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Do Men Like To Be Chased?

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So, you have a history of chasing men and letting them know exactly how interested you are in hopes that they will reciprocate. Alternatively, you’ve played too hard to get and now you’re wondering, do men like to be chased?

The only time men like to be chased is if they’re in desperate need to get their egos stroked. I can say this because I’m a man and I know what it’s like to be chased by women.

What I can also tell you, with certainty, is that men who truly like you won’t put you in a position to chase after them because they’ll be wanting to spend time with you as much as possible. 

There’s a reason why so many women regret chasing men, especially when they meet someone who gives them ample love and attention.

They realize that chasing a man is a sign of not being able to get his attention.

The only time you wouldn’t be able to get a man’s attention is if he is far too busy with work and commitments or if he’s uninterested in you, doesn’t value you much or is entertaining many other women. 

Anyone who says otherwise is talking nonsense.

There is one more instance when a man would like to be chased and that is when you have neglected him or ignored his constant attempts of connecting with you.

When he feels undervalued and unappreciated, chasing him would reverse those feelings and make him feel good without making you look desperate or silly. 

Only in this above-mentioned scenario would I say that it’s okay for you to chase men. 

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The problem with chasing men is that it puts you at a disadvantage. 

Most relationships or potential relationships require mutual effort. This mutual effort should, to some degree, be equal. 

Like a see-saw, when one side goes up, the other must go down and vice versa. Sometimes, you’ll make more of an effort and other times he will.

This is a healthy distribution of effort that allows both of you to be invested in the outcome of the relationship. 

Now, imagine removing that equal distribution of effort and the only one who is putting in the majority of effort is the person who is chasing.

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In this case, you’re chasing men and preventing them from having to make an effort.

Not only does this make you more invested which means you have more to lose, but it also makes men feel like you’re desperate for their attention.

The problem with being desperate is that you don’t get to dictate the terms of the relationship.

Men will give you whatever they want, irrespective of how you feel. 

Put simply, you won’t be valued and you won’t be taken seriously because they’ll know that you are desperate for them. This means, if they choose to take advantage of your effort and kindness, they can. 

So, even if men like to be chased, that doesn’t mean you should. What these men don’t realize is that it only feeds their egos.

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Men like challenges

Another reason why chasing men is detrimental to your love life is because men like a challenge.

When men have to work for your attention and affection, they appreciate what they get. 

Men view challenges as high valued prizes.

In other words, if getting your attention and affection requires work, we’ll view those things as truly treasurable prizes.

And if we view your attention as a valued prize, we’ll appreciate it more.

If you’re a woman who tends to feel unappreciated by the men in your life, it is important for you to take note of what I have just shared with you.

Chances are such, you probably don’t realize that you are coming across as too easy.

It’s okay to place a high value on your attention and affection.

Why shouldn’t you? That’s a rhetorical question!

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In conclusion

Based on what we’ve discussed above, it’s safe to say that men do not like to be chased unless they’re looking to get their egos stroked or to feel appreciated.

More often than not, chasing men will end up being a huge waste of your time and a massive blow to your self respect.

My advice to you would be this – spend time chasing after your dreams, ambitions and career.

In becoming the best version of yourself, you will attract some of the most amazing men you’ve ever seen in your life. And the best part is that they won’t make you chase after them because they’ll be highly interested in getting to know you.

If you give men the option to choose you, more often than not, the ones who are genuinely interested will do so.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on do men like to be chased. If you’d like for me to write about a specific topic or if you have a question, feel free to head over to the comment section below and let me know.

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