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I Stopped Texting Him And Haven’t Heard From Him! (What It Means)

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what it means if you stopped texting him and he doesn't text you, when you stop texting him and don't hear from him

So you stopped texting him and haven’t heard from him again. You’re probably confused about what it means and why he hasn’t texted you again. Thankfully, as a man, I can provide you with an in-depth look into how men think and what their behavior usually means. 

Here’s what it means if you haven’t heard from him since you stopped texting him.

  • He’s with someone else.
  • He didn’t care about you.
  • He’s waiting for you to chase him.
  • He’s angry with you.
  • He thinks you lost interest.
  • He wanted you to stop texting him.
  • He’s talking to other girls.
  • He’s dealing with a personal crisis.

Knowing which reason applies to your situation will require a deeper look into his behavior preceding no contact.

Let’s examine each of these reasons in more detail so that you can figure out where you stand with him.

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Reasons Why He Hasn’t Texted You 

what it means if you stopped texting him and he doesn't text you, when you stop texting him and don't hear from him

1. He’s with someone else

A telltale sign of a man who is with someone else is if you stop texting him and don’t hear from him again.

Keep an eye out for his online activity. 

If he is posting on social media or appearing online on whatever instant messaging app he uses, then it’s likely that he’s talking with someone else.

Why else would he be online frequently if not to talk to a woman?

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2. He didn’t care about you

An easy way to tell if a guy has feelings for you is to suddenly stop texting him for a few hours or a day.

If he cares about you, there’s a 99% chance that you will hear from him. 

Most men are driven by their desire to connect with a woman they care about. In fact, one of the common issues men face is an overabundance of texting and calling. 

They can’t control their urge to be around the women they want. 

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If that isn’t the case, then unfortunately, it indicates a lack of care.

Unless you had a fight with him, disrespected him, or betrayed him, there’s no reason that justifies why you haven’t heard from him in days or weeks. 

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3. He’s waiting for you to chase him

Sometimes, during courtship, you may run into a man who finds joy and excitement in the chase.

Rather than being open about his feelings or a victim to his desire for you, he may play hard to get in an attempt to gain power in the relationship dynamic or to feel validated by your pursuit of him.

Why did you stop texting him? Depending on that reason, you should be able to determine whether it’s a good idea to reach out or not.

But, that’s usually a simple and effective way to test whether a man actually cares about you but is waiting for you to chase him.

He ought to reply to you once you’ve texted him again.

If he doesn’t or takes ages to reply, then there’s probably another reason motivating his behavior.

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4. He’s angry with you

After a disagreement or fight, some people take a much longer time to reconcile and communicate than others.

In fact, one could argue that conflict resolution is a skill that must be practiced and mastered to ensure a positive end to a problem.

Not everyone is equipped with the skill to separate the disagreement or fight from the relationship status. 

If this happens to ring true for the guy in question, it’s a strong possibility that he is angry or upset and doesn’t want to talk unless you reach out and attempt to make amends with him.

The best way to disarm someone’s negative feelings is to acknowledge how they feel and how you contributed to that feeling. 

Then, apologize and express a desire to make up.

More often than not, this is enough to help most couples recover and reconcile after a fight. 

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5. He thinks you lost interest

Miscommunication is probably one of the most common reasons why potential relationships fail.

Depending on how he thinks and the way he perceives your behavior or level of interest, it’s possible that he may decide to pull away to avoid being rejected.

Perhaps, you were being too cold, uninterested, or inconsistent with your effort to give him adequate signs of interest and attraction.

Couple that with your decision to stop texting him, and it makes sense why you haven’t heard from him.

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6. He wanted you to stop texting him

I know how painful and disheartening it is to entertain the idea that he wanted you to leave him alone, but it’s a possibility.

Looking back, would you say that he seemed interested in you, or was he merely entertaining your advances toward him?

  • Did he initiate much contact?
  • Did he ask you many personal questions?
  • Did he actively flirt with you?
  • Did he try to see you?
  • Did he make an effort to court you?
  • Did he reply to your texts or calls quickly?

If the answer to these questions is no, then he probably wanted you to stop texting him, which is why you haven’t heard from him since.

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7. He’s talking to other girls

Have you entertained the possibility that he’s a player?

Not all men are monogamous, and some are certainly not interested in having a serious relationship right now.

Even though he may have been expressing interest and desire in you, he probably was doing the same thing to other girls.

Now that you’ve stopped texting him, he’s just busy doing the same thing with those other girls.

Most girls have a radar for guys like this, but they try to convince themselves otherwise.

If you search your heart and find that you feel like he is definitely the type to be a player, trust those instincts. 

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8. He’s dealing with a personal crisis

Depending on the circumstances at play and the character of the guy, there’s a chance that you haven’t heard from him because he’s dealing with a personal crisis.

It’s not like a crisis is planned, which could explain why you haven’t heard from him. He’s probably too busy and overwhelmed right now. 

If it hasn’t been more than a few days, give him the benefit of the doubt. If he cares about you and there isn’t someone else in the picture, he’ll reach out to you and explain his absence.

But, that’s based on the assumption that he doesn’t view your disappearing act as a deal-breaker or turn off. 

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Final Thoughts 

What I’m interested in exploring is the reason why you decided to stop texting him.

What influenced you to end contact with him? Are you self sabotaging or are you reacting to his lack of interest or distant behavior? 

This matters because the answers to these questions usually point towards an overarching theme within your relationship dynamics.

It is absolutely true that a man who cares about you will make an effort to reach out unless you’ve done something to hurt him, betray him, or disrespect him. 

With that being said, I hope you found this article on what it means if you stopped texting him and haven’t heard from him to be informative and helpful. To remedy this issue, I strongly recommend you grab a copy of my ebook on reattracting guys by clicking here. Also, check out my services page for information on how to get my email coaching package.

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