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Here’s Why He Is Online But Not Texting You

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he is online but not texting you, he is online, why is he online but not texting me

I honestly have a love/hate relationship with texting people, especially for romantic reasons. It can be a blessing and facilitate interest or it can be a curse and lead you down a road of wasted time and rejection. Perhaps, you’re getting to know a guy and things were great until he stopped texting you. In this article, I’m going to explain why he is online but not texting you.

Here’s a quick look at all the possible reasons why he’s online but not texting you.

  1. He’s dealing with an emergency.
  2. He’s ghosting you.
  3. He’s upset with you.
  4. He’s ignoring you for a reason.
  5. He’s talking to other girls.
  6. He’s losing interest.
  7. He’s in a relationship with someone.
  8. He’s busy with work.

Depending on the reason, it could be a sign of something to worry about or something to simply communicate about.

Be that as it may, let’s examine these reasons in detail so that you can easily determine which reason seems most probable for your situation.

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Reasons Why He’s Online But Not Replying To Your Texts

he is online but not texting you, he is online, why is he online but not texting me

1. He’s dealing with an emergency

Problems and emergencies appear unexpectedly in life. 

I’m sure you understand. 

You’ve probably been blindsided by something that occupied your attention leaving you unable to reply to anyone.

Perhaps, he’s dealing with a family emergency, an accident, a setback at the office, and so on and so forth.

If it hasn’t been more than a few hours since he last replied to you, wait.

Be patient this time and wait to hear back from him.

If he returns with an apology and explains why he hasn’t replied to you despite being online, then you know that it wasn’t anything to be worried about.

Usually, if it was just an emergency, his texting habits towards you should return to normal.

If it’s something else, he’ll end up texting slower and less with each passing day.

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2. He’s ghosting you

When a man suddenly disappears and blocks you everywhere without any explanation or warning sign, he ghosted you.

It’s a terrible thing and can often leave you with a feeling of rejection, regret and disappointment. 

The first sign of being ghosted is not getting replies while he’s online. 

Your messages are left unanswered and you sit there wondering what’s going on.

Perhaps, you reach out and double text him only to be met with more silence despite seeing him online. 

If you haven’t done anything to upset him and he suddenly switched up on you, chances are, he’s ghosting you.

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3. He’s upset with you

Building on the above, if you have been insensitive or insulting to him recently or you’ve been disrespectful in some way, it’s possible that he’s upset with you.

Even if it wasn’t your intention to upset him, it’s almost impossible to avoid upsetting someone altogether.

It’s just a part of life and relationships.

Some men vocalize their dissatisfaction whereas others will withdraw and distance themselves until you make an effort to apologize or to show that you care about them.

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4. He’s ignoring you for a reason

The reasons may vary depending on the type of guy he is, his intentions and what he’s feeling towards you.

But, if you try to double text him and he doesn’t respond, it’s probably because he’s ignoring you.

Double texting him isn’t enough to draw this conclusion.

You need to observe if he has been online and how long it’s been since he’s online and you’ve sent your messages.

If hours are piling up on each other or days, then he’s absolutely ignoring you.

The average person looks at their phone a couple of times per hour at a minimum.

There’s no way that he’s too busy to have not seen your message in days.

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5. He’s talking to other girls

I hate to say it but it’s also probable that he’s talking to other girls.

If you spot him online throughout the day, he’s not on his phone just staring aimlessly at his texts.

He’s obviously online to look and reply to messages.

He has to be replying to messages or else he wouldn’t have any need to be frequently on his phone and online. 

It doesn’t make sense.

He has to be talking to someone and if it seems to you like he’s most likely talking to other girls, he probably is. 

6. He’s losing interest

When a man begins to lose interest, you’ll notice it with ease.

His texts will seem less enthusiastic, he’ll stop using emoticons, he’ll stop flirting, he’ll be dismissive, his texts will be shallow and short, he’ll reply with close-ended remarks and the time between his texts will grow longer until he stops replying for days at a time.

This is the usual transition from interested to disinterested in romantic contexts. 

Examine your last few conversations with him and try to deduce whether he’s had a gradual decrease of interest-based on the sequence I shared above.

If it matches, then he’s online but not texting you because he has lost interest.

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7. He’s in a relationship with someone

One of the risks you take when casually dating is the possibility that the guy you’re hanging out with may be hanging out with other women.

If his interest and attraction grow for a particular woman more so than the rest, he’s going to gravitate towards her while distancing himself from the rest. 

Not all men are going to provide closure to women he’s been casually dating.

If he doesn’t care enough, he’ll just move on with his life and his new girlfriend without saying a word.

Because he doesn’t want to tell you about his relationship status while also wanting to be with his new partner, he’s opting to say nothing and chooses to ignore your texts.

8. He’s busy with work

Look, depending on the man you’re talking to, this could be a plausible explanation for why he is online but not texting you

A man of value and who is on his purpose doesn’t have time to sit on the phone and text all day.

And if he has to be communicating with clients and colleagues, then he’ll allocate blocks of time to each area of his life.

When he’s working, he’ll be online but not reply to personal texts because that’s how he operates. 

This is something you can easily determine based on the hours that he works and chooses to respond to you.

If at the end of a workday, he makes valuable time to be with you and communicate, then it’s quite likely he’s just busy with work.

But, if you feel like this doesn’t make sense and there’s something more sinister going on, then you have to be on guard and observe his behavior online.

Observe and trust but verify.

That’s my advice to you on suspicion. 

Final Thoughts

If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions within a day of experiencing this issue.

I would sit back, observe and examine his behavior prior to this, his time spent online and how long it takes him to reply to you eventually.

Additionally, I would also examine whether he offers up an explanation for why he hasn’t replied to you and whether he returns back to his normal behavior.

If he does, then there may not be anything to worry about and he was just busy or dealing with an emergency.

If he doesn’t, then perhaps he’s mad or upset with you.

Worst case scenario, you don’t hear back from him at all and it could be due to one of the other reasons mentioned in this article like he’s dating someone else.

The best thing you can do is to observe and then decide on how you want to approach the situation in a strong, respectful and dignified manner towards him and yourself. 

With that being said, I hope you found this article on why he is online but not texting you to be insightful, clear and eye-opening. If you would like to share your thoughts or questions with me on this topic, please do so by visiting the comment section below to let me know.

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