consultation on how to get your ex back and more.

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