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15 Proven Ways To Make Him Miss You

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It’s not a good sign when your boyfriend seems to be losing interest in you and doesn’t appreciate all the effort you make in the relationship. Most people don’t realize how valuable someone is until they are faced with the possibility or losing them. Which is why you need to make him miss you.

If you can withdraw your effort, stop calling or texting him all day and make him wait for some time before seeing you again, he’ll start to miss you.

What you need to realize is that someone cannot begin to miss you when they are constantly in your presence.

So, unless you are willing to take a step back and let him come to you, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to make him miss you.

What you don’t want to do is fight with him or create drama. This will only push him away from you.

The goal is to make him realize your worth again. This is why I strongly encourage you to study the following 15 ways on how to make him miss you. They work every single time, as long as you can remain patient.

1. Don’t be available 24/7

Men like a challenge. And women who are not available at the drop of a hat come across as a challenge.

When he can’t see you or doesn’t hear from you for a short while, he’ll begin to miss you.

As a man, I can tell you with complete brutal honesty that we value women who are usually a bit hard to get.

We don’t want to be chasing you all the time but when we feel as if your time is not readily available whenever we want, we begin to view you as a higher quality woman.

This really applies to people in general.

We appreciate that which we work for. Things that come too easily don’t hold much weight in our lives because they cost nothing.

The next time he calls to talk, let him know that you’re currently busy with something important and you’ll call him back when you can talk.

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2. Don’t text him all the time

We live in a time when far too many people equate texting to real-life interaction and they couldn’t be more wrong.

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As much as texting is valuable, it’s actually more detrimental to a relationship.

Real attraction and true love develop in person.

I’ve been in a long distance relationship that existed primarily on the phone and it’s not the same.

Texting is anticlimactic. The pay off is low.

In-person, you have the opportunity of connecting on a deeper level.

If you click, there’s that possibility of making a move on each other and realizing the true nature of your attraction.

When you want to make him miss you to the point of him asking you out on a date, you need to give him some space.

Don’t text him for a while or keep your replies sparse until he calls and asks you out.

If you want to text him, pique his interest or let him know that you’re thinking about him.

Far too many women text a guy out of liking them.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Save your best conversations for the date. The side effect of not texting all day will be that he starts to miss you.

3. Ignore him to make him miss you

When you suspect that a man is taking you for granted or losing interest, ignoring him may have a positive effect on his attraction.

To assert your value, it might be beneficial to remove it temporarily.

Don’t reply to his texts or call him for a few days.

Wait until you notice that he seems curious about your whereabouts or is reaching out trying to get your attention,

When you do speak to him again, it’s highly likely that he will express how much he missed you. I like to consider this technique as a last resort aimed at salvaging a bad situation.

Don’t tell him that you’re ignoring him or else you run the risk of losing him for good.

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4. Make him wait for a reply or call back

A nice way to build anticipation, assert your worth, be a challenge and make him curious about you is to take your time replying to his texts and calls.

I’ll tell you why this is so effective – most women text all the time.

They’re always on their phones and guys know damn well that if a girl is into him, she’ll be replying in no time whatsoever.

So, to stand out from the crowd and appear different, take your time replying to him.

This also plays a trick on his ego. Some men low key expect a woman to be chasing after them. The fact that you are busy with your own life makes him question whether you’re as into him as he normally expects.

All of these subtle thoughts will create great desire and longing.

Wait an hour or two before replying to his texts. It’s fairly simple. Other times, reply to him promptly. This way, you’ll also remain unpredictable and that’s sexy!

5. End the conversation first

Do you want him to view you as a high quality, challenging and desirable woman who has depth to her life? Of course!

The thing is, you need to distance yourself from the kind of behavior that is known to get women friend-zoned, rejected or ghosted.

Often, it’s the really nice and pursuant women who face these issues regularly.

Although these traits are excellent within a relationship, they’re less than ideal during the courtship.

The attraction is developed in-person and in absence. If you’re constantly around him or talking all the time, there’s no opportunity for him to miss you.

So, when you suspect that a conversation may be going on for too long and too often, it’s okay to end the call.

At the end of the day, you need to prioritize other areas of your life as well.

6. Be spontaneous and fun during dates

Feelings of attraction, love and longing develop through mutual experiences. The happier you make someone feel, the more attractive you appear.

When we are alone and sad, our thoughts shift to those memories that remind us of a good time.

You could be the person he associates with happiness and fun. How? By focusing on having an amazing time with him during dates.

Spontaneity only requires you to have a willingness to try new things and let your hair down. Women who tend to be uptight and boring very rarely engage a man’s heart.

Focus on having a good time and he will naturally gravitate towards you.

7. Be the first one to end a date

One of the reasons why soapies on television are so popular is because they use a common trope known as cliff hangers and maximize it to the extreme. This results in ongoing viewership that has the potential to last decades.

Imagine applying the same ‘cliff hanger’ idea to your life life. Here’s how this looks.

You’re on a date with him and everything is going well. The two of you are having incredible fun and it’s been a few hours.

Rather than overstaying your welcome or remaining in each other’s company until you’re both tired and drained, you’re parting ways immediately after the best moment from the date.

Now, the last interaction he had with you was one full of happiness, fun, joy and attraction. When he’s thinking about you, that amazing time he had with you will be what enters his mind first.

This will influence his feelings in a positive manner resulting in him missing you and reaching out.

If you leave him wanting more, he’ll keep coming back for more.

8. Engage him on a deeper level

When I think back on all the women I’ve known or dated, the ones whom I actually miss are those who touched my heart.

The women who connected with me on a deeper and human level are the ones I valued the most.

I think about the meaningful conversations we had and the honest moments we shared and it makes me nostalgic.

One thing I remember about these specific women are that they were non-judgmental and showed an interest in who I really was rather than wanting me to be someone else.

They cared enough to ask questions that encouraged me to open up and share my soul with them.

Make a note of this when you’re spending time with him. Show an interest in what he likes. Ask him questions that open him about things that matter to him.

This will also build trust between the two of you which will surely help the relationship move along.

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9. Get busy with your own goals and dreams

You can be the most good looking woman on the planet but if your personality is dull and you lack any depth as a person, you’ll struggle to find long-lasting and meaningful relationships with men.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but relationships don’t thrive on good looks.

After a certain period, the physical attraction becomes a secondary focus to most people and the level of connection and chemistry take center stage.

This is why I encourage women to focus on self-improvement. Become the best version of yourself and men will follow. I can almost guarantee this.

  • Set goals for yourself.
  • Pursue your dreams.
  • Invest in your career.
  • Learn new things.
  • Explore new places and cultures.
  • Pick up a fun hobby.

What you’ll find is that an investment in yourself often impacts the way you think, feel and behave on a day to day basis.

You’ll become a smarter, happier and more engaging individual and this will greatly benefit your love life.

10. Be mysterious

If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that mystery creates uncertainty. And not knowing where you stand with a girl or who she really is can be exciting, especially during the early stages of courtship.

It’s during those moments of uncertainty when men invest themselves in someone.

They put in more of an effort to find out who you really are and how you feel about them.

Not knowing every detail about your life and what you’re doing at every moment creates ample opportunity to make him miss you.

As a rule of thumb, avoid telling him every single detail of your life. and wait for him to ask you questions before opening up about certain topics.

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11. Make him feel like a hero

My mother always says that men have a hero complex and I couldn’t agree more. The second we start liking someone, the need to protect and provide take over.

I’m not saying that this applies to all guys but for a good majority, it does. What is the hero complex? “It is when someone strives to be the hero of the situation. No matter the situation or the odds, they want to be the ones that save the day.”

Essentially, by making a man feel useful, you satisfy his hero complex. This makes him feel strong and manly when he is around you.

This is like getting a high dose of dopamine whenever he saves you from a problem.

When he isn’t, he’ll miss that feeling and inadvertently, miss you.

12. Turn him on but make him work for it

A little flirting and sexual innuendos that turn him on can really add spice to a relationship.

Routines can become monotonous after a certain period of time. And most couples will fall into a routine as they spend more time together. It’s unavoidable.

You should then try to insert some spontaneity and fun to the relationship.

Adding some excitement to your love life can be one of those exciting improvements that keeps him hooked and makes him miss you when he’s away from you.

To this day, my grandparents still flirt with each other and they have a wonderful relationship that has lasted decades. It made me realize that love is truly playful.

13. By yourself

How can you make him miss you if he doesn’t get to see the real you?

I understand the desire to put your best foot forward and to avoid ruffling any feathers but ultimately, your goal should be to express yourself truly so that he has the opportunity to fall in love with your true character.

Often, I find that women who are authentic tend to be easier to connect with.

They’re not putting on a front so what you see is what you get. Don’t aim to please him at the expense of your happiness. Express yourself with confidence and stand up for what you believe in.

14. Shower him with affection when you are around him

Men who exude a lot of masculine energy tend to respond very positively to feminine energy. So, what behavior constitutes feminine energy? Love, affection, kindness, nurture, emotional strength and touch.

These are often the type of affection men receive from their mothers at a very young age.

Tap into your feminine energy and I’m more than certain that he’ll miss you when he craves romance and love.

15. Walk away if he rejects you

Never chase after a man who rejects you or loses interest. Begging, pleading or throwing yourself at him isn’t going to alter his perception of you. If anything, it will completely ruin your chances of making him miss you let alone wanting to be with you.

As a rule of thumb, initiate no contact when he stop showing an interest or rejects you.

No contact will assert your worth and prevent you from making the mistake of coming across as desperate, clingy or needy.

By walking away, you have attached a consequence to his decision.

This will either make him miss you or things will end completely and you’ll avoid wasting precious time and effort on him.

Don’t waste a second of your time on a man who doesn’t realize how amazing you are as a woman.

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In conclusion

Look, at the end of the day, you can only make him miss you if he genuinely loves you.

I know for a fact that on the rare occasions when my partner is extremely busy or I barely get to talk to her for a few days, I start to miss her immensely.

She doesn’t chase after me but she lets me know that she cares about me and is looking forward to having a great time with me.

All this good energy and confidence really makes her look attractive.

Try the techniques in this article and I’m willing to bet that you’ll find out exactly how he feels about you.

With that being said, feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

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