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How To Stop Chasing Girls – 5 Brilliant Techniques

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Master the art of how to stop chasing girls and it will transform your love life. Most guys don’t realize that chasing girls often chase them out of their life. Don’t make the same mistake by acting like a desperate and weak man. In this article, I’m going to share some of the best ideas on how to stop chasing girls. 

If you truly respect yourself, you wouldn’t chase after people who show low interest. This is why developing self confidence is crucial at this point. Focus on your mission in life, don’t waste your time on girls who are uninterested, give them the space to miss you and don’t text or call girls all day long. 

I’m willing to bet that if you can make these changes immediately, you’ll not only stop chasing girls but you’ll start attracting more girls who will chase after you.

I know this from experience. I used to make every single mistake in the book and it turned me into a guy who was weak, needy and desperate. 

If it weren’t for good looks, I’d have gotten rejected far more than I did. Be that as it may, when I finally transformed myself by developing mental fortitude, my love life changed. 

With that being said, let’s dive into the details of how to stop chasing girls. 

1. Develop self confidence 

Men who lack self confidence usually chase girls because they feel like there is a need for validation from others. But, true confidence is intrinsic. It comes from within and is reliant on self acceptance. 

I find that challenging myself to be mentally and emotionally stronger makes me feel more confident. When I am faced with a relationship problem such as being ignored or dealing with a girl who is losing interest, I challenge myself to stay strong and composed.

Rather than falling apart and chasing after her like a mad man, I maintain my self respect and wait her out. By doing this, I never find myself feeling disheartened for sacrificing my image to convince someone to give me the time of day. 

When I was younger, I was overweight and it made me insecure. I’d hear remarks about it. People can be brutal, especially kids because they don’t have much of a filter when speaking. 

By the time I reached 19-20, I shed like 40 pounds and got into the best shape of my life. Being lean didn’t make me feel as confident as the act of losing weight did. Personal accomplishments and keeping the promises you make to yourself will drastically improve your confidence. 

Think about this for a second – how many confident men do you know of who chase girls? I don’t know of many. Most of the men who are successful at dating tend to have girls chasing them! 

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2. Focus on your mission in life

An idle mind is the devil’s playground. This is something that has plagued me in my mid 20’s. I remember the end of my previous long term relationship screwing me up for some time. Rather than pursuing my purpose or mission in life, I got wrapped up in the idea of finding my next perfect partner. 

It got really bad because all I did was pursue women. This led me to make some foolish mistakes and I often found myself chasing girls. Why? Because I had absolutely nothing else to do anymore. 

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The problem is that I never felt any fulfillment from chasing girls. There was an empty feeling in my gut that I thought was caused by my breakup. In reality, it was a lack of purpose that haunted me. 

When I finally got my life back on track and started focusing on building something meaningful to me, everything changed.

Not only did I stop chasing girls but I ended up attracting better quality girls. Eventually, I met someone who blew me away and we’ve been together since. There was no need to chase her because I was in the right headspace to do all the right things. 

Spend a few hours working on a list of 100 things to do, be or become. 

This will force you to dig deep to find ideas that excite you. 

Work on this list and then arrange it in order of importance. Start working on accomplishing the items on your list and watch how your life transforms. You’ll become such a magnetic man that women will have a hard time resisting you. 

3. Don’t waste your time on girls who are uninterested 

Most of the time, men chase women who are just not that into them. I get it, though. Rejection or the possibility of it can hurt the ego. But, our ego can be destructive. It can encourage us to act in ways that are damaging to our self worth and image. 

Understandably, us guys like a challenge. But, don’t mistake disinterest for a challenge. 

A woman who constantly rejects your propositions is not playing hard to get. She’s just not interested. I would encourage you to walk away and focus on women who actually want to spend some time with you. 

You have so much more to gain from choosing the right women than by chasing those who couldn’t be bothered. 

I kid you not, I’ve seen some of my friends fall apart from chasing the wrong girls. It’s not worth it. You’ll destroy your confidence for no reason. 

Not everyone will find you attractive or interesting and that’s okay. You’re not on this planet to please or date everyone. 

Find the ones who actually see your worth and give them your attention. 

4. Give them space to miss you

Attraction and love can be nurtured in person and in absence. When we are away from each other, we tend to reflect and fantasize. This can develop fond feelings, unlike any other thing you can think of. 

An attractive man with a mentality of abundance will not be chasing after girls all day. On the contrary, he’s far too busy chasing after personal achievements and his mission in life. 

Women find ambition incredibly attractive. I’m veering off-topic here so I’ll get back on track. If you can make a woman miss you, she’ll be the one chasing you. 

You can only make her miss you by being away from her for some time. When she begins to miss you, she’ll reach out. At which point, all you have to do is set a date and she’ll be all over you. 

Always remember, women will come to you if they are given the opportunity to do so. When they reach out, reward them with your attention and affection. You’ll never have to chase girls again if you master this technique. 

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5. Don’t text and call girls all day long

Far too many men talk girls out of liking them by texting and calling too much. It’s too easy for texts to be misconstrued. What you might find funny could come across as off-putting to girls. Which is why I encourage you to use the phone to just set dates.

It’s okay to talk to her from time to time. Keep it short and brief. When she calls or if you call her, talk for between 10 – 15 minutes before ending a call. 

The last thing you want to do is have your best conversations over the phone because that leaves you with very little to discuss on dates. 

I feel like instant messaging is so compelling that most men become reliant on it. When you have something that is devoid of limits, it’s only natural to see most people lose control and overuse it. 

Which is probably why so many guys chase girls. It’s too easy to become a weak and desperate guy unable to have patience.

Ironically, the one thing you need to have in relationships is patience.

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In conclusion

At first, it will be difficult to break out of the habit of chasing girls but if you stay strong and true to your word, you’ll get over it.

Never have I found myself regretting my decision to stop chasing people. If anything, it has made me more resilient in the face of temptation and mentally stronger. 

Women find men who are strong to be attractive. In fact, some women will go so far as to test you to find out how mentally and emotionally strong you really are. Pass this test by maintaining your composure and not chasing her like a love sick puppy. 

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on how to stop chasing girls. Feel free to leave your questions in the comment section below.

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  1. This was helpful to me. I have been going through this for years now and i still find it difficult to change but with time, i know that following this methods will change a lot for me in the future.

  2. Hello, really really thank you for this awesome article, this article will help me a lot to focus in my goals, building myself, and becoming the best version of myself. Once again thank you.

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