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Do Women Like Men’s Body Hair? Here’s The Truth

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It’s finally time to answer the age-old question: Do women like men’s body hair?

Yes, they do. A survey conducted by Men’s Journal found that out of 105 women, 78 of them liked men with hair, whereas 28 of them preferred men without hair. In other words, 73% of women like men’s body hair.

Where they all differ in the results is the amount of hair they like on men’s bodies.

A study conducted by Tessa R. Clarkson et al. from the University of Queensland on 919 women resulted in a majority of women finding men with beards to be more masculine and attractive in varying degrees.

Evidently, body hair, particularly that associated with men, is considered an attractive feature by most women.

Dig into the comment sections of these studies and articles for a hot second, and what you’ll find are very different opinions on how much hair is attractive to a man.

For the most part, the hair on the face, chest, arms, legs, and pubic region is considered attractive or unattractive.

The length varies, but if we inspect the studies conducted on women, what we find is that a manageable length is preferred.

What Is The Most Attractive Beard Length?

Again, it varies, but an overwhelmingly large percentage of women find a light stubble to be the perfect length.

About 0.5 to 1cm is considered prime beard length for most women.

Depending on an individual, that length can vary up to a fist length or more.

It’s important to focus on face shape and overall presentation.

Whatever length your beard is, focus on grooming and lining it up. Even if a beard is as long as a lumberjack can grow it, consider shaping, neatening, and grooming your beard.

Is Chest Hair Attractive On Men?

Yes. Chest hair is synonymous with masculinity and toughness. Even this area ought to be groomed.

It seems like very few women prefer a man who has an unkempt chest with hair as long as an arm.

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The length of your chest hair should be half the length of your index finger. Anything more, and you should consider trimming it down.

I read several comments and experiences of women who like chest hair being put off only because their man refused to groom and take care of it.

Hair blocks sweat glands. Which means it traps sweat and odors. Be sure to wash your chest hair properly and rub it down with a good-smelling moisturizer.

Is Pubic Hair Attractive On Men?

Yes and no. This one really depends on the woman you’re dating. Some may like it, some may not.

Cultural and religious preferences play a significant factor in determining whether a particular woman likes pubic hair or not.

From my own research, a light stubble is considered optimal. Some women prefer to be completely clean-shaven, and some prefer to be lightly trimmed.

Very few prefer a bushy pubic region because it can be smelly and unhygienic.

What Can You Do If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Your Body Hair?

Well, just groom it!

Find a length and level of body hair that makes you feel good and that she finds attractive.

I understand the argument for accepting your partner as is. But if it’s something that will get in the way of your intimate life, why not make a small sacrifice to improve the overall attraction?

Think of it this way: if your girl is willing to get a Brazilian wax just for you, then surely you can trim the chest hair and get rid of some back hair too.

I’m quite a hairy guy, and I’ve dated girls who liked it and some who didn’t. I’ve adjusted how I groom my body hair to suit the woman I’m with.

Right now, my girlfriend actually finds a man with hair on his chest, arms, and legs to be very masculine and sexy. So, I leave it as is. The beard is an added bonus.

If you’d like to read more about being sexy and attractive, check out this article.

Body Hair Grooming Tips For Men

I’ll keep this short and sweet so that I don’t waste any of your time.

  • Don’t use a razor directly on long hair. It will leave behind shavers, rashes, and bumps. You’ll suffer from having to wear anything for days. Instead, trim down long body hair with a scissor before shaving.
  • Always use shaving foam to prevent bumps and rashes.
  • Use a trimmer to shape your beard as well as your body hair.
  • Shaving machines come with up to six levels. 1 gives you the closest to a stubble, whereas 6 is a basic trim. For body hair, number 4 guard creates the perfect length of body hair.
  • Use a scented body wash. It will leave your body hair with a fresh and attractive odor for quite some time after showering.

Final Thoughts

Being hairy or hairless doesn’t matter one bit if you lack confidence. Trust me, it matters more than you think. The hair on your chest isn’t necessarily going to make your girlfriend want you more.

This is the kind of question that can provide ample different answers from different women, but what is considered universally accepted is that confident men are extremely attractive to women.

So no matter how much or how little body hair you have, wear it with pride and confidence.

Take ownership of the way you were made and the person you have become.

If you can do that, things like this will not hold you back from dating the kind of woman you desire.

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