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How To Be Spontaneous In A Marriage (8 Suggestions)

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Monotony and routine dim the spark in most marriages. Thankfully, the flame of passion can be reignited with the use of spontaneity. This article will offer useful suggestions on how to be spontaneous in a marriage.

To be spontaneous means to live in the moment and allow things to happen naturally. Ironically, one could plan to be spontaneous by stepping out of their comfort zone and trying new things when the desire to have fun or make memories fires up.

I like to believe that everyone has the ability to be spontaneous if they can tap into their inner child and channel their desire for life.

Abandoning insecurities, preconceived notions, and laziness often leads us to authenticity. Those who are authentic tend to live more freely and sincerely, allowing their emotions to flow through them naturally.

When this occurs, boredom and predictability are never in sight, making you far more attractive and magnetic as a person.

So on a psychological level, strive towards an open mindset with an appreciation for the novelty of new experiences.

Be that as it may, here are some ideas for you on being a spontaneous spouse.

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8 Ways To Be Spontaneous In A Marriage

how to be spontaneous in a marriage

1. Surprise Date Nights

It’s tempting to fall into a routine when it comes to date nights. Movies on a Thursday night and dinner at the same restaurant lose their charm after some time.

Shake things up a notch by trying new things.

Surprise your partner with a random dinner date, an impromptu getaway, a picnic, or even a trip to the beach.

Don’t announce your plans either, and allow your partner to experience the wonder of being courted like they would during the early phases of your marriage.

2. Random Acts Of Affection

Comfort is a wonderful drug, but it also has the ability to diminish passion, especially in a romantic relationship.

Rather than the predictable good morning messages or declarations of love before sleeping, why not reach out to your spouse in an affectionate manner randomly?

Attempt to view them through new eyes, as if you have just fallen in love with them all over again.

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Those random hugs and kisses make a world of difference over time and certainly help with being spontaneous in a marriage.

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3. Express Gratitude

One of the common reasons why couples lose respect for each other and fall into a rut is due to expectation and entitlement.

What makes most people feel loved and respected is appreciation. Showing gratitude for your spouse’s presence, attention, and effort is instrumental in creating a long-lasting marriage.

Gratitude can take the form of giving thanks or a caring gesture of good will. Spoil them with a gift or an experience of pampering. These little acts of gratitude will also reinforce positive behavior in both of you.

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4. Join A Class Together

Most hobby classes provide a novelty experience for married couples.

It’s an escape from the responsibilities of daily life as adults while also offering a unique opportunity to learn or deepen communication skills as a team.

You may also surprise and impress each other with hidden talents that show themselves during these hobby classes.

5. Create A Bucket List Together

If you’re on this planet for a couple decades, you begin to run out of new things to experience. Mediocrity might set in, and routine may monopolize your daily life. This can be thwarted with a bucket list of fun activities to experience together.

Sit down with a piece of paper and draw up a list of 100 things to do, be, or become alongside your partner.

It may take many hours to complete, but by the time you’re done, you’ll have years worth of spontaneous activities at your disposal.

6. Develop Your Identity As An Individual

Have you noticed how easy it is for couples in long-term relationships to form a shared identity?

I mean, it’s okay and an expected outcome of being in a marriage and sharing yourself completely with each other.

But there’s importance to redeveloping or maintaining your identity as an individual. Your partner fell in love with that person, and vice versa. Abandoning those attributes or parts of yourself for a shared identity may strip away some of the depth of character in your relationship.

You’ll have so much more interesting thoughts, opinions, feelings, and experiences to share with your partner by actually nurturing your individuality at times.

Get back to setting goals, exploring interests, and developing yourself into the best possible version. It’s highly attractive and offers you many things to share with your partner that are new, which can be categorized as being spontaneous in a marriage.

6. Cookie Jar Of Random Experiences

Instead of planning every date, how about you create a cookie jar of fun experiences that you reach into for a random experience with your partner?

Grab a bunch of small pieces of paper and write down a fun activity on each one.

Fold them up and place them into the cookie jar of fun. When you’re looking to do something together, reach into this jar, and whatever you pull out of it will be the activity for the day or night.

It’s unpredictable and a quirky way of being spontaneous in a marriage.

7. Unplanned Intimacy

Even though the two of you have a good idea of how to be intimate, it can always help to shake things up a bit by romancing and loving each other unexpectedly.

A change of location may help, along with a variation of positions.

As long as the two of you embrace playfulness and a willingness to explore unplanned intimacy, it can definitely reignite the spark or maintain the flame of passion in your marriage.

8. Be Playful

From what I’ve noticed, playfulness is a key component of being spontaneous.

Playfully and innocently teasing each other, respectful banter, game nights, and a desire to make each other laugh often lead to some of the best experiences as a couple. In this state, most of us are free to be spontaneous and goofy.

What I’ve also realized is that these lighthearted moments can turn into cherished memories that warm both of your heart’s.

That brings us to the end of this article on how to be spontaneous in a marriage. Using the suggestions in this article is bound to add a new sense of excitement and fun to your relationship. Try them out with enthusiasm and an open mind; I’m sure you’ll have a great time with your spouse. 😀

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