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Do Relationships That Move Too Fast Fail?

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do relationships that move too fast fail

Being in a relationship is packed with many challenges whether you’re at the very beginning or not. It’s difficult to determine how long a relationship will last because no one really knows.

There are a number of reasons why relationships can fail but one question that keeps popping up from time to time is, do relationships that move too fast fail?

No, it’s not 100% certain that all relationships that move fast will fail since there are many that have lasted a lifetime but it usually boils down to specific possibilities such as compatibility and trust issues, the lack of knowledge about one another due to not having sufficient time to get to know each other, and unrealistic expectations.

Trust is often the key main factor in a sustaining relationship and it does take a long time to build up naturally. 

Of course, this cannot be forced and it is vital that a couple needs the time to experience good and bad situations to build this trust and loyalty.

This is why some relationships that move too fast often fail because when reality hits, the relationship cannot withstand the issues to overcome it.

If you’d like to explore a few more reasons that will give you valuable insight into this concern, here is everything you should be aware of that you can apply to your own relationship:

Reasons Why Relationships That Move Too Fast Might Fail

1. Compatibility issues

Couples that are compatible enjoy spending time together, they appreciate each other for who they are and they don’t feel or think that they change their partner.

They make time for each other and have common interests that they share. It’s the general sense of getting along with each other in many ways. 

When you don’t have common interests or activities that you enjoy together, this can pose a huge threat to the relationships. 

Couples that are constantly butting heads for any little thing or can’t help getting into fights without compromising on either side can be straining on the relationship. 

This is why relationships need sufficient time to develop and get to know each other from the bad to the good before rushing into things.

2. There isn’t enough time to get to know each other

It’s important to get to know someone, from their likes to dislikes, their good side and bad, what they enjoy doing, how they go about handling things, and get to know their background as well by meeting and getting to know their family and people that they are close to over time. 

This will remove any unnecessary assumptions or unrealistic expectations that you may have of your partner. 

This should occur naturally but if it happens too soon, it’s incredibly easy to feel like everything is too much or feel pressured to act a certain way to fit in that is opposite from who you are.

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3. Your views and feelings are different

At the beginning of a new relationship, you might be thinking less logically and more emotionally towards your partner. 

This can be a huge mistake because as time passes, the feeling may fade and you’ll wake up one morning realising that your partner isn’t quite like what you imagined in your head. 

In fact, it could turn out that they act in a completely different way.

Your view and feelings for this person may not align with what you had imagined and this may lead to you feeling dissatisfied in your relationship if that person does not meet your expectations.

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Feelings cannot be forced and even if you feel like you can make a conscious attempt to love this person, if your heart is telling you otherwise, it’s pointless to prolong the relationship as this will hurt and create problems for all parties concerned.

This is why it’s best to slow down in a new relationship and take your time to see if the two of you are a good fit for each other long term.

4. There are still trust issues

New relationships that do not develop naturally will face trust issues over time as do any relationship.

However, the difference between a long term relationship and short term one is that the former has had the opportunity to go through a lot more good and bad experiences while the other has not. 

Trust, loyalty, and respect has formed naturally and this only strengthens their relationship. 

A person’s true behavior will only be exposed in time and if things are going too fast, you might not be able to catch up on things that you will regret later on.

5. Expectations are often crushed when reality hits

I think I’ve mentioned this before but when the sparks are flying and you’re blown away by the romantic gestures, it’s easy to get caught up in the wind and believe that you’re living that fairytale romance. 

But life isn’t as easy as this.

When things eventually unfold and you realize that your partner isn’t what you thought he or she was and said they were, it can feel like a huge blow. 

You’ll also notice that the qualities of a life long partner are different from what your current partner has.

Good partners are there for each other when they need to be and know when to give each other the space they need. 

If your partner doesn’t know how to respect your boundaries or you feel like you are the one who always has to make an effort with no equal treatment, this will often lead to a doomed relationship.

6. Fear of being alone

Many people might feel scared of ending up alone or not finding a partner which might influence them to rush into a relationship. 

Not considering the things that could go wrong or that things are going way too fast for their liking is pushed aside.

They may even try to make it work but do acknowledge that being alone might have been a better option but they are just too afraid of letting go.

If the feeling is lost and the spark is gone, a relationship that moved too fast will sadly reach as quick of a conclusion.

There’s no point jumping into a relationship because you are afraid of being alone. 

Because even people who are in a relationship can still feel alone.

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There’s no magic ball to decide whether a relationship that moves too fast will fail for certain. It largely depends on the individuals who are in that relationship.

If the couple can adapt to each other’s ways fast, then there is a high chance that it will be successful.

It’s likely that their feelings for each other are strong enough to overcome any obstacles that are thrown their way.

If two people who care and want the best for each other, they will be more willing to compromise and learn to love each other even with their flaws.

But, at the end of the day, only time will tell.

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