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Does He Miss Me During No Contact? (The Truth)

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After a breakup or rejection, the best thing you can do to affect a guy’s decision is to walk away. This is when smart people implement the no-contact rule. Perhaps, you’re unfamiliar with it and have some questions. In this article, we’re going to discuss one of those common questions in detail. Does he miss me during no contact?

He’ll miss you during no contact if he genuinely cares about you, still finds you relatively attractive and if you were in a relationship that lasted longer than a few weeks. That’s the prerequisite for no contact to work for the express purpose of getting an ex to miss you and come back.

You would assume that someone who ends a relationship may not miss their ex but that isn’t the case.

Understand this, the dumper only focuses on the reasons for breaking up when they want to end a relationship and the upside of being single.

But, life never plays a single note. 

With every positive is a negative. With every upside is a downside. There’s never truly a perfect scenario and your ex who dumped you will find that out weeks into being single.

More often than not, the dumper will experience something called dumper’s remorse.

This can be explained as a feeling of remorse for hurting someone they care about. It’s not easy to end a relationship and when it happens, a normal individual who has a decent amount of empathy will experience regret and pain for hurting you.

When you’re in no contact, usually, the last interactions with your ex were most likely emotional. 

They’re aware of your pain and it’s something that will trigger empathy. During this time, your ex is more susceptible to thinking of you fondly and sensitively. At this time, your ex is extremely prone to missing you because their focus shifts to you rather than why they wanted to end the relationship.

Here’s the thing.

Even if your ex has worked through a dumper’s remorse, it doesn’t mean that they will no longer be in the position to miss you during no contact.

In fact, he is more likely to miss you as time passes on and the ties he had to leave you are cut. 

It’s hard to hold onto feelings of anger, dissatisfaction and annoyance with someone.

Temporary emotions tend to pass relatively soon.

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Even if they’re not temporary, even long-term emotions simmer down with time because nobody can remain in a hateful, angry, dissatisfied or bored state forever without destroying themselves.

When he shifts out of those emotions, it’s not indifference but positive emotions that must now surface.

Remember, emotions and memories are closely linked to each other.

In fact, memories are, essentially, experiences that triggered a significant emotional response in your mind and body. 

That becomes a memory.

When you remember this memory, the chemistry of your body is the same as it was when you were actually living through that experience.

In other words, your body cannot tell the difference between the emotions of memory versus a real-time experience.

So, when he’s thinking fondly about you and all those powerful memories that made him feel love, attraction and happiness come to mind, it’s going to remind him of the emotions he felt for you back then.

Here’s a video that explains this concept in more detail by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It’s an excellent watch and I highly encourage you to study this podcast as much as you can.

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We Never Forget Someone We Loved

Can you think of a single person who you loved in your life that was completely erased from your mind?

I can’t.

It’s hard not to miss someone you loved.

In fact, I would argue that if you loved someone, missing them is an unavoidable experience even if you chose to leave them.

There have been instances when an ex from many years ago will pop up again because they were suddenly reminded of you.

Those memories triggered an emotional response and the circumstances in their life may have influenced their decision to reach out.

If he truly cared about you and there was some kind of history or memories with each other, he’ll miss you during no contact.

It doesn’t matter if he dumped or rejected you or if you dumped him.

None of us get to skip the phases of loss or separation from someone we connected with on a deeper level.

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Why Silence Is Powerful

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I’ve written many articles on this site on the importance of no contact and the power of silence but I want to explain why it matters.

You see, after a breakup or rejection, our natural inclination is to do something. We want to remedy the situation and change the outcome.

This ferocious need to do something often results in overpursuing, uncontrollable declarations of love, begging, pleading and emotional outbursts.

None of these things are attractive nor do they assert your value.

If you really think about value, would something be of high status or caliber if it was readily available or forced onto people for free?

It wouldn’t.

Scarcity breeds value and if someone who walked away from you doesn’t get to witness your value, how do you expect them to miss you?

A person of value would not sacrifice or give away their attention and affection to someone who walks away from the table.

In fact, one of the most powerful tactics of negotiation comes in the form of silence.

Sometimes, saying nothing can influence the other party to make a contribution because they don’t know where you stand.

At this point, you have the ability to either accept the offer, provide a counteroffer or walk away from the table altogether.

In each of these circumstances, you are behaving like someone who is equal or has value.

Another thing you will learn from no contact is that silence and distance have the ability to overpower or redirect focus from bad experiences toward good experiences.

We’ve seen this happen over and over again.

Someone is upset or turned off by the behavior of another person. They stop talking for some time. 

As the days or weeks bleed on, the person begins to move beyond feelings of annoyance or disinterest. 

Then, they’re reminded of fond memories and feelings. 

At that point, they begin to feel nostalgic and their perception of you grows positively as long as you did not do anything that falls within the category of deal-breaking behavior.

Once nostalgia strikes, it’s always accompanied by feelings of longing, desire and yearning. Essentially, the person begins to miss you.

None of this would be possible if you stick around chasing and begging this guy to give you another chance.

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Final Thoughts

I think you’re someone worth missing, don’t you?

Most of the time, when someone reaches out to me for email coaching over a situation like this, I often find them to be interesting, smart, memorable individuals who are unable to see their own value and worth because they are plagued by the loss they’ve been through or rejection.

Don’t allow someone else’s opinion of you to dictate the way you feel about yourself because I guarantee you, for every rejection you face, there are a dozen other people who would love an opportunity to be with you.

Give it some time.

Eventually, the power trip from ending a relationship will wear off, he’ll face rejection as well or the dating market won’t be as kind to him and the loneliness will catch up.

At that point, when the high ends, he’ll experience the loss of your presence in his life and the silence will make him miss you.

That’s the beauty of no contact.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on whether or not he misses you during no contact to be insightful. If you would like my help with getting an ex back or saving your relationship, check out my email coaching package over at my services page for more information.

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