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How To Make A Girl Happy (18 Tips That Work)

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I’ve heard several men ranting about how difficult it is to understand a woman. She says something, yet she wants something else. So, in this article, I’m going to talk about exactly what you need to know on how to make a girl happy.

You’re not sure where you stand with her. Sometimes the most irrelevant things irritate her, like why didn’t you answer your phone on the first ring? Why did you come online and then disappear without answering her text? 

These are some of the many questions that men are faced with from their girl during the course of a relationship. 

Yes, it may seem like a mission in space to understand what’s going on in her head, but it can be extremely easy if you know what type of woman you are dealing with.

Trust me when I tell you that it is unnecessary to try and become a perfect book version of a man to make a woman happy. That’s not what she’s looking for. What she wants from you is authenticity. To be the person she fell in love with and the person you have always been.

If you can do that, there’s a high likelihood that you will master the art of how to make a girl happy.

I wanted to get the perspective of an amazing woman on this topic and so I decided to run this by my partner. What you’ll find is a collection of her thoughts below.

With that being said, let’s get into the meat of this article and discuss exactly what you need to do to make her happy.

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Tips On How To Make A Girl Happy

how to make her happy

1. You Need To Understand Yourself

You need to evaluate your daily behavior. 

You need to evaluate if you are able to fit a relationship into your daily routine because ultimately a woman won’t want to be with a man who has no time for her. 

And face it, life can get pretty demanding. Sometimes, you may not have the time to answer a call or text. 

Communication is key. 

So make sure that you can fit in the need for communicating with your partner into your daily routine. 

From this, you’ll be able to layout your schedule to your partner and they should be more accommodating to your behavior.

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2. Look At The Type Of Women You Seem To Attract 

Do you always attract the clingy type and then find the relationship too demanding? Do you attract the type that requires more physical attention than virtual communication? Did you go out for more dates or stayed in at home? 

You should be able to gauge what your dating style is from the past, and then ask yourself if your current partner is similar or different. 

If she is similar, look at what went wrong in those previous relationships and look for ways to make it better this time.

3. Every Woman Wants A Man That Cares 

And by care, I do not mean texting her all day or sending her roses every week. 

No, care can be expressed in multiple ways. 

Sometimes, it’s just sending a message in the middle of the day, saying that you’re thinking of her, or you miss her and hope her day is going well. 

Being a good listener shows that you care. If your partner is going through a difficult period in life, be there for her. 

Look for ways to assist her. 

If you can’t assist her, make it clear to her that you have her back regardless of the outcomes.

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4. Don’t Be Too Predictable 

Keep the excitement alive in the relationship. This is pertinent to a young relationship. 

A woman doesn’t want a man who can just fit into her routine.

A woman wants a man who makes her get out of her routine, a man that brings something new to the plate.

Do not make movies your plan for every date night. 

Take her to different places. 

And these places need not be the most expensive places, as long as she has the companion she wants next to her. 

Step out of both of your comfort zones. 

And take the lead. 

Women may not admit it, but they like knowing that the man who’s taking them out, made plans for her. It means he has taken the time to think about how to make the date enjoyable. 

And that shows her that you care.

5. Understand Her Non Verbal Cues 

Women are complex beings with intricate neural programming. Sometimes they don’t want to say something but they expect you to understand it. 

If you see your woman feeling upset about something and ask what’s wrong, and if she says nothing, do not and I repeat, do not leave it at that. 

Dig deeper. 

Be her confidante and go-to person when she’s faced with any dilemma. 

Pull her closer when she tells you to leave her alone. 

Because it all boils to the very fact that you were there and never left even when she asked you to.

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6. Call Her

Girls like to be surprised with your attention at random times. It makes her feel like you care and think about her even when you are busy. 

I’ve noticed that too many people focus on texts in hopes of building a long-lasting relationship.

This can provide you with a false sense of comfort because texts are not enough to sustain and nurture a healthy relationship.

For this reason, calling her can have a wonderful effect on attraction and love because it’s more real and personal. 

Trust me when I tell you that a girl wants to hear about how much you miss her more than she wants to read about it. 

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7. Write Her Sweet Notes

Just because she likes you and wants to be with you doesn’t mean that you should lift your foot off the gas. 

On the contrary, continue to pursue her the same way you did before because that is what helps a relationship to grow. 

There should never be an expiration date for romance in a relationship.

Irrespective of how long you’ve been together or the experiences you’ve been through, making an effort to write her sweet notes is a small romantic gesture that will make her happy. 

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8. Involve Her In Your Life

One of the mistakes that I’ve made in my relationship is separating it from other areas of my life. I didn’t want to burden my partner with my moods or issues but in doing so, I created a rift or distance between us.

Since this had been pointed out to me, I’ve realized just how much closer and connected I feel with my partner by including her in my life.

When I have a bad experience, I share how I feel about it with her. When I want to make a big decision, I run it by her for some advice or her opinion. 

I have consciously stopped restricting the nature of my relationship to just romance and this has created a much healthier relationship. 

And my girl is happy about it! 

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. 

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9. Be Respectful

You’re going to have issues with each other at some point. You may have big fights and you may get on each other’s nerves.

But, that should not be an excuse for being disrespectful and rude to your partner. 

Make an effort to consider her feelings before sounding off on something that is going to hurt her feelings.

On the same note, when you’re making social and other decisions that could veer off into a disrespectful lane, reconsider or at least talk about it with her before you make such a decision.

Even if she doesn’t agree with you, she’ll be happy that you exercised enough respect for her to talk about it beforehand. 

10. Give Her Your Undivided Attention

If you remain distracted around your girl when she’s trying to talk to you about something or to do something she enjoys, it can and will make her feel unloved.

Furthermore, she’ll start to feel like you don’t care about her or aren’t interested in her as a person.

This can create a ton of distance and doubt in your relationship.

If you’re choosing to be with her, then you shouldn’t have a problem giving her your attention. At the very least, when you’re on a date with her, make an effort to be dialed in. 

It will make her happy that you’re trying to be present and in the moment with her. 

I find it really easy to be dialed in when I’m with my partner because I find the way her mind works to be fascinating. If you just pay attention, you’ll find that your girl is someone who has so much to share with you. Don’t miss out on that because you’ll regret it.

11. Trust Her

I feel like you should never have to manage or control your partner to be trustworthy. 

You have to surrender your trust to them and believe that they will do what’s right for the relationship.

Granted, nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but if you choose to be with each other in light of that, then you must do so with the intention of trusting them again.

And to trust, you must put your faith in them. As they prove their devotion to you without you exercising control, the trust will grow organically and naturally.

Do the same for her and I guarantee you that this will make her happy. 

12. Support Her Goals And Dreams

I believe that all of us have a purpose in this life that we ought to seek out and fulfill. Obviously, this is incredibly important to someone.

A relationship is essentially a unification of two people who come together in support of each other and to share this journey of life.

Of all the people in the world, wouldn’t your support be instrumental in your partner’s life? Would she feel empowered, loved and understood if you were supportive during her pursuit of happiness and fulfillment?

If the shoe was on the other foot, how would you feel if your girl offered her support for your goals and dreams?

Offer her motivation and words of comfort when she’s dealing with setbacks and challenges. 

Try to help her whenever you can. Be a voice of reason and comfort when she feels low or defeated at times. She’ll truly appreciate it.

13. Compliment Her Sincerely

This is the girl you care about and like, right? So, why aren’t you vocalizing that! Just because she loves you and wants to be with you, doesn’t mean that the courtship comes to an end.

Like I said before, you should want to compliment and be romantic to your girlfriend for the rest of your life.

The things you said and did during that early phase of courtship should still be a factor in your relationship.

If it made her fall in love with you then I’m telling you that it’s the same behavior (slightly improved) that will keep her in love with you. 

Take it from someone who did the opposite and almost ruined the romance and attraction. Be authentic and if that means complimenting your girl, keep doing it! 

A genuine compliment comes from the heart.

If you’re going to compliment her, don’t do it just to make her feel good, do it because you sincerely and genuinely mean it.

That’s something that I pride myself on.

I don’t just compliment my girl for the sake of it. I only voice what I feel in my heart and I hope that she can tell that as well.

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14. Make Her Laugh

What’s the one action that is synonymous with happiness? Laughter! It creates positive emotions and a great environment for a relationship to thrive.

Life can get pretty stressful and gloomy at times. I’m an optimist but even I can admit that reality isn’t as pretty as I’d like it to be at times.

When a relationship focuses too much on being serious, it removes some of the excitement and fun.

Instead of your partner associating you with happiness, they may start associating seriousness and responsibility with you.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s perfectly okay and normal to be a goofball with your girl from time to time.

If you can put a smile on her face and make her laugh, she will feel happy to be with you.

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15. Include Her In Your Decisions

Girls want to feel involved in your life. They want to feel like they matter to you enough that you would at least include her in your decisions. 

By doing this, she feels more connected to you. 

This can greatly influence the development of your relationship with her.

Most people like to approach relationships as a partnership that will become the defining relationship in your life.

Girls tend to look at relationships from the perspective of being married to you. 

By involving her in your decisions, it shows her that you’re mature and a man she can team up with for a long time in her life. 

16. Lead The Relationship

Most women want a man who can lead the relationship in the right direction. This doesn’t mean that you should control her. 

What it means is that you should take the initiative to plan dates, facilitate get-togethers with her and guide the relationship towards something more serious over time.

I made the mistake of letting my partner take the lead because I assumed that this was what I needed to do to be a good partner.

But, in reality, I should have continued to maintain leadership to keep us both happy and loved. 

Since then, I have transitioned back into my natural role as the leader in the relationship and it has made a great difference in my relationship. 

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17. Treat Her Friends And Family With Respect

One of the worst things you could do is make your girlfriend miserable by forming unnecessary rivalries or issues with her family and friends.

These people are important to her and by virtue of your relationship, should be important to you.

By maintaining a respectful relationship with her friends and family, you can ease the amount of stress your girlfriend has to deal with.

It’s so much easier to have a healthy relationship when the people in your circle and hers are happy for the two of you.

18. Keep Your Promises

There aren’t many things that disappoint a girl more than broken promises.

Not only will you lose respect in her eyes but the disappointment she experiences will create a ton of dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Instead of making promises you can’t keep, be open and upfront with her.

She’d respect you for being brutally honest rather than building her expectations up only to let her down.

A man should always try his best to honor the promises he makes to people. 

If you can do this, I’m willing to bet that you will make her happy.

In Conclusion

Making a girl happy doesn’t have to be complicated, it really doesn’t. We guys tend to overthink things at times or we stop making an effort.

If you can stay true to who you are as a person, be romantic, pursue your purpose in life and just treat her as an equal partner, I’m willing to bet that she will be incredibly happy with you.

Just focus on having a good time and being as genuine and authentic as you possibly can.

This doesn’t mean that you have to act like a doormat or a simp who never gets upset.

Just be the guy that she fell in love with!

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make a girl happy. If you have a question or problem that you would like for me to answer, be sure to head over to the comment section below or contact me by visiting my services page.

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