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How To Make Your Girlfriend Miss You (Easy Tips)

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When I was younger and useless at dating, I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out how to make my girlfriend miss me. I thought smothering her with love and attention would work, but it didn’t. If anything, it had the opposite effect on her.

After a few failed relationships, I looked at what guys who were successful at dating were doing, and I was surprised. Not only were their girlfriends missing them like crazy, but they were constantly desiring their attention.

Here I was chasing girls with love and affection without winning at all. And these guys were doing the opposite, living their ‘best life’ while their girlfriends were chasing after them.

With time, I figured it out, and I’ve set out exactly what to do to make your girlfriend miss you like crazy.

Ever since then, I’ve never had the problem again.

Some of my best relationships have been over the last 7 years, and all that can be attributed to what I learned from other successful men.

Top 10 Tips To Make Her Miss You

how to make your girlfriend miss you

1. Spend some time apart

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Spending time together is an essential part of any relationship, but so is spending time apart.

Think about this: You can’t miss someone when they’re with you 24/7.

The idea of missing someone stems from having to think about them, fantasize about them, and relive memories with them.

All of these things occur when you two are apart and busy living life.

2. Be spontaneous and fun

Spontaneity comes in two forms: doing things on the fly and doing things that are unpredictable.

One occurs at the spur of the moment, whereas the other can occur in the future. In other words, you can plan to be spontaneous by doing something new and exciting.

Look at the last month or two and analyze the activities you and your significant other engaged in.

If it appears that you’re in a routine and there’s nothing new occurring, it’s time to break up the monotony.

Surprise her with a random trip to the beach or take her to a new restaurant.

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Try a new team sport with her or watch a different genre of movie. Keep things exciting by maintaining a desire to experience life for all that it has to offer.

3. Give her your attention

Both men and women like nothing more than to be heard and seen by the people they care about.

I feel this way. My girlfriend feels this way. Everyone I’ve spoken to and interviewed feels this way.

A good partner can often be a sounding board for our thoughts, especially during trying times.

By no means does this indicate that you should become her punching bag or constant shoulder to cry on.

A relationship thrives on good energy and fun times.

But if she’s having a bad day or if she’s made an effort to look better, notice and acknowledge these things.

Don’t ignore her while you’re watching the game. Spend a minute away from the screen to show her that you appreciate and acknowledge her. Be genuine about it, and she’ll love you for it!

4. Avoid arguing over petty things

There’s an appeal to fighting and making up, especially during the early phase of a relationship. Emotions are soaring, and you thrive off the surge of powerful emotions.

However, this isn’t sustainable long-term.

For a serious relationship to not just survive but thrive, you have to be willing to compromise and avoid arguing over stupid things.

Pick your battles. If you constantly bicker and argue, it will infect positive emotions and destroy attraction.

I would be surprised if the relationship lasted a long time, given how easy it is to date in this day and age.

Just keep this in mind: Nobody misses someone who is a constant source of annoyance and irritation.

The next time you’re thinking about how to make my girlfriend miss me, ask yourself this question: Have I been obnoxious or not?

5. Be yourself

Nothing is more attractive to a woman than a man who has confidence.

And confidence only thrives in someone who is authentic.

Who you were during the courting phase is who you should continue to be during the dating phase.

Understandably, everyone changes. But change for the better. Be on a personal mission to be your best self. Confidence and authenticity, with complete ownership of your strengths and weaknesses.

Do that, and it will reflect in your demeanor, words, and actions. Without a doubt, your girlfriend will miss you and love you like crazy.

6. Don’t stop dating her

It surprises me how many guys fail to realize that what you do to get a woman is exactly what you should continue to do to keep her.

Any woman with self-respect and self-awareness is going to look at her boyfriend and analyze his behavior. She’s going to wonder why you aren’t being the man she fell for.

When that happens, you’ve set yourself up for a world of problems.

She’ll test you and embrace situations that give her more clarity on whether you are the man she thought you were.

All this can be avoided by treating her with the adoration and respect you showed her during the early phase of dating.

Keep dating her. Keep romancing her. Make an effort to look and be good. She’ll take all these things to heart and fall deeper in love with you.

7. Do exciting things together

Memories are the most important currency you’ll have when you’re older. Not money, not power, but memories. That’s the stuff you lay with every night and wake up with every morning.

No one can ever take those memories away from you. It’s a part of you that influences you throughout your life.

And when it comes to people, it’s the ones who hold the most important memories in our minds and hearts who we miss the most.

Don’t be a boring boyfriend. It may be tempting to lay back and chill after you’ve got the girl, but don’t do that.

A comfort zone is the perfect breeding ground for a slow and painful death. Take action in your life and strive for more. Embrace exciting opportunities with your partner.

Spend quality time together. Don’t be on your phone or distracted by other things. Be present and let her know that she has your full attention.

Thereafter, I promise you, she’ll miss you like crazy when you’re away from each other.

8. Be mysterious

Obviously being in a relationship doesn’t make it easy to be mysterious. If anything, sharing your life with your partner helps establish a stronger bond.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain an air of mystery to yourself.

Don’t dish out every single thing you’re doing all day long to your girlfriend.

Let her wonder what you’re busy with and when she reaches out, then you can fill her in on it.

When planning a special date, don’t ask her where to go. Keep it to yourself, come up with a great idea and let her unpack experience it in real-time. Check out this article on how to be more mysterious.

9. Avoid talking on the phone all day

Nothing causes more problems in a relationship than the phone. Say what you like, it’s the truth.

Jokes don’t always translate well over text, nor do serious conversations that require a specific emotional tone.

If all you do is sit on the phone with your girlfriend all day, what about your life goals and personal ambition?

Trust me, sooner or later, that’s the exact same thought that will go through your girlfriend’s mind.

It’s sweet at first but get some balance in your life. Get off the phone and get busy with becoming a better man. Most women will tell you that they find ambition and dedication to be an incredibly sexy trait in a man.

10. Make her laugh

I saved the best for last because it’s also the simplest and most powerful thing to do.

When you are responsible for putting a smile or laugh on your significant other’s face, it’s hard to imagine her not wanting to be with you or missing you profusely while you’re away from each other.

It’s not the jewelry or expensive meals we think about when we miss someone, it’s the memories and feelings we experienced with them.

Be a source of happiness, joy and laughter in your lady’s life. She’ll be hooked!

Final Thoughts

It took me a while to accept this reality but my girlfriend will miss me and want me if she feels strongly about me. End of story. Everything else I try to do is just supplementary in nature.

The pre-requisite for anything on this list is a strong connection, bond and attraction.

Without that, you’re basically walking on a treadmill trying to get somewhere else. You never will.

Focus on the love and the desire to be together will come naturally and organically.

If anything, half the items on this list will occur without you having to actively do it to make her miss you.

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