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What Does It Mean If He Hasn’t Replied In 3 Hours? (Solved)

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Texting has become an instrumental tool for cultivating interest and arranging dates in this day and age. But, it also serves as an indicator of someone’s interest level and intentions if you observe their behavior carefully. In this article, we are going to discuss what it means if he hasn’t replied in 3 hours.

The reason why he hasn’t replied in 3 hours could be because he’s busy with work, he’s physically unable to text you back, he’s trying not to be desperate, he’s texting other girls and losing interest or he’s not good at texting.

It could be any one of those possible reasons and you can only determine which by observing his behavior prior and after. Pay attention to his character, his overall texting habits and whether he’s online frequently while choosing not to reply to you.

These signs can point you towards the most likely reason why he hasn’t replied in 3 hours. 

If you are concerned, then there’s no harm in asking him about it. If you can do so without being confrontational, it may give you a clear idea of why he didn’t reply at that time or why he frequently takes so long to respond.

So, with that being the case, let’s take a closer look at each of the reasons in more detail so that we can understand where his head and heart are at and we can also determine if you have anything to worry about.

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Reasons Why He Hasn’t Replied In Hours

he hasn't replied, why hasn't he replied in hours, he didn't reply in 3 hours

1. He’s busy with work

Any man who has it together is either pursuing something, building a business or working on a career whilst younger men would be in college to study or chasing a sports dream.

Ordinarily, he shouldn’t be sitting on his phone all day long unless he is in the tech or digital marketing field.

If he is, then he probably isn’t getting much done in life and that is problematic, especially if he’s 30 and older. 

The point I’m trying to make is that there’s a strong chance that he hasn’t replied in 3 hours because he’s at work, dealing with clients, commuting or busy with something important that requires all of his attention and focus.

This probably would not apply if you know for a fact that he isn’t doing anything work-related or it’s at night when he’s usually available. 

But, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is caught up with work, especially if he has been texting you normally for days in a row. 

2. He’s physically unable to text you back

Is it unreasonable for us to assume that it’s possible that he’s unable to text you back because his phone is dead or lost, he’s sleeping or he’s doing something that requires no phone usage? 

I don’t think so.

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In my daily life, there are times when I am not on my phone for a few hours, especially when I am at my desk working or outside doing some form of exercise.

Honestly, I hate to text when I’m out with people or at the gym for instance. I want that time to focus on what’s happening in front of me.

But, at the same time, this doesn’t mean that I will not glance at my phone and reply to a message that is urgent.

And this is something to make a note of.

I will admit that I do see texts coming in but I’ll choose to reply to them later when I’m done socializing in person or done with whatever physical activity I’m engaging in.

Some men are like that and you have to find a way to balance things in a manner that makes you feel heard without forcing him to text you back immediately after every text. 

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3. He’s trying not to be desperate

When you are dealing with a self-aware man who is actively trying to improve his dating life, there’s a chance that he has come across some information that has advised him not to text all the time.

Perhaps, it’s applicable to him because he has a history of being too needy and clingy or it’s not applicable to him and he’s implementing this advice incorrectly.

Either way, the end result is the same in that he has dialed back the amount of time he spends texting a girl.

Here’s what I would suggest, gauge his behavior on calls and in person. 

If he is clearly showing strong signs of falling in love with you then it could very well be the case that he’s afraid texting you often will amount to the same rejection he experienced in the past.

What you can do is have a conversation with him about it and let him know that you would love it if he texts you a bit more often because it really makes you feel good when he does. 

But, if his lack of replies is a sign of something less desirable like he’s losing interest in you, chasing him or texting him more will only make the situation worse. 

4. He’s texting other girls

I hate to say it but when your intuition is screaming at you that something is wrong, he has been pulling away from you and there are obvious bouts of time when he is online but doesn’t reply to you, there’s a great chance he’s texting other girls.

I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion the first or second time he hasn’t replied in 3 hours but when it becomes a new pattern of behavior and his texts seem disinterested, distant or weird, then you have something to worry about.

What I suggest doing is eliminating each of the possible reasons for why he doesn’t reply in hours until you fall on the explanation that makes the most sense. 

Unless the two of you are in an exclusive relationship and this is not a common occurrence, then I would consider this a real plausible reason for his change in behavior.

5. He’s not good at texting

As much as this isn’t common, there are definitely people who are not prone to texting. Instead, they prefer to socialize in person or on a call.

With the rise of minimalism and people who engage in dopamine detoxes, it’s not surprising to me that a growing number of people are spending less time on their phones.

When I compare my screen time from just 5 years ago versus the amount of time I spend on my phone now, there’s a significant difference.

Be that as it may, I still am relatively good at replying to someone I have a genuine interest in or have a relationship with.

To tell if he’s not good at texting, look for consistency in behavior and observe how often he uses his phone in person.

If you find that it’s in keeping with someone who prefers not to sit on his phone much, then this is probably the reason why he hasn’t replied in 3 hours or is generally slow at texting you back.

Should You Double Text Him If He Hasn’t Replied To You?

he hasn't replied, why hasn't he replied in hours, he didn't reply in 3 hours

I don’t think double texting is a problem if it’s something you don’t partake in regularly and if this isn’t something that happens on a daily basis.

I would go so far as to argue that it’s cute and caring that you double text him on the occasion that he takes hours to reply to your text because it shows that you care and want to talk to him.

The fact that you’re waiting all these hours before texting him again should minimize the possibility that you’re being overly clingy or chasing him.

When you compare those who can’t prevent themselves from texting every 15 minutes, I think it’s quite okay to double text him after a few hours if he hasn’t replied to you.

And here’s something else to consider, don’t stop yourself from doing something out of concern. 

If you are genuinely worried about him and feel like it’s unusual or weird that he has taken so long to reply, go ahead and double text him.

There’s nothing desperate about that and he will easily be able to tell that your texts stem from concern rather than neediness or desperation.

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How Long Is Too Long For A Guy To Text Back?

he hasn't replied, why hasn't he replied in hours, he didn't reply in 3 hours

For singular events, I think too long is anything more than 24 hours or 36 hours. An entire day is more than enough time for someone to deal with whatever it is they’re doing.

During that time, he is bound to take some time to eat, use the toilet, take a walk or check his phone.

So, he ought to find even 30 seconds to text you back that he’s busy and will reply to you soon.

However, if he is dealing with a loss or tragedy, you should be willing to give him as much time as he needs to pull himself back together enough to reply.

You can text him to check up on him and so forth but understand that dealing with any kind of significant loss or trauma is overwhelming and people may not be concerned about replying to texts during this time.

Now, if he’s in a relationship with you then I am of the opinion that he ought to get back to you within the day. 

If this is a guy you’re getting to know and you’ve been on a few dates, I think it’s normal to give him a day or two at most to reply.

In my opinion, anything over a day or so without a reply is too long for a guy to text back in this day and age, especially if there are no extenuating circumstances. 

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In Conclusion

As much as texting has made it easy for us to connect with people, it really comes with its own set of problems that can make simple situations appear complex.

What you should remember is that the right person will make an effort to communicate with you willingly and enthusiastically.

Even if he takes 3 hours to reply, you won’t feel uneasy and or insecure because his overall behavior and intentions will be good.

That’s what you need to pay attention to in situations such as this.

Examine whether you’re being insecure or if he is making you feel insecure because his behavior is indicative of something malicious or not in your best interest.

This will help you to read the situation more appropriately and to respond in a manner that is better suited for your own well-being and happiness.

I will leave you with this quote that I have heard before. 

“Love in such a way that the other person feels free to come and go as they want.”

With that being said, I hope you found this article on the reasons why he hasn’t replied in 3 hours to be a source of comfort and clarity. If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share with me, please do so by visiting the comment section below.

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