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How To Keep A Woman Interested (18 Brilliant Tips)

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Far too many men lose amazing women because they don’t know how to avoid being boring and predictable in a relationship. Women enjoy the feeling of anticipation, excitement, intrigue and mystery in a relationship. For this reason, I want to share everything I learned on how to keep a woman interested.

The best way to keep a woman interested is by trying to be spontaneous, adventurous and authentic. These three attributes alone are enough to create a ton of excitement and fun in your relationship or courtship.

But, there are a ton of other changes you can make to improve your game so let’s get into this article on how to keep a woman interested.

18 Tips On How To Keep A Woman Interested

tips on how to keep a woman interested

1. Be charming and endearing

By no means am I telling you to be the ultimate nice guy but in the same breath, I also think it’s imperative that you charm a woman.

To be charming is to make others feel good to be around you.

Delivering well-timed and sincere compliments makes women feel good about themselves. 

Acknowledging good behavior and being chivalrous in small ways is something women notice and like. 

2. Don’t text or call her all the time

It may seem counterintuitive but texting or calling a girl all the time can be off-putting and push her away because you’re being too needy and clingy.

Granted, women like consistency but not to the point of having to constantly be in contact with you all the time.

This is unhealthy.

Attraction and affection grow in your presence and in your absence. 

It’s during those times when you’re not talking to each other that she has an opportunity to think about you and actually start missing you.

When you start missing each other, then it becomes more exciting and thrilling when you speak to each other again.

I’m not advising you to ignore her all the time or anything like that. Instead, just dial back how often you text and call her every day. 

Also, she’ll find herself wondering about what you’re doing or where you’re at and that will keep a woman interested. 

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3. Engage her in meaningful conversation

Nothing keeps a woman interested more than a deep and intelligent conversation. More importantly, a conversation that engages her on a personal level rather than surface-level chit-chat.

People like to talk about themselves and to be understood. 

Show an interest in knowing who she is as a person by asking questions that are open-ended. In other words, questions that are fun to elaborate on. 

Additionally, bring up interesting things that you would like to share with her. 

Poke fun at silly things around you, discuss subjects that she enjoys and get her opinion on things. 

When a woman gets to do more of the talking on a date, she’s going to enjoy it a lot more than you think. 

4. Lead the courtship or relationship

As much as we live in a modern world, there are still some things that women like and that is a man who leads.

There’s a difference between being chauvinistic and being a leader.

A leader isn’t selfish nor is he someone who demoralizes those around him. On the contrary, a true leader is someone who guides others towards an outcome that makes everyone happy.

In this case, a man should lead the relationship by setting dates, coming up with ideas for a romantic and fun time together and creating an opportunity for love to develop.

Don’t just sit around waiting for her to ask you out on a date and then have nothing planned. 

That’s lazy and weak. 

5. Be spontaneous and unpredictable

Nothing is more boring than monotony and routine.

Taking a girl out to the same place at the same time over and over again is just boring and predictable.

When there’s a lack of excitement, it can be quite underwhelming.

If you shake things up by trying new things, meeting her at different locations, calling or texting her randomly and keeping things fresh, it will keep a woman interested.

Don’t just practice this during the courtship.

This is something you should strive to maintain in a long-term relationship. 

6. Give her space to miss you

Part of keeping a woman interested is by making her miss you.

Obviously, you wouldn’t need to do this if you were busy and chasing after your goals and dreams.

But, I know that some guys are extremely prone to talking or trying to see their girl all the time to the point of being glued to her.

It’s healthy to give her some space. 

Not only is it a great way to increase the likelihood of her missing you but it also gives her time to get over things that may have been a put-off.

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7. Be mysterious

Ever notice how some girls tend to fade away after a date or two when you’ve gotten ahead of yourself and divulged everything about yourself?

You see, the problem with saying too much too soon is that it strips away all the mystery about you.

What would she even have to think about when you’re away from each other if you spew everything about your past, present and future to her?

Even when it comes to how you feel, spewing your guts to her too early on can destroy the mystery and uncertainty in a courtship that makes the entire experience thrilling and exciting.

Allow the early dates to be focused on getting to know her.

By doing this, you also help her to feel comfortable to open up to you.

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8. Let the courtship mature gradually

If you are one of those guys who declares all his feelings of lust and love to a woman during the first two dates or few weeks of getting to know her, you need to stop.

Unless she’s doing the same or has incredibly great attraction and interest in you, this is a quick-fire way to scare a girl off. 

Love shouldn’t be rushed. It’s far more gratifying to allow the romance and attraction to develop at its own pace than to force it. 

Don’t try to push her into a relationship too soon.

When she’s ready, I’m willing to bet that she’ll drop signs of wanting more.

She may even ask you, “where is this going?” And that’s a clear sign that she wants something more.

At that point, you get to lead the courtship into a relationship!

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9. Pay attention to her

When you’re with a woman, be with her.

By this, I mean that you should pay attention by maintaining eye contact, listening to her and not being distracted by your phone or other people.

The worst thing you could do is be on a date with a woman and completely uninterested in what she’s saying or doing.

When a woman feels unnoticed, that’s when she begins to feel unloved and that will push her away from you. 

10. Don’t be a yes man

Despite what you’re told by some women or popular media, women do not actually like nice guys romantically.

They prefer to have nice guys as friends. 

Here’s why – nice guys present themselves in such a way that it comes across as if they have no backbone.

They go along with anything and everything, even at the expense of their own well-being.

Women are attracted to men who can stand their ground. I don’t care about being alpha or beta. That doesn’t interest me. Anyone, even a nice guy, can possess alpha traits. It’s about a mindset change. 

Nice guys don’t treat women as equal beings and that’s where the problem begins. 

The relationship becomes too boring and predictable. 

If something is disrespectful or extends outside of your boundaries, you should be able to stand up for yourself, even to her.

Do it in a respectful and caring manner but don’t just agree to anything and everything because you’re scared of her. 

That’s unhealthy. 

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11. Be consistent

Nothing is more off-putting to a woman than a man who can’t show up for her. It’s pointless to pursue someone and suddenly stop making an effort the instant things start to work out.

If you fall into a comfort zone, I’m warning you that it’s not going to end well for you.

She’s going to lose interest really quickly because there’s no consistency.

This is also applicable to men who present themselves to be invested at first and then disappear or put in so little effort.

If you carry yourself in this way, she’ll write you off for being lazy and uninterested in her. 

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12. Keep your word to her and be honest

There’s absolutely no way for a relationship to thrive without trust. It is at the very core of every relationship and friendship.

Good women are extremely vigilant about trust and honesty. 

They want to feel like they can entrust their heart in the hands of a man who will keep his promises and be honest with her. 

For this reason, I implore you to be transparent and consistent in keeping your word.

Trust me, it’s better not to make promises that you can’t keep. 

A promise builds expectations.

Unless you’re going to meet those expectations that you created, don’t do it because you’ll create a great deal of disappointment in her if you let her down.

Break your promises a few times and you’ll cast a great deal of doubt over your relationship or courtship. 

She’ll lose all interest in you because you’ve given her too many reasons to doubt you. 

13. Focus on developing yourself as a man

One of the main reasons why so many men struggle with attracting and keeping a woman interested is because they don’t take the time to develop themselves as a person.

Your identity cannot be defined by another human being. 

Confidence, consistency, willpower and so forth are all developed and honed by pursuing your goals and dreams as a man.

Women find these traits extremely sexy and intriguing in a man which is why you must focus on yourself too.

It becomes incredibly difficult to chase a girl out of your life when you’re juggling your goals and dreams.

Make a list of 100 things to do, be or become and use that as a tool for improving yourself as a person.

Trust me, you’ll enjoy the process and keep a woman interested at the same time. 

14. Be a gentleman

A gentleman is considerate.

In other words, he thinks about small ways in making sure his woman is protected and well taken care of.

He doesn’t disrespect her nor does he make her feel any less than him.

Things like pulling the chair out for her, opening and closing the car door behind her and so forth are things a gentleman would do.

He provides care to her and protects her from inconvenience which is what makes him gentle yet strong, as a man should be. 

15. Make her laugh

One of the greatest and simplest ways to keep a woman interested is by making her laugh. 

I would go so far as to say that making a woman laugh is more important than trying to flirt with her at first. 

Think about it, feel-good emotions like laughter and happiness encourage the growth of similar feel-good emotions like love and attraction.

The more you put a smile or laugh on her face, the more likely she is to associate those good feelings with you.

When she’s away from you and craving to feel happy, you’re going to be that person who comes to mind.

And that is how you keep a woman interested.

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16. Spend quality time with her

There’s only so much you can connect with someone on text or over the phone until you hit a ceiling that cannot be broken through unless you meet in person. 

This is one of the reasons why long-distance relationships are so difficult.

It’s hard to recreate the joy, love, thrill, excitement and passion of being together when you’re not physically together at times. 

You have to take some time to be with her in person without any distractions or disturbances. 

Start off with once a week and as she gets more interested and attracted to you, increase the time you spend with her as much as you can. 

17. Show an interest in what she likes

At the end of the day, if you want her to feel interested, shouldn’t you show an interest in her? 

Connecting with someone requires effort into understanding who they are, how they feel and what they like.

When you go on a date or speak to her, it’s good to be prepared in some way by having an idea of what type of questions to ask her that help you understand her better whilst making her feel like you genuinely care to know about her.

18. Be romantic

Despite age or modernization, there’s no excuse for not being romantic in some way.

It doesn’t matter how long you know someone or what your financial means are, there’s always some way in which you can be romantic.

Simple things like complimenting her, making an effort to plan dates, writing her notes or getting her some flowers are things that are romantic.

Don’t just get lazy and enjoy all her effort at being romantic when you’re not doing the same.

In Conclusion

Learning how to build a long-lasting connection with a woman doesn’t have to be like rocket science.

You just have to consistently make an effort to do the things you did when she fell in love.

If you can avoid falling into a comfort zone, I’m willing to bet that you’ll have no issues with keeping a woman interested.

If you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of this, I highly recommend that you check out my book The Attraction Game – How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams. It is jam-packed with information on everything you need to know about dating and relationships.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on how to keep a woman interested to be insightful, entertaining and informative. Let me know what you think about this topic in the comment section below.

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