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How To Get Over Your Crush Dating Someone New

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how to move on after your crush finds someone else, how to get over your crush

When your crush starts dating someone, you are going to feel terrible. Jealousy, regret, frustration, and desperation will boil inside of you. It’s a waste of time to indulge in these emotions, just like it’s a waste of time to be hung up on your crush. So this article is going to focus on how to get over your crush dating someone new.

You don’t need to declare your feelings to them for closure. That’s a terrible idea. We both know that you only want to do this as a last-ditch attempt to get them. It doesn’t work because they’re involved with someone else.

If they were to drop their new partner for you or, worse, cheat with you, then congratulations are due because you just found yourself an untrustworthy and unreliable partner who lacks integrity.

There are a handful of actions that will genuinely help you get over your crush. I can attest to this because it worked for me when my high school crush got married right after we finished school.

If it worked for me and other people I’ve coached, it can and will work for you.

I’ve recorded a video that summarizes the basic steps in this article. If you are short on time or prefer an audio explanation, you can check out the video below.

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How I Got Over My Crush And Moved On

Step 1: Distance yourself from them

At first, distance makes the heart grow fonder, but then it dissolves the connection to a significant degree.

If the idea of distancing yourself from your crush scares you or causes some kind of uncomfortable feeling within you, it’s a signal that you need to do it in this scenario.

To do this, you should draw clear boundaries.

You may not even need to express these boundaries to your crush. What’s important is understanding what sort of behavior or information is unhealthy for you.

Reduce digital contact, avoid their social media, don’t hang out with them alone, avoid conversations about their love life, keep things professional if you work together, or cut all contact without making things weird or awkward.

Step 2: Start meeting new people

For as long as you isolate yourself from the prospect of meeting new people, you will always fall back into nostalgic thoughts of the last person you really cared about.

As humans, we are wired to be social creatures, and more importantly, we crave closeness and love.

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At some point, you will experience this desire along with feelings of loneliness. Life is but an ocean with waves of fleeting emotions.

To make it easier on yourself to get over your crush who is dating someone new, you should focus on finding love with someone else.

Sit down and vividly describe the type of person you want to attract as a partner in your life. Be as descriptive as possible, and then minimize your list to the 10 most important items.

Get in the habit of reading this list on a daily basis.

When you force your brain to focus on what you want along with a vision for the future, especially when you crave love or feel loneliness, you’ll rewire your brain to fantasize about this potential partner rather than someone you can’t have.

Step 3: Don’t fixate on hypotheticals

I’m of the opinion that most people who develop a long-lasting crush on someone often avoid expressing their intentions.

Then, when their crush finds someone else, they ruminate and cry over what could have been.

Living in a hypothetical world is a recipe for ongoing rumination and obsession in a situation like this.

Don’t indulge yourself in what could have been or should have been. The only thing that matters is how things are.

When your mind ruminates on “what-if” scenarios, stop yourself immediately.

If you confessed your feelings or made your intentions clear, either your crush would have reciprocated or rejected them.

In the latter case, you would find yourself in this situation.

That’s it.

There’s no point getting or staying stuck in a state of limerance.

Now is the time to focus on reality and what you can create for the future.

Step 4: Get relief from regret by learning a lesson

Whenever feelings of regret persist, I find lessons within the experience. The lessons are not only a form of wisdom but also relief.

When we give meaning to our suffering, it empowers us and provides hope for the future.

I don’t want you to use this idea as an excuse to hold yourself hostage while waiting for your crush to someday be single again.

Instead, I’d like for you to use this as a learning experience for your future.

How?” you may ask.

Well, allow me to explain.

The lesson here should be that if you feel strongly about someone, allowing the fear of rejection to control your decision-making process will cause you much more suffering than if you were to actually get rejected.

You will never resent yourself for trying and failing.

That’s the truth.

What can be gained from a declaration of desire that is rejected is confidence in your ability to be courageous.

A courageous person is someone who is always worthy of respect, especially from themselves.

If you can internalize this lesson and live unashamed by how you feel, you’ll get over the regret you have from losing a chance to pursue your crush.

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Final Thoughts

If you can follow the steps in this article and allow time to pass, you’ll get over your crush dating someone new.

And look, you’re better off using this approach because it guarantees that you will grow and not waste your time fawning over someone who is unavailable.

If, in the future, he or she is single again, you can try to ask them out. But at the same time, you won’t give off desperate or needy energy because you spent all this time moving on with your life.

That actually improves your chances of developing a real connection because most people present themselves best when they are not overwhelmed with emotions.

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