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How To Make Your Girlfriend Want You More (12 Tips That Work)

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When I was younger, I thought that chasing incessantly was the answer to how to make your girlfriend want you more. I was wrong. So wrong! It had the opposite effect. It chased her away.

By being confident in your own skin, fun to be around, easy-going, romantic, a slight challenge, and not available all the time, your girlfriend will want you more, and her attraction will be as high as the sky.

As human beings, we want things that we can’t have right now. That’s why we are constantly chasing things that seem impossible and pushing the boundaries.

We are in a constant state of aspiring for more.

Sometimes, it may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but it is true. We want what we can’t have.

And if what we want can reach us, but in a limited amount, our desire for more of its time and presence grows with each minute.

What I’m trying to say is that you have to become someone who is like a grand prize that your girlfriend won.

Act according to the value in which you determine yourself to be.

If you think that you are not deserving of your girlfriend’s effort and desire, then it will obviously have that effect on her effort and desire.

We attract what we fear.

So if you’re afraid of losing your girlfriend and that makes you chase after her like a crazy person, then chances are, you will lose her because of your needy, clingy, and overbearing fear of loss.

When you can create a good balance of pursuit and patience, that’s when you will start to flourish in the game of attraction.

Here are the best 10 tips on how to make your girlfriend want you more.

12 Ways To Make Her Want You More

how to make your girlfriend want you more

1. Don’t Chase Her

There’s no greater way to turn someone off than by chasing them like crazy. You see, pursuit and chasing are two different things. There’s a very thin line between the two, but the difference makes a huge impact on attraction.

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When you pursue someone, it is done with limitations. It often means stepping up and letting a woman know that you want and deserve her.

There’s something attractive about that.

Whereas chasing is when you can’t take no for an answer. Chasing dictates dropping everything to run after someone who currently can’t or won’t give you the time of day right now.

Despite that, you still continue to run after said person. That is the biggest flashing sign for low confidence and self-esteem.

Even if you don’t lack confidence, it comes across as desperate to the other person.

What you should do is reach out to your girlfriend and set a date. However, if she’s busy, don’t make a fuss about it or chase after her. Use that time to pursue your dreams, goals and/or career.

There is so much to be gained from living a balanced life, especially in regards to relationships.

Spend time with your family and friends. Have a good time. Don’t make your girlfriend the only agenda for your day, every single day.

It’s unattractive, despite what these Hollywood movies might depict. Trust me, I know.

When two people work towards having wholesome lives as individuals, their collective life and union start to prosper.

2. Be Mysterious

Obviously, you can’t be as mysterious as you were during the early phase of getting to know your girlfriend.

However, if you’re getting busy living life at times, your girlfriend is going to wonder about you and end up reaching out.

This little event is enough to create the same positive effect on attraction as being mysterious.

You see, our feelings of fondness and attraction grow in person and when we are apart from someone.

Both are important for their own reasons.

Being together in person is stimulating, engaging and real. It allows those feelings to culminate in real life.

When you are apart, the time spent together becomes memories that you think about. Those fond memories create positive emotions, and your partner starts to miss you.

That increases attraction. It also gives your partner an opportunity to get over any negative emotions from a fight or disagreement.

Then she’ll reach out or be excited when you do.

Trust me, after some long days at work and away from each other, your girlfriend will want you more!

3. Give Her A Good Time

Building on what I said earlier, the better your girlfriend feels around you, the more she’s going to associate happiness, joy, positivity, and love with you.

I like to think of my partner as the one I can go to when I need to escape the world. She’s also the person who makes me feel great and happy. She is fun, intelligent, positive, upbeat, and just bursting with life.

That’s everything I try to be for her.

And all of that positivity has helped us to create mutual respect and admiration for each other.

Love grows in happy spaces. Don’t be fooled by the emotional pull of drama and craziness.

People take that intensity as a sign of true love, but a few years into marriage, they hate each other.

That’s a contributing factor for why divorce rates are so insane.

Work on having a good and wholesome time with your partner. Do that, and things will go relatively smoothly and be amazing.

4. Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

Do you know what makes a good movie great? An awesome ending. If the movie never ended, you’d be sick of it and eventually become annoyed or tired of it.

If it ended too soon, you’d feel like you didn’t get your money or time out of it.

But if it ends at the right time, while you’re feeling engaged and into it, you’ll be wishing it went on longer!

You’d want to watch it again, or you’d petition for a sequel to be made.

The same can be said for relationships. It’s amazing how much you love your partner, and it makes sense that all you want to do is be around them non-stop.

But you shouldn’t.

Time away is important. Like I explained above, it makes you two miss each other and reignites the attraction.

It also prevents unnecessary bickering, annoyance, overbearing behavior and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Everyone needs some time to themselves.

Give yourself and your partner that opportunity. Even if you’re living together, give your girlfriend some time to relax and destress by herself.

5. Avoid Texting Her All The Time

I’ve never seen people completely ruin a relationship as much as people who text all the time.

They know that it leads to disagreements, misunderstandings and annoyances. And yet, they continue to do it.

Then you have people who take it a step further and constantly badger their partner at work or when they’re doing something important despite knowing this.

What are you trying to achieve?

Really think about it.

If you have a bad history with texting, don’t do the same thing again and again, expecting different results.

The only one losing is you!

Keep texting to a reasonable amount. Save the talking for in-person or on a call.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, I understand that texting is a big part of the game, so you need to schedule more video calls and find time to step away from texting each other.

Do it even if it’s just for a few hours in the day.

6. Be Her Support System

During tough times, we turn to the people who we trust and believe will support us.

Sometimes, those people turn out to be a poor choice and other times, they turn out to be the most amazing choice.

Then we find ourselves viewing them with so much more admiration and adoration.

Similarly, when your girlfriend is going through a tough time or is feeling vulnerable, you should be her rock.

Let her feel your presence and support.

This will create a deeper sense of commitment, love and connection between the two of you.

Relationships are not isolated for good times only. Good or bad, as partners, you agree to be there for each other.

That’s the beauty of love.

7. Make Her Feel Desirable

Like attracts like. That’s the way of life. We want to be around people who make us feel good.

And usually, people who make us feel good are those who make us feel understood.

In other words, when you spend time trying to understand the way your girlfriend thinks, feels and acts, it creates an environment for complete acceptance and understanding of each other.

You begin to understand the little things you can do to make her feel special.

That extends even to sexuality.

Let her know how physically attracted you are to her. Do this by pointing out things you honestly and truthfully like about her.

If you’re having a good time around your girlfriend, let her know. Do things to make her feel desired and she’ll find you sexy too.

8. Pay Attention To Her

Last but certainly not least, pay attention to her. It’s not just about what she’s talking about. You need to pay attention to her actions.

If she does something sweet, notice it. If she changes her hair, acknowledge it.

Often, your girlfriend will flaunt something she’s proud of in front of your hoping to be noticed.

Step away from the game or get off your phone to notice and acknowledge her.

I touched on this in the above point but nothing creates desirability as being heard and seen.

Volunteer to talk about something that has to do with her life. Ask follow-up questions when she engages with you on something about her day or work. Put your phone away and have some quality eye time with her.

9. Be Consistent

Much like anything in life that requires work, relationships depend on effort over an extended period of time.

If you show up at your best in the relationship, it will show in the quality of the attraction and interaction.

The best way to ensure your girlfriend wants you more is to be the kind of man who is desirable and attractive.

Work on yourself as well and live a wholesome life.

That positive energy will reflect in your attitude and it will create the perfect breeding ground for a relationship that rocks.

10. Court Her

The way to nurture and maintain desire in a long term relationship requires you to do the same things you did during the courtship.

Flirt with her, take her out on spontaneous dates, be charming and kind, have similar types of conversations, and engage her on a deeper level.

When you don’t take things for granted, gratefulness fills your heart. In a state of gratitude, your energy, mood, and behavior is one of positivity, warmth, and appreciation.

Nothing makes a good woman feel better than a man who spends quality time with her.

In my opinion, quality time is just time spent appreciating each other without holding back.

11. Be Desirable

Examine your behavior and the type of life you are leading right now, then ask yourself the following question: Am I an interesting person to be around?

One of the greatest traps we fall into through comfort is complacency.

In a state of complacency, we focus on easy challenges and instant gratification because it doesn’t require much work or discomfort.

Indulge yourself in this type of lifestyle for long enough and you’ll lose that masculine edge that is so attractive to women.

If you can’t sit down with your girlfriend and talk to her about something interesting without referencing the news, social media, or content, you probably have fallen into complacency and abandoned your quest for growth.

Get out into the world, challenge yourself with some interesting goals or changes, and tap into that masculine drive that sits within you at all times.

Watch how your girlfriend wants you more as you fall back into a purposeful state.

12. Be Decisive

In an enjoyable and classic love story, I don’t believe women want to be burdened with all the decision making, especially when it comes to the romantic part of the relationship.

I bring this up because most women want to be in a love story.

Even the most independent and assertive woman on this planet has a side of her that just wants to be courted and led towards fun, romance, and enjoyment.

Get back into that decisive frame.

Start by making some decisions in your own life. Get some momentum in that way and rebuild your confidence.

While you’re at it, foster a closer relationship with good intentions and plans.

When you do this, it shows in your decision making process. Your woman is going to recognize that your intentions are pure and your decisions reflect those intentions.

Not only will she trust you more but she’ll want you more because being around you satisfies her desire to feel loved and romanticized.

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