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Is Double Texting Bad?

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We live in the age of instant messaging that enables us to constantly contact someone or be contacted at the tap of a button. Perhaps, you’re getting to know someone and you decide to double text them when they don’t reply or vice versa. This may make you wonder, is double texting bad?

No, double texting is not bad, especially when you are urgently trying to get someone’s attention or to check up on someone who has been through a difficult experience or is lonely. 

I’ve often heard of people who were feeling lost, heartbroken and suicidal who changed their minds because someone reached out to them via text to show how much they care and value them. 

Double texting is just a common occurrence that we’ve all experienced at some point or the other.

Given that this is a relationship site, you’re wondering whether double texting is bad and if so, why?

Personally, I don’t think double texting is bad because it shows someone that you care about them and are actually interested in communicating.

For some people, this extra effort can be a sign of someone who is invested enough to talk to. 

In fact, I recently wrote an article about what it means when a guy double texts you and I explain how it could be a sign that he is genuinely attracted to you, wants to get to know you on a more personal level, is a good texter or is genuinely trying to make amends if he hurt you or messed up. 

Be that as it may, there are instances when double texting is bad so let’s discuss that below.

Situations when double texting is bad

Double texting is bad when you are trying to work on yourself and meet your deadlines and someone refuses to give you space or time to do that without bothering you.

It’s okay if a person double texts you from time to time, that’s not a problem.

But, when it’s a regular thing and they simply don’t let up or are not understanding, it can place unnecessary stress and pressure on you and the potential relationship.

If we were to be hypercritical, double texting could also be a sign of some bigger issues that can problematic for a relationship.

1. Double texting is a sign of clinginess

Someone who is incapable of giving you space can quickly become overbearing and difficult to deal with. They may overreact and throw a fit when you step away from your phone for some time.

To some extent, a lot of people have tendencies of being clingy and that’s normal.

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But, when someone continuously texts a person even though it’s apparent that they’re busy and unavailable, then it can become a problem.

This is especially the case when it happens on a regular basis and they won’t listen to reason.

This is the behavior of someone who constantly needs attention and validation. The problem is that no amount of it is enough. They may need more and more.

2. Double texting is a sign of desperation

Someone who is desperate will tend to double or triple text when they need something, especially validation and attention if they’re romantically interested in you.

This is noticeable when you haven’t been too forthcoming about your feelings or you’re busy with your life. 

They’ll start to fall apart at the seams and this will present itself in the forms of many double texts.

If this is something that you do, I encourage you to exercise infinite patience when dealing with someone you like who isn’t as available to talk to you as you’d like or isn’t interested enough. 

Displaying desperation is not an attractive trait and will get you nowhere.

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3. Double texting is a sign of impatience

To nurture any relationship and to connect with someone on a deeper level can take a lot of time and patience. Without it, you’ll often run into unnecessary issues and problems.

Someone who double texts frequently and forces a conversation with you clearly has a problem with patience.

This could be indicative of their state of mind of their habits. Someone who is very anxious and insecure will be impatient because they can’t handle the idea of uncertainty.

Someone who is an attention seeker and who is extremely needy will also double text without fail.

These may seem endearing at first but they could prove to be problematic when you simply do not have the ability to match their expectations.

In Conclusion

To summarize, is double texting bad?

No, double texting is not bad especially if you’re reaching out to someone when you are urgently trying to get their attention, when they are going through a difficult experience or because you care about them.

Most of the time, double texting can be a sign of affection, care and interest in communicating with someone.

However, there are a few instances or signs when double texting is bad and that’s when it happens at a ridiculous rate and you’re dealing with clinginess, desperation and impatience.

If you are someone who double texts, I hope this article can provide you with some comfort as well as constructive criticism for you to reflect on.

And if you’re dealing with someone who is double texting you, then perhaps the information above will help you decide whether it’s a good thing or a sign of something to be worried about.

Please head over to the comment section below and leave your thoughts, opinions or questions. Also, if you’d like for me to write about something specific, let me know and I’ll be sure to share my thoughts in a future article.

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