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What Should I Do If He Blocked Me After An Argument? (Solutions)

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If you’re reading this article, I’m quite certain that you’re freaking out and desperately looking for some help because the guy you’re into blocked you. Thankfully, in this article, I’m going to share my insight on what you should do if he blocked you after an argument. 

I think it’s imperative that we establish how immature this behavior can be if the argument wasn’t such a big deal and you were not disrespectful or abusive at all.

Clearly, there is a communication issue unfolding apart from being blocked and it’s a red flag.

But, I wouldn’t be so foolish as to assume that everyone reading this article is innocent. 

Perhaps, you got carried away and lost yourself during the argument. 

Things can get unnecessarily bad when egos clash and this could have led to you behaving in an unacceptable manner that resulted in you being blocked. 

Either way, if this just happened, then I’m sure that he’ll probably unblock you either in a few hours or in a few days.

Depending on who is at fault, you may need to reach out and apologize or just wait for him to calm down and unblock you.

With that being said, let’s get into what you should do if he blocked you after an argument.

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What To Do If He Blocked You After An Argument

what to do if he blocked you after an argument

1. Give him space to cool down

When people are extremely angry, they react in different ways and he may be someone who lashes out by closing the doors of communication.

Be that as it may, it’s not exactly a healthy means of handling an argument. 

Yes, if you were refusing to stop arguing and you reached a point of being verbally abusive to him, it would make sense that he did something like that. 

Sometimes, a guy or girl will block you after an argument that you initiated and escalate to let you know that you’ve crossed a line.

They’re setting a boundary for what is acceptable behavior if the two of you are to remain in contact.

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The problem arises when he blocks you after an argument for a silly reason.

If you were simply having a disagreement with him and you weren’t rude, abusive or toxic but just firm about how you feel, it’s immature and childish for him to just block you.

He’s essentially manipulating you into submission by threatening to cut you off altogether for not agreeing with him.

There may be instances when being blocked is acceptable, especially if you’re arguing about something that is grossly disrespectful to him and your relationship but even then, it’s not the mature way of handling a disagreement.

I’m willing to bet that once the anger dissipates or when he feels like he has ‘taught’ you a lesson, then he’ll unblock you again.

Either way, I think it’s best for you to just give him space to cool down because chasing after him will only escalate the issue if he genuinely doesn’t want to talk to you right now. 

Give it a little time before you reach out again.  

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2. Don’t make another account to communicate with him

It can be tempting to go sign up for another account to get in contact with him but this is not a good idea.

Why would you go to such a drastic extent to contact him when he is taking such a drastic step by blocking you.

If you’ve done something terrible to him and feel like you pushed him into doing this, then I would understand the desire to do so.

It may not be such a bad idea if he refuses to unblock you after a few days. 

I’m willing to bet that he’ll unblock you within a day, especially if he has a history of doing such a thing within a relationship.

Be that as it may, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to resort to such outlandish behaviors to speak to him right now.

When deciding how to deal with the situation, look at it from a third person’s perspective. If you can say with absolute certainty that his behavior is justified and reasonable, then do everything in your power to contact him.

If it isn’t and blocking you is something the majority of people would never do during this argument, then you should not chase after him in this manner.

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3. Let some time pass before revisiting the conversation

As you can probably piece together by now, I’m not for continuing an argument right after he blocked you.

This is counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve with him.

Most people get into arguments because they care. 

Keep that in mind to keep your ego or pride in control. 

It can be so easy for us to completely damage a relationship out of a desire to win rather than to do what’s right for our long-term happiness.

Granted, if you’re arguing about something important to you and it’s in your interest to stand up for yourself, then you don’t have to abandon your stance by any means. 

But, you can choose to have a redo of the conversation after the two of you start communicating again and breaking the ice.

The goal is to establish some common ground at first, make things a little more peaceful and then visit the conversation from the perspective of redoing it in a healthier and more productive manner.

When you come from a place of internal power, it’s so much easier to convey your thoughts and feelings without being confrontational or aggressive. 

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4. Examine whether you were being unreasonable

Remember how I spoke about pride and ego? Well, we can sometimes get so wrapped up in them that we lose track of our own behavior.

It may even be out of character for you to be arguing crazily or without good merit but because you’re so far into the argument, it feels like you can’t back down because it may appear as if you’re giving up and losing.

But, would you rather lose a relationship to win an argument that is unimportant to you?

That’s something to consider during this time.

Perhaps, this was the wake-up call you needed to gain some composure of yourself and to assess how you’re showing up in the relationship with him.

However, if you’re not being unreasonable and he is simply backing you into a corner with the greatest threat within a relationship, then perhaps it might be time for you to consider whether you want him to even unblock you. 

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5. Be apologetic

I’d just like to emphasize that you should never reward someone for cutting you off by chasing after them and apologizing with desperation.

However, if you are genuinely in the wrong and you feel like the only reason he blocked you is that you gave him no choice, then it makes sense for you to apologize to him.

Perhaps you were right within the argument and you had fair points but the way you behaved during the argument was appalling.

If so, then you should apologize for your behavior and how you showed up during the disagreement. 

This may be all that he wants from you and when you apologize, he’ll unblock you and even apologize too.

Alternatively, he won’t be receptive to your apology because he’s being unreasonable. 

But, you can at least rest easy knowing that you did what felt right to you. 

A sincere apology is a sign of maturity, humility and a desire to do what’s right over just being right.

That’s something you can use as comfort during this ugly situation.

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In Conclusion

Trust me when I tell you that I understand how awful it is to be blocked after an argument. It’s not something that I’ve dealt with often but I’ve been there once or twice with toxic partners and people.

What you must remember is that you can only control your own actions.

If you are certain that you behaved in a respectful and fair manner, then there’s no need for you to chase after someone who is behaving immaturely,

However, if you are in the wrong, then it would be fair for you to apologize and make the first move towards reconciliation.

What you must focus on at this point is doing what feels right to you on a spiritual level so that you don’t walk away feeling like you didn’t do what was needed to have no regrets regarding your behavior.

With that being said, I hope you found comfort in this article on what to do when he blocked you after an argument. If you would like for me to answer a specific question, please head over to the comment section below to let me know.

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