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How To Get Back At Your Ex For Hurting You

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The best way to get back at your ex for hurting you is to move on, be happy and find someone totally better than them. Always remember that happiness and success are the best revenge. 

Granted, you may feel strongly about doing something to hurt them too.

But, you have to consider whether that is something you can live with. Ask yourself this question, does it make you any different than your ex?

Rather than just hurting your ex, you sacrifice your character and morals to get even.

This may feel good momentarily and provide some instant gratification but in the long run, you’ll find yourself feeling defeated and worse.

Don’t give your ex the satisfaction of seeing you fall from grace.

By doing something uncharacteristically, it gives more power to your ex.

It also adds more drama and baggage that you have to work through.

Here’s what I know, most people think differently about decisions or ideas after they have worked through initial feelings of anger or pain.

This has been applicable in my life and some of my biggest regrets are based on decisions I made during emotionally unstable times. 

For these reasons, I strongly advise you against doing things like sleeping with someone just to get back at your ex, degrading them on a public platform, damaging their personal property, so on and so forth.

These actions may hurt your ex but they also come with the risk of damaging you or landing you in big trouble legally.

That’s another thing to consider. 

Everything that we do, especially online, has the ability to come back and haunt us. Don’t put yourself in this predicament unnecessarily. 

With that being said, there are a few things you could do to get back at your ex for hurting you that won’t be problematic for you or questionable.

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They’re also good things to do for yourself after a breakup so I highly recommend them. 

1. Initiate no contact

No contact is the best way to move on from an ex or get back at them.

There, I said it. And, you know what? I’ll stand by those words.

Ideally, no contact is a great way to help you process a breakup quickly while preventing you from making a series of mistakes that could hurt you like chasing your ex or trying to exact revenge when they hurt you. 

But, it’s also a great way to get an ex back. Or, at the very least, make them miss you. 

Now if you were to use no contact as a way of how to get back at your ex for hurting you, it could have a dual effect.

On one hand, it shows your ex that you’re strong. It proves that you’re not willing to put up with someone who is as terrible as they are.

You’re choosing to value yourself by cutting them off.

That is powerful.

But, on the other hand, if your ex starts to miss you, that’s going to be a form of revenge that you can get away with.

You may not be doing it for that purpose but it’s a side effect that doesn’t compromise your morals and values.

At the same time, it makes your ex go through the torture of missing you without being able to even send you a text message! 

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2. Block them on social media

Your ex who hurt you doesn’t really have a right to access information about your life, whereabouts and events. 

They lost that right or privilege when they chose to hurt you and not make amends. 

On a side note, I just want to emphasize that this entire article is presuming that your ex is a horrible person who doesn’t care about the fact that he or she hurt you.

Additionally, I’m also assuming that you don’t forgive your ex and they’ve done nothing to earn it either. 

Anyway, blocking them on social media is another great way of getting back at your ex for hurting you. 

They lose any and all access to you.

Now, they have to live with the fact that there’s nothing they can do to see what’s happening in your life, let alone be in it. 

Trust me, 99% of people stalk their ex on social media.

Finding out that they’re blocked will sting and bother them for a while.

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3. Start focusing on self-improvement

Remind your ex of exactly what they lost out on by improving yourself and focusing on becoming the hottest version of yourself.

I’m not saying that your sole purpose for self improvement should be to get back at your ex for hurting you.

But, I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to channel that negative energy and pain into motivation that is used to catapult you into greatness and success. 

It’s also a great way to strip away the power your ex had over you and from the situation in general. 

What I like about this idea is that it sends across a very important message to your ex and the world – you may hurt me but you’ll never break me. 

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4. Move on and meet better people

Let’s say that you’ve put in the time to move on from your ex, you’ve made peace with the past, you’ve improved yourself and spent time by yourself.

Now, after doing everything you needed to do to regain your sole identity, it would be a great time to step out into the dating world.

However, set higher standards for yourself.

You don’t have to say it. You don’t have to rub it in your ex’s face.

Simply move on and meet better people.

Being with someone who treats you better than your ex is one of the best forms of revenge. 

Although, don’t just be with someone for this sake. It should be an unintended side effect of moving on with your life. 

When your ex finds out that you’re enjoying the dating life or met someone amazing, it’s going to hurt.

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5. Enjoy your life

People who get a kick out of hurting others hate to see them move on and enjoy life. 

It strips them of their power.

It makes them feel inconsequential and they can’t stand it.

Narcissists, for instance, can’t stand the idea of someone being happier without them in their life. 

To me, this seems like the ultimate form of revenge without having to do anything underhanded or questionable.

You come out of this situation a winner while your ex remains baffled and confused by how easily you were able to move on from them and craft a better life for yourself. 

The less you focus on people who hurt you, the better your life will be.

Additionally, you’ll start to gravitate towards higher quality people who will treat you in a manner that you deserve.

  • Find yourself again.
  • Step out of your comfort zone.
  • Experience things in life that your ex prevented you from enjoying.
  • Rediscover your thirst for adventure.
  • Invest time in your career.
  • Build better habits and skills.

By the time you start enjoying your life, wanting to get back at your ex who hurt you won’t even be something you think about. 

Your ex will become nothing more than a distant memory from a phase in your life that has ended. 

Leaving behind someone who is toxic is the best thing you could do for yourself.

In conclusion

I know how upset you may feel right now but I want you to know that this will pass.

I’m willing to bet on it. 

I’ve been through some terrible experiences in my life and almost always, they have changed. During those times, I doubted and questioned whether they would.

But, they always do.

Stay strong during this time and don’t do silly things that will cause you further pain, anxiety, depression and regret. 

Your ex already stole precious time for your life.

Don’t waste another second on someone who doesn’t deserve you. 

Now, it’s time for you to focus on finding happiness and becoming your best self.

Life is full of opportunities and new stories just waiting to be written. Don’t let one person snatch away your ability to enjoy life.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on how to get back at your ex for hurting you to be insightful, calming and informative. Please leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section below and I’ll reply to you as soon as I can.

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