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How Does Ignoring A Girl Make Her Feel? (The Ugly Truth)

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how ignoring her makes her feel, how does ignoring her make her feel

How does ignoring a girl make her feel? That’s something most men need to understand before they aimlessly and foolishly try to ignore a girl to attract her. 

It is true that, in most cases, ignoring a girl will make her chase you for a while. 

But, why is that? 

How does she feel when you ignore her?

That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article. Buckle up, boys. This one is going to rock your world. 

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This Is How A Girl Feels When You Ignore Her

how ignoring her makes her feel, how does ignoring her make her feel

1. It makes her feel like you don’t care.

Either she’ll feel like you don’t care about her or that you are indifferent to her.

This can either drive her crazy or disappoint her to the point that she just walks away.

What’s clear to me is that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear. 

But, make her feel like you don’t care for her long enough, and she will definitely close the door in this situation.

When you have been pursuing and chasing her like a desperate puppy, casting doubt on how you feel about her can have a positive effect on her level of interest in you. 

She may want to change that because it doesn’t suit her anymore. 

Perhaps, going from chasing her to possibly not caring about her might bruise her ego so much that she can’t help but show more interest in you.

2. It makes her feel insecure.

I don’t think there’s an area of life that is more personal than romantic relationships.

Success in romantic relationships can provide unbelievable feelings of acceptance, love and confidence.

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Unfortunately, failure in romantic relationships can provide feelings of insecurity, doubt and fear.

Ignoring someone is interpreted as an indirect rejection, even temporarily.

The same feelings of insecurity, doubt and fear felt during rejection are experienced when you are ignored by someone you care about or like.

Ignoring a girl makes her feel insecure because it casts a doubt on your feelings towards her. 

Not only will she question your feelings towards her but she will begin to question herself. 

The more prone to insecurity someone is, the likelier it is that they will experience a great deal of insecurity when ignored. 

Someone who grapples with insecurity either chases validation from others or resigns themselves to solitude.

3. It makes her feel anxious and afraid.

Would you agree that we are creatures of habit?

Within habits and routines, we find comfort.

If I were to forbid you from practicing a habit or I changed your routine without giving you any information on when things will return to normal, you’d be plunged into anxiety.


Well, because anxiety is a side effect of uncertainty.

Mess with that habit or routine and you will undeniably experience discomfort.

All habits, routines and patterns provide certainty and security.

Strip away those things and you’re bound to experience uncertainty.

That’s when anxiety flares up because we yearn for certainty and the comfort it provides.

Ignoring a girl makes her feel anxious and afraid for this reason.

She may have grown used to talking to you regularly or to you chasing her.

Silence is uncomfortable and the uncertainty of when it will end is anxiety-inducing.

It’s only natural to fear loss or change when you least expect it.

4. It makes her feel angry.

When trust is broken, feelings of anger flare up, and rightfully so.

Let’s be honest with each other, ignoring someone randomly and without any warning can be considered a breach of trust.

Perhaps, she trusted that you would always communicate with her. 

The fact that you’re ignoring her is a violation of her expectations and trust. 

Some women deserve it.

Women who are simply using you for attention or resources deserve to be ignored.

But, we can’t even blame them.

It’s your responsibility to avoid women who are not genuinely interested in you.

Arrogant and egotistical women will be angered by this because they are not used to being ignored by a guy.

That’s another factor to consider.

5. It makes her feel desperate.

You’d be shocked at what a person is willing to do to avoid suffering.

Being ignored by someone you care about without knowing why or what to do about it can cause a great deal of suffering.

That’s why I’ve changed my stance on this topic.

It’s not a worthwhile game to play. 

You’re diminishing your own value and values as a man to play a game like this.

Unless you have to ignore a girl because she is toxic to you or she is blatantly disrespectful, you shouldn’t indulge in this behavior.

Instead, let her know that you’re choosing to not communicate and list your reasons for doing so.

Then, if she genuinely cares about you and wants to try to be better, she’ll reach out to you.

It still has the same powerful effect on a woman as ignoring her, without causing undue suffering to someone. 

But, at the same time, I will admit that ignoring a girl makes her feel desperate.

She’ll desperately want your attention back because she can’t have it anymore.

It’s simply the tale of the forbidden fruit.

We have a tendency to idolize what we can no longer access.

That’s why girls chase you when you ignore them.

The value and desirability of your attention and communication grow when they are scarce or unavailable.

This is only the case because other men give away their attention and affection for free to undeserving people.

Men are so desperate in general that they have stripped value from their efforts. 

The fact that you aren’t giving her attention anymore and even ignoring her separates you from the men who are desperate for her.

This will make her desire you a lot more.

Ideally, all you want to do is not sit on the phone all day, have a fulfilling life and not give your attention away to girls who do not make an effort to talk to you or be with you.

But, if she violated your boundaries, ignoring her may be the ultimate consequence that enforces your boundary.

She’ll realize that you aren’t messing around and that you are willing to ice her out if she violates your relationship.

That is undeniably useful in a relationship, but it’s a power that can easily be misused.

6. It makes her feel hurt.

Whether someone is toxic or not, good or bad, they aren’t viewing themselves as a villain.

In fact, most people have the issue of perceiving themselves as victims.

Of course, being ignored by someone is going to hurt, especially when you are making an effort to communicate.

It’s even more hurtful if you believe that everything is going well or that there’s no reason to be ignored.

Rejection, in most forms, simply hurts. 

7. It makes her feel challenged.

We can all agree that in this day and age, women are constantly inundated with attention from men who are desperate or who don’t know what they’re doing.

What we can also agree on is that scarcity breeds value.

When something isn’t readily available, it appears more valuable.

The same could be said for attention.

When a woman can’t access you with ease anymore or if you seem indifferent toward her, you appear more valuable.

Ignoring a girl is the ultimate manifestation of this principle.

Sometimes, it has an incredible effect on a girl’s interest and desire.

Other times, it becomes a weapon for manipulation and toxicity. 

Some women are completely turned off by this. They may reach out once or twice, but afterward, they’ll write you off.

Bitterness and resentment will set in when it becomes abundantly clear that you are going to ignore them indefinitely and without a proper reason.

Desperation, desire and intrigue set in when a woman perceives you to be easy and desperate, only to be surprised by your change in behavior.

The same feelings are evoked in women who have a higher interest in you or if they are insecure.

Challenges are exciting and winning a prize is validating.

This is what may happen when a woman begins to view your attention as a challenge and prize.

Ignoring Her Will Make Her Chase You

how ignoring her makes her feel, how does ignoring her make her feel

Rejection breeds obsession.

Whether it amounts to action or not, it triggers an obsessive response in us.

It’s in our nature to examine why we face a particularly difficult emotion or situation.

By understanding, we are able to take action or find closure.

But, when we choose to act, usually, we walk away or chase. 

More often than not, when a woman is blindsided by being ignored, she will take action.

As I mentioned before, uncertainty is a great source of anxiety.

We get tricked into believing that taking action is the only way to deal with a desperate situation. 

So, she’ll text you more, try to call you, or even make an attempt to see you in person. 

If she really cares about you, she will absolutely reach out and if you ignore her, she’ll get upset and disappear for a while.

Alternatively, she’ll lash out at you for ignoring her while questioning you. 

What most people won’t tell you is that it may make a woman chase you, but it won’t make her love you.

While she’s in a state of fear and anxiety, she may appreciate it when you do communicate with her.

But, the minute she calms down and things return to normal, she will test you again.

Women do not forget things like this.

They remember what you did and how it made them feel in detail.

She’ll test you or she’ll suddenly ignore you to examine your behavior. She may even hold it over your head for the foreseeable future. 

It’s extremely difficult to cultivate a healthy relationship with good communication if you’re ignoring each other.

The ONLY times when ignoring a girl is a good thing for you is if she’s toxic, she uses you, she friendzoned you or you chased her so much that she lost attraction or interest in you.

Also, if she violated a boundary of yours and refused to see reason or apologize. Blatant and repeated disrespect should be met with serious consequences. 

If a woman doesn’t believe that you will walk away if she truly messes up, you have absolutely no leverage in the relationship. 

As much as we shouldn’t be focusing on power dynamics in a relationship, it is absolutely foolish to deny the existence of power and its effect on relationships. 

If you’re going to ignore her to attract her, you should not be ignoring her indefinitely. 

As soon as she reaches out again, you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

Communicate with her and do things better this time, especially if you were chasing her out of your life before this.

I wouldn’t even call this ignoring her.

You’re simply waiting to see if she will show some concern or interest in you after not hearing back from you.

One could argue that this is just a test to determine interest level that also has the ability to undo the damage caused by over-pursuing a woman. 

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Ignoring Her Will Destroy The Relationship

how ignoring her makes her feel, how does ignoring her make her feel

If ignoring someone becomes a frequent practice in how you communicate, you will ruin a lot of relationships and friendships.

The only time ignoring someone is warranted is if they are disrespectful, abusive or toxic. 

To ignore your loved ones as a ploy for power is toxic in itself.

In other words, you become disrespectful, abusive or toxic to others.

And you will eventually be the one who is isolated and ignored by most people. 

What you want to focus on is nurturing a relationship with someone who has a high level of interest in you. 

Believe me when I tell you that there’s no need to do this when you are dealing with women who adore you. 

Be more selective and don’t waste your time with women who have a very basic or low level of attraction for you.

You wouldn’t need to ignore a woman who is really interested in you because she will happily be blowing up your phone every day.

More importantly, she’ll make it easy for you to see her and love her. 

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You Don’t Need To Ignore Her To Attract Her

There are certain behaviors that will ruin attraction and interest. 

As a man, you have to learn these things to avoid turning a woman off or chasing her out of your life.

Avoid making these common mistakes because they are ruining your relationships with women:

  • Don’t text all day long. It ruins interest, kills the mystery and lacks depth.
  • Avoid sexual conversations too early on to avoid coming across as sex-hungry or perverted.
  • Don’t compliment a girl continuously because it comes off as phony and insincere. 
  • Avoid double or triple texting a girl. You will never come across as desperate by approaching texting like a game of tennis or badminton. 
  • Avoid declarations of love. Wait for a woman to show signs of romantic feelings or love first. 
  • Don’t bring up relationship labels early on. It can come across as desperate while spoiling the anticipation of falling in love.
  • Don’t give your time to women who are disrespectful of it. 

I promise you that these tips are an absolute game-changer. 

You won’t have to ignore a girl to make her chase you by behaving in this manner.

Not only will you come across as more attractive, but you will avoid turning her off, you will add value to your attention and you won’t find yourself deeply in the friendzone with someone you are romantically interested in.

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Key Takeaways

It is safe to say that ignoring a girl will make her feel upset, rejected, desperate, angry and/or insecure.

Provided, of course, that she actually cares about you or has some interest in talking to you.

But, it is important to only use this in specific circumstances.

Ignoring a girl can easily lead to toxic and manipulative behaviors. It’s not worth it to play such a game with someone.

Instead, you would be much better suited optimizing your communication with women to avoid putting yourself in the position of being friendzoned or ignored. 

Furthermore, you can nurture attraction and create healthier relationship dynamics by simply texting less instead of ignoring her to attract her.

Both have the potential to inspire attraction and interest but one can be highly negative whereas the other can be highly attractive and positive.

With that being said, I hope this article on how does ignoring a girl make her feel was insightful to you. If you would like my help, feel free to check out my email coaching package by clicking here. Also, grab a copy of my eBook. It has helped countless men get the girl of their dreams. Click here for more information.

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