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Does He Like Me? 25 Signs He’s Totally Smitten

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Let’s say that you met a wonderful guy and you’ve been talking for a while or hanging out. You’re now thinking to yourself, does he like me? If he hasn’t said it outright to you, then the next best thing to do is analyze his actions.

As a guy, I can tell you with certainty that if he likes you, he’ll show it by spending more time with you, flirting, paying attention, protecting and getting slightly possessive over you.

We can’t help ourselves to show these signs of attraction. The more interested we become in learning who you are, the more we like you.

It’s can be simple at times, honestly. If a guy likes you, he will take an active interest in getting to know you. If he doesn’t, you’ll find yourself feeling ignored or blown off.

It’s sad but it’s true.

With that being said, the following signs of attraction will definitely give you certainty on whether or not he likes you. Keep in mind that he doesn’t have to exhibit all of these signs to like you.

If he shows more than 5 of the signs of attraction below, there’s a pretty good chance he likes you.

25 Signs He Likes You

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1. He initiates conversations with you

During the early stage of courtship, every single guy will show an active interest in talking to you. He’ll either text alot, send you good morning messages, ask you questions and call often or take your calls often.

2. He adores you and compliments you

Guys can be pretty aggressive with compliments when they genuinely have feelings for someone. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top either. From your physical appearance to your personality traits, you’re bound to hear something flattering more often as he begins to fall for you.

3. He starts prioritizing you more

I believe this to be an important factor in any relationship, new or old. Sure, people get busy and life is demanding but a man who cares will make time for you. There’s no reason why your calls and messages go unanswered for days on end unless something big is going on in his life. In fact, according to this post by the NYTimes, the average American checks his or her phone once every 12 minutes. Surely, he can spare a minute to reply to you if he genuinely cares.

4. He smiles a lot, leans in and looks at you fondly

These are the most common physical gestures of a man who wants to be closer to you because of his attraction for you. Keep an eye out for this.

5. He comes to your aid even without you asking

You may not need his help and you’re perfectly fine but he will show up to help you because his feelings motivate him to care for you. When a good man starts to like you, he becomes reliable and supportive in ways you wouldn’t believe.

6. He tries to get closer to you by showing interest in things you like

I remember a time when I started watching videos on pharmaceutical science just so that I could engage my now girlfriend on what she loves. I had absolutely no interest in that before but because I liked her and wanted to get closer to her, I found joy in showing an interest in it. Most men do the same. It could be something as simple as even watching a series you like or reading a book you love. He’ll do it because he wants to connect with you on something relatable.

7. He teases you

There’s a saying that men don’t grow up, they just age. I don’t know if I agree with that but much like how we tease girls we like as kids, somehow we manage to do that all the way into adulthood.

8. He openly flirts with you

This is always a good indicator of a man who is attracted to you and likes you. Go along with it for some time and I’m sure he’ll start to be more obvious about his feelings.

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9. He may get jealous when you are around other guys

Even though a confident man isn’t prone to jealous outbursts, it does not exclude him from jealously. It may be subtle but you’ll notice it in his demeanor, facial expressions, words and actions. That’s how you know he’s starting to like you. If you don’t see any signs of jealously whatsoever, well then he either doesn’t like you enough as yet or doesn’t at all, unfortunately.

10. He wants to introduce you to his friends

Here’s one thing I know about guys, we only introduce a girl to them if we think they’re fantastic in some way or another. He is proud of you and wants to show the beautiful and smart woman you are to the guys he considers as brothers.

11. He makes a lot of physical contact

Much like how you begin to feel a strong desire to hug or kiss a man you like, the exact same thing can be said for us guys, if not more! He may start by grazing his hand against yours when walking, he may hug you often and even touch your hair. These are all signs of a man who is attracted to you and is testing the water to find out if you are receptive to it or not.

12. He uses terms of endearment with you

He’ll call you by honey, sweetheart, love, babe and so forth. He does this to shift the relationship further into a romantic zone and to make you feel special.

13. He doesn’t talk about other girls

When you find it odd that he doesn’t mention other girls, it’s probably because he’s too busy liking you. I know it can be hard to believe that if you’ve experienced infidelity in your life but don’t be mistaken, genuine men will be all about you when they develop feelings.

14. He gets agitated or upset when you talk about finding another guy attractive

Call it jealousy or a tinge of protectiveness, but us men get territorial about things and people we care about. I’m usually a laid back guy who doesn’t get triggered or threatened by other men but even I experience this when I’m really into someone. Some guys would either not engage on the topic whatsoever or start to point out the guy’s flaws. A guy who doesn’t like you would do this because he wouldn’t be bothered.

15. He tries to impress you

You may notice that he starts to look better, talks about things he is passionate about or does things for you which he didn’t before. When a guy feels like he can’t vocalize his attraction, he will do other things to get your attention.

16. He gives you more attention than he does with any other girl

A few years ago, I was single again after a long term relationship and so I started dating casually. I was getting to know a number of different people during that time but it was always the girl who I liked or liked the most that got my attention. I would make more of an effort to go out with her and talk to her than any of the other girls and she knew it. You won’t have to dig far too notice this because he’ll be around you more than you can imagine.

17. He gets shy or nervous around you

Believe it or not, but I used to be an incredibly shy guy for most of my life. And one thing I know with certainty is that I’d get flustered, shy and nervous as hell around a girl I liked. It was glaringly obvious because I’d smile non stop, struggle to hold eye contact or struggle to speak at times. In fact, an article from Businesinsider highlighted six signs of someone who is nervous as follows:

  • They touch their face.
  • They play with their hair.
  • They compress their lips.
  • They blink more frequently.
  • They contort and rub their hands together.
  • They yawn excessively.

Look out for any of these signs when you’re with him the next time.

18. He finds any excuse to see you or go out with you

If guys who are uninterested in you always have an excuse for why they can’t see you, the exact opposite is true for guys who like you. They will call to set dates or hangout more often as they begin to like you.

19. He calls and texts you often

Do you know why men came up with the 24 hours or 3-day rule before calling you after getting your number? It’s because ordinarily, men would blow up your phone if they liked you. We just can’t help ourselves. Our instinct is to get closer to you when there is a high level of attraction. At first, a guy may exercise self-restraint but the closer you get with each other, the less he holds back.

20. He checks you out

It true when they say that men are visual creatures. If we don’t find someone attractive, we’ll know instantly and that’s the end of it. But if there’s any level of attraction, you would be hard-pressed not to find him checking you out at some point.

21. He remembers the little things

One thing about men I noticed is that we can be laser-focused on what a woman has to say, especially during the early phases of a relationship. He’ll pick up on small details you mentioned and even go so far as to make a mental note of it for the future. Yes, he’ll be thinking about the future which brings me to the next point.

22. He talks about the future with you

No man is going to talk about a future with you or make long term plans if he doesn’t actually like you. If anything, guys who don’t feel strongly about a girl will absolutely avoid doing that.

23. He looks at your lips

Another telltale sign of a man who not only finds you attractive but likes you is when he looks at your lips. It could be during a date or when you two are alone. His eyes will drop to your lips and back up to your eyes. He’ll do this more often as his desire to kiss you grows. Another sign is when he bites his lip will looking at yours.

24. He laughs at all your jokes

Much like how women are more attracted to men who can make them smile or laugh, the same applies to men. We will laugh at your jokes and find them hilarious if we like you. Even if it’s obvious to both of you that it wasn’t funny at all.

25. He wants to know if you have a boyfriend

Half the reason why he asks this question is to find out if you do and the other half is to let you know subtly that he is thinking about you in a romantic way because he likes you. If he’s shy, then he may talk about being single in hopes of you saying that you are too.

Ask him if he likes you

Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking a guy how he feels about you. If anything, we wait for this kind of question because we are dying to tell you how much we like you.

A lot of men are afraid of rejection or chasing you away by bringing up the topic of feelings and relationships.

Which is why you end up reading articles like this trying to figure out, does he like me?

The truth of the matter is that the only way you know for sure is he tells you. And if you feel like enough time has passed and you want to find out whether this is the guy worth pursuing, then ask him if he likes you.

If he does, be receptive and let him know you feel the same way. If he doesn’t, hold your head up high and don’t let it diminish you in any way.

The right man will see you for the beautiful soul that you are. And he will do everything in his power to get you to be his. (I say this in the least patriarchal way possible).

He opens up to you

I genuinely believe that when a guy feels comfortable around you and experiences a connection, he has this desire to share his inner most thoughts with you.

From secrets to personal stories he holds close to his heart, he’ll find happiness in sharing this with you and that stems from our carnal desire to be with someone, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.

Even if it’s hard for him to open up, you’ll be that girl who he makes an effort for.

And that is truly special. When there is a shared connection that stems from the heart and soul, both people tend to feel and know it.

Focus more on building a connection

Getting wrapped up in this pursuit for answers on whether he likes you or not can actually be stressful and maddening.

I’ve seen countless men and women become insecure, uncertain, desperate and unhinged because they fixate on the unknown.

This doesn’t serve you in any way.

If anything, this sort of behavior has a high risk of scaring him away or ruining the fun of the relationship. And because you’re not acting the way you normally would, he may not respond in a way you expect.

This drives you further into a state of anxiety and recklessness.

Center yourself by focusing on what you can control and that is how you show up around him.

Be the amazing, fun, kind, loving, intelligent or compassionate person that you are.

Focus on connecting with him on an intimate level and allow experiences to forge your connection in stone.

When the time is right, everything will fall in place and you will know exactly how feels about you.

Instead of having any regret by acting crazy, you will be completely content knowing that you showed up to the best of your abilities and there’s nothing you would do differently.

You won’t have to be anyone other than yourself and the two of you will connect like destined soul mates if the attraction is mutual.

He may need more time to start liking you

Just because someone else you dated in the past started liking you in X amount of weeks doesn’t mean that this new guy will follow suit.

Everyone is different and that uniqueness means that there is the possibility for anything.

He may start to like you in a week or it may take him a few months.

If you try to rush it, the chances of ruining it skyrocket because you can’t control how someone else feels or how long it takes them to feel a certain way.

Don’t put that pressure on him and don’t embrace an expectation within your heart because it could backfire and hurt you unnecessarily.

If the romance is brewing slowly, then let it be.

I don’t mean you should do absolutely nothing to gradually facilitate its growth. Just don’t get hellbent on the outcome and you’ll avoid making silly mistakes that could be embarrassing and fruitless.

Rather than spending all your time asking, “does he like me?“, spend that time enjoying the moment and making memories with him.

Do you like him enough yet?

Finding an answer to your question, “does he like me?“, is all good and well but once you do, are you ready for what follows?

If he does, are you prepared to telling him that you like him too? Are you even sure of your feelings for him?

And if he says no or doesn’t know whether he likes you enough as yet, are you prepared for that? Can you continue to be fun and cool even after a reply that may not be a resounding yes?

I highly recommend you think this through before losing yourself in this pursuit for an answer to a question that probably should be left alone for a bit more time.

Unless you know for certain and with conviction how you feel about him, don’t go poking the bear and getting yourself into a more complicated situation.

Tips on how to make him like you

I’ve written about this extensively here and here but I really want to help you maximize your chances of making him like you so I’ll include a short summary of my top tips to make him want you.

  • Show an interest in who he is and what he likes.
  • Be fun and easy going around him. Stress and anger do not promote feelings of fondness and love.
  • Pull back a little if he seems to be losing interest or is getting too accustomed to your level of effort. This will make him come to you.
  • Be a bit of a challenge. Let him work for your effort at times.
  • Make an effort to look your best by highlighting your best feature/s.
  • Avoid being overly clingy and needy. Give him some space to think about you and miss you.
  • Avoid being highly critical of him for no reason. Instead, praise the traits you admire about him.
  • Focus on living your life and being a balanced person. Achieving success in different areas of your life will reflect on your overall attitude and presence as an individual. Hence, making you more attractive.
  • Be kind and caring. Most men find traits of nurturing to be attractive and endearing in a woman.

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to be yourself. Nothing matters more than embracing who you are and allowing those around you to do the same.

The men who truly see you for the amazing person you are will be the lucky ones.

What to do if he doesn’t like you

Given that we can never truly predict with certainty how someone feels about us, we should be prepared for all outcomes.

What I’ve learned is that rejection can sting anyone, even if you extremely confident.

If you run into this situation, rather than freak out, blow up at him, text him non stop or chase him incessantly in hopes of trying to change his mind, do nothing. It may be difficult but it’s the healthiest option from all.

Go on with your life and focus on meeting new people.

This will help you maintain your dignity and avoid wasting time or falling deeper in love with a man who just doesn’t like you.

Think about all the women you know who regret chasing after a guy who wasn’t interested. Far too many, right?

Don’t diminish your self worth and value by chasing a man who just doesn’t like you.

That level of pursuit should be directed at men who actually adore and like you. Period!

And if you’re feeling down about him not liking you, check out this article on how to feel happy again.

Everything will work out

Have faith in that. I hope that by now, you have an answer to, does he like me?

This phase you’re in may be full of uncertainty but it can actually be wholesome, fun, epic and romantic if you allow it to be.

As a rule of thumb, I try not to get attached to any outcome.

This has allowed me to remain cool, calm and collected, even when I am uncertain of how someone feels about me.

If you look back at your life, you’ll find that everything kind of worked out the way it had to. Even if it was not ideal at all, the fact that you’re here means that the journey is far from over and you have a chance to turn things around.

I know that I went off on a tangent with that last bit of advice but I think it’s important to remember that stuff when you are going through uncertainty or adversity like a breakup.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article of all the signs he likes you.

Share your experiences in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to give my two cents advice if you want.

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