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How To Make Her Chase You After A Breakup

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If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to make her chase you after a breakup, then this article with 8 tips that work like magic is going to be a lifesaver.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize something most guys don’t understand when they are dealing with a breakup. You can’t make someone chase you by chasing them.

That’s not how attraction works.

By you chasing after her, you eliminate any and all chance of her ever chasing you. If anything, you may just chase her into the arms of another man.

So, to start off this article, I want you to make a pact with yourself to not chase her after a breakup.

By not chasing her, you will have a much better time adding value to your self-image, particularly in her eyes.

With that being said, here’s a quick overview of the 8 tips on how to make her chase you after a breakup.

  1. Initiate no contact.
  2. Ignore her to attract her.
  3. Improve your physical appearance.
  4. Invest time in self-development.
  5. Meet new girls and grow your circle of potential love interests.
  6. Act indifferent to her attempts of making you jealous.
  7. Don’t be in a hurry to reply or talk to her when she comes back.
  8. Be positive when speaking to her.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these tips and how to go about using them correctly.

1. Initiate no contact

Whether you’re the dumper or dumpee, the one to first initiate no contact takes back some control of the situation. This is particularly so for the one who was dumped.

By initiating no contact, it imposes a larger consequence of ending the relationship. It simply means that unless your ex is willing to change or make an effort, you’re walking away.

The effects of no contact can be enhanced further by doing it indefinitely.

Enough ink has been spilled on that topic so I won’t go into the semantics of it in this article but you can read the entire break down of the indefinite no contact rule here.

One of the benefits of the dumpee initiating no contact is that it removes any comfort of friendship or conversation with the dumper.

He or she is plunged into the separation without you chasing or begging.

By doing this, you can speed up the time it takes for her to experience all the negative emotions attributed to a breakup like anxiety, loneliness, doubt, sadness, and so forth.

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Those feelings encourages an ex to reconsider their decision and to try again.

2. Ignore her to attract her

As much as I hate to admit it, ignoring a girl when she tries to contacts you or after an issue can spark some interest in her.

People hate to be ignored. It feels like you’re being rejected without being given the opportunity to know why or how to fix the situation.

In a romantic sense, this can actually drive a girl crazy, especially after a breakup and she reaches out.

Ignoring her will add fuel to the fire of confusion and separation anxiety. She may not react at first but eventually, she’ll reach out again wanting to know why you’re ignoring her.

I will caution you when using this technique. Unless you know how to ignore a girl without chasing her away, don’t do it. There’s an art to ignoring a girl without sabotaging your chances of making her chase you.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t advocate this at all. But, coupled with no contact, it may prove to be effective.

If you really want to master the art of how to make her chase you after a breakup, I strongly recommend you read this article.

3. Improve your physical appearance

Nothing annoys a girl more than to see an ex become incredibly better after a breakup. It makes her wonder why you didn’t do all of that when you were with her.

That, in and of itself, makes her wonder whether you were truly into her or not. At which point, she’s going to want to validate herself.

Apart from that, just seeing an ex maximize their looks reignites attraction, especially if you haven’t seen each other for a while after the breakup.

Women may not be as visually motivated as men but that doesn’t mean they don’t give a damn about a man looking handsome.

Get a new haircut, shave or shape your beard, groom, get in better shape and buy better-fitted clothing.

All of these little changes add up.

4. Invest time in self development

What matters more than how you look is the way you behave and act. If a relationship failed due to some bad habits and behavior on your part, the best thing you can do is fix those bad habits.

Self-development is not limited to just that action. If anything, it is the act of maximizing or enhancing your good features and character traits.

By doing so, you become a man of substance and more value.

A woman you were romantically involved with is going to notice these differences. They are far more aware of changes than us guys.

If you improve and develop into a man she cannot resist, there’s a high chance she will chase you after a breakup.

5. Meet new girls and grow your circle of potential love interests

Just because someone dumps you doesn’t mean that they are fully prepared to watch you move on and be highly successful with other women.

If anything, the idea that you may actually move on from her and meet someone better could be scary enough to make her doubt her decision to be separated.

This mostly applies to situations when you’ve been dumped by her but hey, even if you were the dumper, the fear of loss is enough to drive any woman who still has feelings for you to try and win you back without embarrassing herself.

You probably know how difficult it is to avoid falling apart after a breakup, right? All you can think about is your ex and where things went wrong. You fantasize about getting her back and being happy again.

These thoughts can become obsessive or overwhelming. In such an event, your actions start to wreak of desperation, instability and neediness. None of which will have a positive effect on your ex.

This is why dating other women or meeting new people casually is a great way of getting your mind off your ex.

Rather than just make her jealous, it may calm you to know that there are wonderful out there who actually find you attractive and appealing.

In the end, you may even fall for one of these girls and completely forget about your ex.

6. Act indifferent to her attempts of making you jealous

While we’re on the topic of jealousy, girls have a habit of doing this to guys. They want to make you jealous in an attempt to ascertain how you feel about them.

That jealously may cause you to spew your feelings to her or become desperate to win her back instead of remaining indifferent and cool.

When she tries to make you jealous and you’re certain of it, be completely indifferent. Be playful and do not show her that you are jealous, especially if she was the one who dumped you.

Indifference will portray you in a confident and positive life.

It will also make her question whether you actually care about her anymore or not. The thought of you moving on and yet she hasn’t will play with her mind and influence her to possibly chase you.

7. Don’t be in a hurry to reply or talk to her when she comes back

Let’s analyze why someone would chase another person. Would you chase someone you know you could have? Would you chase someone who was already chasing you?

No. You wouldn’t.

We only chase after things or people we have not attained or obtained as yet.

If she doesn’t know where she stands with you and your presence is scarce, she will attribute greater levels of uncertainty about your intentions and feelings.

This uncertainty provides the breeding grounds for pursuit.

The desire for attention has to exist before someone chases you for it. To create desire, there must be a scarcity or limited availability.

When she reaches out to you, make her wait before replying.

Unlike in the past when you were together, you are under no obligation to reply or return her calls promptly.

This change in behavior will be noted by her.

It will make her contemplate reasons why you’re so busy now. Once you plant the possibility of you moving on, if she has any attraction and interest in you at all, she’ll be dying to find out.

Apart from the above reasons, not replying instantly builds anticipation and excitement, especially when you both have not been in contact for a significant amount of time.

8. Be positive when speaking to her

We chase after people we can’t have or who make us feel spectacular. Combine the two, and the desire to chase you will be through the roof.

Positive emotions and reactions like laughter stimulate feelings of attraction.

It’s really as simple as that.

Chances are such that the relationship may have hit a rough patch leading into the breakup.

You don’t want to remind her of that time. Instead, making her laugh and feel good to be around you will trigger fond memories and feelings from great moments in the relationship.

Even if you meet up, focus on having the time of your life. Don’t bring up the break up. Be flirty and act as if you were courting each other again.

I promise you that this will have a significantly positive effect on her attraction level.

With that being said, I must emphasize the importance of emotional self control.

It’s not an easy time making someone chase you again, particularly after a breakup.

There will be times when nothing is happening or when she tests you, do not fall into a trap and explode with emotions. It’s not worth it. If she’s chasing you, there’s no need to be doing anything erratic.

Most of the items on this list should be combined and adhered too long term.

With no contact or ignoring her, just wait for her to initiate contact once or twice and then re-engage. Don’t just ignore her indefinitely or act like you are some kind of jerk who is a player.

That will blow up in your face.

As you can tell from this article, everything on this list is tailored to create genuine change and improvement within you.

There’s nothing fake about significant self-development, meeting new people, practicing emotional control and being positive by focusing on the present or future.

Be that as it may, I hope you find a way to win her back or to find someone better.

Please share your thoughts or questions regarding this article on how to make her chase you after a breakup. I’ll see you in the comment section

2 thoughts on “How To Make Her Chase You After A Breakup”

  1. I have a girl that I dated for 4 months . We had lots of fun and she asked me to help her with dental work , a new boob job , facial fillers etc
    It appeared from what she was telling me that she wanted a future and she did as well showed intimate feelings . Then all of a sudden after 4 months she sent me a long text saying that she didn’t feel the love and attraction . After all the things she needed / wanted we’re done .
    I really care for her despite feeling somewhat used . What do I do ?

    1. Unfortunately, you need to walk away and initiate no contact with this girl. Don’t you find it strange that this realization only struck her after she got all the help she needed for those procedures? Food for thought.

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