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He Texted Me After The First Date. What Does It Mean?

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Despite first dates going good or bad, it’s what comes after that creates the most anxiety because you don’t know what to expect or how the other person is feeling. The text after the first date is usually one you’re anticipating and waiting for. In this article, we’re going to discuss what it meant when he texted you after the first date.

When you find that he texted you after the first date, it’s usually a sign that he really enjoyed your company and couldn’t wait to talk to you again. The only exception is when his text is about the two of you just being friends or not being compatible. 

More often than not, it’s a good thing when he texts you after the first date. Typically, men fall for women much faster than you’d expect.

Those who are more mysterious and longer in the ‘game’ can control themselves from divulging their high level of interest too quickly but most men can’t.

This has been my experience, especially from coaching and consulting with men.

Sometimes, I find myself shocked at how some men can transition from relaxed to almost in love within a date or two.

They’re unable to stay away from her and this amounts to texts or calls right after the first date along with compliments and excitement to set up the next date. 

It’s exciting, isn’t it?

Especially when the feeling of excitement and chemistry is mutual. 

You’re probably wondering whether it’s a good idea or not to text him back immediately.

Honestly, if from his text you can gauge that it’s positive or he wants to meet you again, I would encourage you to reply back within an hour or so.

It’s not about playing games but there’s nothing wrong with building just a little anticipation and excitement.

I understand that some people take this idea to the extreme and start toying with a man or woman’s emotions.

This is childish and manipulative. 

Be authentic with how you feel and to others because it will serve you well in attracting and nurturing true love.

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Let’s examine this topic in more detail so that I can answer a few questions you have in mind regarding this entire situation.

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Reasons why he texted you after the first date

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1. He likes you

Unless you’re dealing with a player or someone who is just looking for hookups, a guy who really likes you will struggle to stay away from texting you.

He’ll be reaching out to let you know that he had a great time with you or had a lot of fun.

His text may be a little flirty or even sweet which is just great if you’re interested in him after the first date.

What you’ll notice is that once you reply, his texts will not be close-ended or one-word answers.

He’ll seem engaged and enthusiastic to text with you and this is a surefire sign that he likes you in general.

2. He wants to see you again

The best-case scenario is that he quickly developed feelings of infatuation and adoration which motivates him to spend a lot of time with you.

However, the next best case is that he had a good date and is fond of you to the point of reaching out to set up another date.

This is a good progression for romance because enthusiasm, willingness and openness are essential for the development of love and a relationship.

The fact that he is texting you after the first date and to set up the next one means that he’s interested in you.

3. He’s testing the water

Sometimes, first dates don’t go poorly but they don’t turn out groundbreakingly good either.

He may be well aware of this fact and understands that you both had a nice enough time.

So, to test the waters and gauge where you stand, he’s texting you after the first date to find out.

Simple pleasantries and small talk may be a slight test to determine if you’re still open to seeing him again or if you’re on the way out.

You’ll notice that he doesn’t reference the date much itself nor does his text give off much information on his feelings or thoughts. 

He’s waiting to see how you respond before deciding on how to proceed with this situationship.

4. He just wants to be friends

We live in a time when you can simply block someone on all platforms and attempt to pretend like they don’t exist without taking any accountability for our actions.

It’s terrible, especially when someone hasn’t done anything wrong to you and it’s just a case of incompatibility after a date.

Being ghosted creates feelings of rejection, confusion, insecurity and anger because it’s disrespectful.

However, not everyone subscribes to this behavior, especially if they’re mature and willing to do what’s right but difficult instead of taking the easy but destructive way out.

In this case, he may not be interested after the first date and instead of ghosting you, he wants to let you down in a respectful, kind and easy manner. 

As much as it may not be what you want to hear, it’s a lot better than being tossed away without any respect or explanation whatsoever. 

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Should you text him after the first date?

Look, a lot of men are petrified of coming across as desperate and needy after a first date. They’re also afraid of rejection which can influence them to wait for you to reach out.

After all, if the guy is the one to facilitate the entire first date, it’s only natural or normal for him to wait for your next move.

Dating is a game of tennis and he cannot be expected to play for you and himself.

So, if he hasn’t reached out to you right after the first date, I think it’s a good idea for you to do it.

Send him a text the next day to let him know that you had a good time and look forward to seeing him again.

By doing this, you’re literally teeing him up to take the shot and ask you out for the next date. 

Let me tell you something, if he is genuinely interested and not wasting your time, he will pounce at this opportunity to ask you out again or to find out when you may be free to see him again.

If he isn’t, he’ll be polite or not reply until days later with a text that doesn’t set up another date or come across as interested. 

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In conclusion

I just want to take the time to advise you against over-thinking after the first date.

Understandably, you’re nervous, excited and uncertain but this is part of what makes dating so exciting as well as stressful.

My approach is to just let things happen as they will. When you approach dating with a sense of peace and strength, you enjoy it much more.

And at the end of the day, if it’s meant to be, things will fall into place better and easier than you’d expect. 

With that being said, I hope you found this article on “he texted me after the first date” to be insightful and helpful. If you have any questions or thoughts on this topic, please let me know by visiting the comment section below.

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