How To React When A Girl Blocks You (6 Steps That Help)

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Getting blocked absolutely hurts. It triggers feelings of abandonment, betrayal and rejection which can cause anyone to react poorly, desperately and frantically. That’s not going to work and it may cause you further pain and suffering. In today’s article, I’m going to share my experience on how to react when a girl blocks you. 

Well, you react with respect, dignity, humility and confidence. In other words, you avoid degrading her by lashing out and you avoid degrading yourself by begging and pleading for someone to unblock you when they don’t care about you enough to work through unresolved issues. 

By doing this, you maximize the chance of her coming back because nothing untoward is said from your end.

Additionally, you take action in a manner that provides you with grounds to move on and let her go without feeling much regret for how you handled the situation.

I’ve got a 6 step system that is devised to minimize those impulsive and distraught emotions while also eliciting some answers from her without having to face further rejection and humiliation that comes from begging and pleading with her to talk to you.

Let’s get straight into this article on how to react when a girl blocks you. 

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Step1: Take 24 hours to sleep on it before doing anything

We live in a time of instant gratification, that’s a fact.

We can get a quick hit of dopamine with a swipe of a screen but the cost of living like this is a loss of emotional self control.

When impulse overrules control, we find ourselves acting out of strong emotion like desperation and desire rather than from a place of power and logic.

Rational thinking is paramount for success and reconciliation in matters of conflict, particularly romantic issues.

That sounds counterintuitive given that we are speaking of a relationship formed specifically on the merit or foundation of emotions.

But, emotions do not paint an accurate representation of reality and this is even more so when you are operating on fight, flight and free based emotions.

Researchers have found that by simply advising people to sleep on a purchase, they can prevent a significant amount of people who engage in impulse buying.

We can take a page out of their book and apply this to impulse inducing situations within the confines of a romantic relationship.

I’m sure that you’re panicking right now and all you want to do is get some answers from her. 

The fear of loss can also create a burning desire to take action but you must exercise some patience before making a decision to avoid burning bridges in a bitter manner or doing something you regret like embarrassing yourself with begging and pleading. 

I want you to sleep on any overpowering desire to do something in regards to her blocking you.

If you wake up with the same level of desire, then perhaps this is something you really want to do. 

If you wake up with a loss of desire to act on your impulse and you question the point of chasing her, blowing up her phone, driving to her workplace or trying to get someone else to contact her, then I think you need to listen to your gut and take no action right now. 

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Step 2: Examine her texts and behavior for weeks leading up to being blocked

When someone blocks you, you’re cut off without any explanation nor the ability to say your goodbyes.

This can create feelings of severe loss, uncertainty, confusion and unanswered questions that prevent closure.

There’s a chance that you never hear from her again.

You have to prepare yourself for this reality and that can only take place if you are willing to give yourself some closure.

Just like how she may never come back, you may never get a straight and honest answer from her as to why she blocked you.

In that event, I suggest examining her behavior and your interaction with her over the last few weeks.

Perhaps an incident set this off or she was showing signs of someone who is losing interest or of being a toxic person.

She could have been talking to other guys, mentioned someone to you as a ‘friend’ or reconnected with her ex.

Whatever it may be, this activity can give you something to work with that may help you deal with the situation and get her back or help you to move on and give yourself some closure if you decide not to contact her at all.

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Step 3: Decide if you want her back or not

When you first discover that a girl blocks you, the emergency alerts go off and you face a barrage of thoughts about loss.

However, if you take the time to just sit with these thoughts and emotions until the shock runs out, you can examine everything with more objectivity.

After careful examination as I described above, you can get a better image of whether you want her back in your life or not.

You may just find that when a girl blocks you, it opens your eyes to the reality of your feelings and you may not want to actually be with her or the relationship may not have been healthy at all.

Alternatively, you could decide that you really do love and care about her which may prompt some action.

Either way, getting some clarity on what you want and how you feel post the shock of being blocked is helpful in navigating your own behavior going forward. 

Step 4: Reach out without lashing out or chasing her

I think it’s imperative that you reach out when a girl blocks you. What this signifies is that you genuinely care enough to make an attempt at contacting her.

If she left because you did something wrong or hurt her, then this may open the doors of communication.

But, it also eliminates some regret. 

You won’t have to walk around with the regret of not trying to find out what happened or without letting her know how you feel.

This is where the topic of this article really comes into play. How do you reach when a girl blocks you?

Taking it back to the beginning of this article, I mentioned that you must react with respect, dignity, humility and confidence. 

In other words, you avoid degrading her by lashing out and you avoid degrading yourself by begging and pleading for someone to unblock you when they don’t care about you enough to work through unresolved issues. 

Try to call her and just ask her for a quick explanation as to why she blocked you so that you can understand what went wrong.

Alternatively, send her a text that is direct but non-confrontational.

Here’s an example of what a text like this will look like – “Hi X, I just discovered that you blocked me and I wanted to know why? I’m not looking to fight, just an explanation so that I can understand or get some closure.”

Keep it short and sweet.

The last thing you want to do is lash out because this will make you feel terrible later on but it will also make her feel justified for blocking you.

Step 5: Don’t beg her to come back

This is important because I know how easy it is to fall into this trap.

When I was younger, this girl I was friends with and liked suddenly blocked me. I was distraught and I essentially pleaded with her to unblock me. 

Even though she did, I felt disheartened by the whole situation and pathetic. She also treated me with less respect afterwards.

I didn’t understand why but I didn’t have the same level of maturity, self respect and confidence that I have now.

Fast forward some time, we reconnected after drifting apart and she did the same thing out of nowhere. 

Things were going well up until this point.

The only difference was that I didn’t respond the same way.

I didn’t need answers from her nor did I care for any. I simply sent her an SMS saying that this will be the last time I will deal with something like this from her. Don’t bother contacting me ever again.

Not only did she immediately unblock me but she called me all tearful and full of shock at my reaction.

I didn’t do this as a tactic or a power play. 

I just felt like I didn’t deserve that kind of toxic or unnecessary behavior in my life. So, I reacted in a very self respecting and dignified way on behalf of myself.

I didn’t put up with that disrespect and her reaction proved something to me.

Chasing or begging someone to come back into your life or to stay in your life is a blatant devaluation of yourself as a person.

Someone with a good sense of self worth and dignity will not degrade themselves chasing someone unless they did something to justify being blocked or they are 100% to blame for ruining the relationship.

In that event, making a genuine effort to win her back is important. 

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Step 6: Let her go

After following the above steps on how to react when a girl blocks you, there comes a point when you must decide to let her go if she is unresponsive or unwilling to work through what went wrong.

As I’ve said above, you can’t force someone to be in your life if they no longer want to. 

You don’t need to do that because the people who deserve to be in your life will stick around.

Even if you were completely at fault and ruined the relationship, there comes a point when you must be willing to let her go for your sake and for her sake.

I’m all about making an effort and trying to communicate through problems but once you make a genuine and solid effort, even a few times, you have to let her go.

Sometimes, true space and distance can heal the wounds that words won’t.

There have been times when I’ve let people go only for them to come back begging for a chance to be in my life again.

People tend to realize the value of something when they lose it. That’s not always the case but it happens. 

It might be time for you to let her go and for you to walk away.

You can leave the door open for her to return or you can close it all the way.

Now is the time to think about the best way for you to get closure and for you to move on without being fixated or stuck on this situation.

You deserve to keep living your life and I strongly recommend you listen to me about this.

It will be difficult to surrender all action and let her go but it may be the healthiest thing you do in this situation. 

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In conclusion

Getting blocked or getting ghosted can have a strong effect on someone and I don’t blame you for feeling so distraught.

But, you have to prioritize your own well being, just like she has when she decided to block you.

I know how difficult it is to let go of someone you love but if it’s not meant to be, then you should not fight against destiny.

Sometimes, when one person leaves, it creates a space for another more suitable person to enter your life.

Take comfort in that because I’ve seen this happen time and time again in my own life and in the life of those whom I coach and consult with.

You’re going to get through this, as long as you remain patient and deal with this as respectfully to her and to yourself as you possibly can.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on how to react when a girl blocks you to be practical, insightful and comforting. If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to let me know by visiting the comment section below.

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