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How To Be More Sexy – 10 Tips That Work

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If you’re trying to figure out how to be more sexy and attractive, you need to know two things.

Developing confidence is the most effective way of being sexy as well as investing time in the improvement of your physical appearance and intellect.

Confidence is often derived from the development of habits and the accomplishment of goals. Even improving your appearance through exercise and fashion can have a wonderful effect on your self-perception.

If you have a low impression of yourself, you have to be willing to put in the work to change that impression or adjust the way you think.

Either way, to be more sexy, you must be willing to work with what you have and not try to stretch out of your wheelhouse.

Physical attraction plays an important role in dating and relationships. But, it’s very subjective.

What you may find unattractive in yourself could be highly attractive to the opposite sex or the person you like.

This is why I tend to endorse self-acceptance over any other technique for being sexy.

Nothing is sexier than a man or woman who is comfortable in their own skin.

With that being said, here’s a list of tips on how to be more sexy and attractive.

1. Dress Impeccably

When it comes to fashion, the most important thing to consider is whether or not your clothes suit your frame.

Irrespective of what your body size is, tailoring your clothes to fit your form will instantly improve your sexiness.

Wear clothes that highlight your most attractive areas and choose colors that enhance your skin tone, hair and/or eyes.

Keeping up with the latest fashion will help you remain trendy. This is important because the masses often attach attractiveness to those who dress with the times.

2. Be Flirty

Being sexy entails arousing sexual desire. I know it sounds crude but it’s true.

Those who understand how to highlight their sexy curves and features tend to increase their sex appeal.

The first step of flirting is to show off your sexiest attributes in an almost subtle manner. It’s about teasing the imagination, not baring it all for everyone to see.

Secondly, improve your posture. Have you ever looked at a man or woman who was staring at the ground, hunched and lethargic and thought that they were sexy? Unlikely!

Stand up straight, push your shoulders back, lift your chin a little and walk upright.

3. Make Direct Eye Contact

As difficult as it may be at first, making and holding eye contact is sexy because it projects confidence and engages people in a focused and direct manner.

I mean, they do say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Earlier on, we spoke about the importance of confidence. What do shy people usually struggle with? Holding eye contact. They’re often looking at the ground or gazing away as soon as they feel slightly uncomfortable.

Make it a habit to hold eye contact during a conversation.

Start with 5-second intervals before looking away. Build it up each and every week until you no longer have an issue with making eye contact.

4. Educate Yourself

Being knowledgeable is considered sexy. It equips you with the tools to have an interesting conversation with anyone.

Being able to engage a person on an intellectual level creates rapport and understanding. As such, they create feelings of attraction.

If you really want to be more sexy, start educating yourself. Read books again. Learn some interesting trivia. Create a desire for knowledge within yourself.

Not only will you appear to be more sexy to people but your life will approve along with that.

5. Be Ambitious

Ambition is sexy because it creates the impression that you are someone who strives for more.

Someone who strives for more is willing to work hard and apply themselves to any situation.

Ambition is attributed to dedication, discipline, confidence and much more sexy and attractive features in a person.

It also creates the impression within a person you are interested in that you wouldn’t be showing an interest in them if you didn’t view them as an ambitious ‘challenge’ so to speak.

All of this works in your favor. At the end of the day, you are the one who has much to gain by being ambitious. And it costs you nothing.

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6. Get Fit And Healthy

I’m a huge advocate for being fit and healthy ever since I worked insanely hard for a year to lose 27 pounds.

I got into the best shape of my life back then. And it made me feel damn confident in myself.

My clothes fit better, I felt better and I accomplished something that proved how capable I can be as a person.

By making good choices for your body, you program your mind to prioritize good decisions in other areas of your life too.

A healthy mind always leads to a healthy life.

7. Take Care Of Your Hair

This used to be a problem area for me because I just didn’t enjoy the effort it took to style my hair.

And yet, whenever I did, the result of it would be that I looked better and like the way I looked.

It created this image of someone who grooms and takes care of himself or herself. And when you can take care of yourself, it means you can take care of someone else.

It means you take pride in how you look and that is often an attractive feature.

And if you don’t have hair, then make sure your head is as shiny as it possibly could be. Wear that with confidence and pride!

8. Have A Sense Of Humour

There’s nothing wrong with being intensely serious about your life but don’t let turn into someone who takes themselves too seriously.

What does this mean?

Well, it’s okay to laugh at yourself from time to time. it’s also okay to be playful around others and not take teasing too seriously, especially if it’s innocent and not insulting.

I’ve seen some men and women completely destroy attraction by not being easy-going enough to talk to.

9. Be Affirmative

If you like something, say it. If you don’t, say it. The point of being affirmative is to express your feelings and own them.

Being affirmative is about acknowledging your importance so much so that you can affirm what you agree or disagree with.

It’s not about being rude or bossy though. Keep that in mind.

10. Smell Amazing

I think this should have been higher on my list but smelling good is an absolute turn on.

Ask any man or woman and they will agree.

A good smelling cologne/perfume will drastically improve your sex appeal.

Think about this, not only do you look good and sound good but you also smell good.

You’re targeting the 3 senses that predominantly affect sexiness.

Surround yourself with the right people

At a certain point, attraction is dependent on elements which can be out of our control such as chemistry and nature.

You could invest all this time into learning how to be more sexy and still not get that girl or that guy because they simply don’t find you attractive.

Does that automatically make you not sexy? No!

To the right people, you can be the sexiest person they’ve ever seen or been around.

And honestly, that’s what really matters. When you are around people who are able to identify the sexy features and traits you possess, it becomes infinitely easier to tap into those things and maximize them.

With time, you’ll gain a greater understanding and appreciation for your own good features to the point of which it becomes second nature for you to flaunt them in a humble but sexy way.

With that being said, I really hope you enjoyed this article on how to be more sexy. Please feel free to leave your questions or thoughts in the comment section below.

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