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How To Make Her Miss You Like Crazy

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There’s a misconception that during the early phase of courting or romance, people fall for each other the more they spend time around each other. For the most part, that is true. However, strong feelings are developed when a person starts to miss you.

When a woman has time to think about you, wonder about you and fantasize about you, that’s when she starts to develop a deeper desire to be with you.

So, overwhelming someone with your presence can have an adverse effect. You need to give a woman space to miss you. That’s a rule of thumb to live by during those early phases of courtship.

With that being said, here are the best tips on how to make her miss you.

How To Make Her Miss You

making her miss you, how to make her miss you, romance, dating, relationships

1. Don’t Spend Hours On The Phone With Her

The phone is great for setting dates, for emergencies and for long-distance relationships but it can never replace in-person interaction.

Often, guys get stuck on the phone with someone and end up talking a girl out of liking them.

Things don’t always translate as well over the phone as it does in person.

Keep your calls short and sweet.

2. Don’t Always Be Available

It is critical to have a life outside of your romantic escapades. Family, friends, work, hobbies and goals are an important part of your life.

Sacrificing all of those things and people to pursue someone will only turn out to be detrimental.

And it has an adverse effect on your potential love interest.

Part of the early romance is the uncertainty of it all. If you’re constantly available for someone, it creates the impression that you don’t have a life outside of her.

It’s unattractive and kills the thrill of the chase.

3. Be Just A Bit Mysterious

When you don’t put yourself on a silver platter for someone and only deliver a bite-sized portion of your thoughts to them, they end up speculating and imagining what you may be like.

Most people are dying to know everything about something they’re interested in.

Think about a time when someone said they bought you a gift. Weren’t you dying to know what it was?

The anticipation builds as the day arrives. At that time, you imagine all the possible gifts it could be.

Not divulging all the information at first and allowing someone to unwrap their gift over time creates anticipation, excitement, curiosity and fun experience.

When you let someone gradually unwrap you like a gift, it builds a ton of mystery and attraction.

4. Be Physically Away From Her For Some Time

It’s natural to feel a strong desire to be with someone in person. But, that desire can only be felt when you aren’t physically with them!

If you’ve been on back to back dates with someone, spend a day or two away from each before setting up the next date.

This allows you and your love interest to think about the time you’ve just spent together.

Alternately, if you did something to mess up, that time away will allow those negative feelings to fade and for you to have another shot at doing things right.

5. Keep Yourself Busy With Goals And Projects

Saying you’re busy or a balanced person isn’t the same as actually being one.

We are not just attracted to someone because they’re attractive and can hold a conversation.

It is the inner workings of their personality and life as a whole that creates a package that captivates.

When you are chasing your goals or living life outside of your romantic interest and work, it reflects on your mood, energy and way of thinking.

What you do ends up defining you. And people you’re romantically involved with notice these things. Admiration extends beyond physicality and words.

After all, actions speak louder than words.

6. Leave Her With Something To Think About

There’s an art to this that takes time to develop but depending on the situation and time you’ve spent with someone, you can say or do something that they will think and ponder about for hours after seeing you.

It could be an opinion, a statement or a little note.

For instance, I was on a date with this girl, having a great conversation and before it ended, I asked her a question. “Wouldn’t it be amazing to just be around someone who you can always talk to about anything without feeling judged?

Months later, she told me that during the week after our date, while thinking about me, that question stuck out to her and it actually made her think of our great date.

It made her think about our conversation and how nice it would be to have more of them.

On another occasion, I wrote down a short romantic quote by an Arabian philosopher and gave it to this girl I’d been seeing for a while.

She held on to it for ages because it made her feel really special and young because it had been ages since she’d received something poetically romantic in a non-creepy or cringe way.

7. Give Her The Best Time Of Her Life

If you really want someone to miss you, then nothing can replace a good old fashion fun time.

Too many guys go on a date with a woman hoping to scrutinize her or try to impress her.

They’re so worried about whether they can get her that fun and enjoyment slips out the back window.

Forget about all those things. Think about how you can maximize the fun you both have on a date.

When life gets hard or she’s busy with deadlines, when she’s pining to feel good again, she’s going to think about you and miss you!

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8. Don’t Ruin The Romance By Telling Her Everything You Plan

Go back to that example of the gift I spoke about earlier. It’s not just the item itself that makes receiving a gift so amazing.

It’s the experience and thrill of anticipation and mystery that makes giving and receiving a gift feel so damn special.

Keep some things as a surprise.

Instead of telling her everything you plan to do on a date, let her experience it as the date unfolds.

Let the real-time experience allow the romance to blossom.

Uncertainty makes a person think and contemplate about where one stands.

When a woman doesn’t know how you feel during the early phase of romance, it elicits feelings of curiosity, intrigue, mystery, and attraction.

So, when she eventually confesses to you or the time comes for you to make a move on her, the attraction and sexual tension will be sky-high.

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9. Focus On Becoming A Better Man

Every relationship brings about growth as a team and as individuals. How you show up in the relationship is often dictated by the work you put in as an individual.

When you focus on chasing dreams, achieving goals, staying fit and making more money, it reflects on your mindset and behavior.

All of those things require traits and characteristics that women find attractive in a man.

It takes discipline, commitment, hard work, willingness to sacrifice and laser focus to attain any of those abovementioned items.

Imagine the sense of pride and attraction your lady will feel knowing that her man is showing up in life with an undying desire to be amazing.

The way she perceives you will change. Your value increases.

And that comes with an added layer of appreciation.

So when you’re busy getting afterlife, she is going to miss you like crazy. Why? Because we miss the things and people we value and appreciate.

It’s that simple.

10. Nurture her feelings and she’ll miss you because she loves you

That’s a fact. You can do everything I mentioned in this list but if she doesn’t truly love and appreciate you, it’s game over.

Nothing you do will make her miss you and want you more.

That’s just how life is.

At that point, you have to give her the gift of missing you by not giving her as much of your time anymore.

Remember something, you’re a person of value.

And someone of value doesn’t have to chase someone with a sign saying, ‘Hey look at me, I’m valuable so please appreciate me‘.

Someone of value would never do that because they know their worth.

My advice to you would be as follows – During the early phases of your relationship, place an emphasis on developing love.

Spend quality time together and make sure you’re both equally investing in the relationship.

Don’t be the one bending over backward all the time when your girlfriend is taking it for granted.

Make sure there’s an equal distribution of effort in the relationship.


Because if she is investing in the relationship as much as you are, then it makes her feel more involved. Nobody abandons or takes for granted something or someone they worked hard for and invested in.

11. Build a routine with her and then suddenly stop or change it 

Think about this for a second – don’t we all quickly fall into old habits? Aren’t we driven by patterns and routines?

We do. And the longer you do something, the more dependant you become on it. Why? Because it starts to influence you before, during and after it. 

So if you like to do your chores after an hour-long exercise and before you Netflix and chill for an hour, those three actions become linked to each other.

When one of them is out of sync, the pattern itself gets affected.

If you don’t work out, you might find yourself not feeling like doing the chores. If you don’t do the chores, that guilt may affect you or the accumulation of it may prevent you from enjoying your usual your of Netflix. 

Now apply the same principle to a relationship. 

Imagine that you become a part of her life.

Let’s say you call her every day at a particular time or for a specific duration. You do this again and again. It becomes almost a habit for you and an expectation for her. 

Her habits or routine may subconsciously shuffle around to accommodate that daily or regular call.

Suddenly stop and you’ve caused a change to the pattern. It’s going to affect what she did before, during and after that call. 

Being affected by this change is inevitable. She will feel confused at first. It may seem weird that you’ve disappeared.

She’ll brush it off at first but with time, it will start to bother her.

Something will feel off to her. Eventually, she’ll really start to miss that phone call. 

In essence, she’ll start to miss you. I know it seems like a bit of an underhanded thing to do but I would be a fool not to include something that works.

Especially something that I’ve personally observed and experienced myself.

12. You Don’t Really Have To Make Her Miss You If…

you’re focused on having a wonderful time.

Much of what I have shared above are fundamental principles of dating. They depend heavily on you having self-control and not being desperate to force things to be other than it is.

With the right person and right connection, missing each other is almost natural.

Life begins to flow in a way that facilitates the romance to brew and the longing for each other to grow.

You just need to focus on being the best version of yourself and showing up to have a wonderful, good and genuine time.

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