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Do Girls Notice When You Stop Texting Them

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You want to stop texting a girl because she lost interest in you or isn’t treating you with respect. However, you’re feeling anxious and uncertain about whether this is the right thing to do. This begs the question, do girls notice when you stop texting them?

Yes, girls do notice when you stop texting them provided that they actually have some degree of affection, attachment and/or attraction for you. Without any of these attributes, they most likely won’t notice or care when you stop texting them. 

What I’ve come to realize is that most of us lack the awareness to notice something valuable until we lose it.

This applies to people as well.

Mostly, when someone exits our life, the silence they leave behind can either be noticeable or completely irrelevant based on whether we actually valued them or not. 

One of the behaviors that sabotage your value in the eyes of a woman is desperation. To desperately be chasing her lowers your value.


Because you’re rewarding her with all of your attention, affection and time without her having to do anything to deserve it. 

If something comes so easy, do we really assume that it must be highly valuable? No! 

If I were to ask you, which would you value more? One hundred bucks that you worked for or one hundred bucks that fell into your lap, which would it be?

The amount is the same but the value in terms of importance to you will differ because of effort and desire.

When you worked for a hundred bucks, you invested time and effort into getting it. So, when you finally have that note in your palms, it’s going to hold more weight and value to you than the money that fell into your lap without any work. 

However, if I were to snatch that hundred bucks out of your palm, you’d be incredibly upset even though you didn’t do anything to earn it.


Because you realized the value of it once it was taken away from you. 

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What I’m trying to illustrate with this analogy is that if you made the mistake of chasing a girl to the point that you lost value in her eyes, silence would actually remedy that. 

In fact, one of the ways to make her miss you is by not being available so much. 

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

With that being said, let’s take a look at all the reasons why girls notice when you stop texting them.

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Reasons Why Girls Notice When You Stop Texting Them

Knowing why girls react a certain way can be very helpful in knowing how to behave in the future.

And so, this list of reasons why girls notice when you stop texting them will give you a better understanding of how attraction works and why the withdrawal of attention and effort can reinvigorate interest or attraction. 

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1. They expected you to always be chasing them

Because you set the precedent of always texting them irrespective of how little effort they put into the conversation, they developed an expectation that you will never stop texting them or chasing them.

When you stop, it goes against their expectation and this can create quite a shock for her. 

For this reason, she will notice when you stop texting her because it’s something that she didn’t expect from you.

If she was under the impression that you’re desperate or weak, this decision will be shocking to her.

2. It hurts her ego

Most of us are slaves to our egos. It takes a lot of work to get it under control and a lot of girls fall into this trap.

Unfortunately, she may have been getting an ego boost from your texts.

The fact that you stopped feeding her ego hurts.

This will make her notice that you stopped texting her. 

3. They start to fear that you moved on

Nobody wants to feel like they are forgettable or replaceable.

It’s one of the fears most of us have and when a girl realizes that you may disappear forever, it makes her panic and feels afraid.

If she had any actual connection or attachment to you, I can assure you that the fear of losing you forever will make your silence and disappearance all the more noticeable. 

4. It makes them doubt their desirability

Remember when I said that most people get an ego or confidence boost from being chased romantically?

Well, the opposite is true when that person suddenly drops all of their desperate behavior.

The fact that you were able to stop texting her and walk away is something that she will notice because you’re no longer adding fuel to the fire of her confidence or ego. 

This, in turn, will add doubt to her desirability and thus make it more meaningful that you stopped texting her.

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Reasons Why You Should Stop Texting A Girl

I know that it can be extremely difficult to stop texting a girl you like out of fear of losing her. But, you need to realize that if texting her so much led you to the point of possibly losing her, then you need to try something different.

I’m hoping that the following reasons why you should stop texting her will convince you to take a step back from chasing her.

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1. It will make her miss you

If you’re constantly texting a girl, it gives her absolutely no time to think about you or miss you.

In reality, feelings of affection and attraction grow during time spent together and time spent apart. 

What I’ve found is that when you have over pursued a girl or chased her, not texting her for a while can undo the effects of the damage done from that behavior.

And one of the ways that you can know for certain if she notices when you stop texting her is if she reaches out to you after a day or so. 

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2. You will appear to have more self worth and self respect

As a man of value, does it make sense that you reward a girl with your time and effort when she doesn’t appreciate it?

No! Absolutely not! 

If you don’t value yourself enough to walk away from someone who isn’t giving you the time of day, how do you expect them to respect you? 

This is why it’s important that you should stop texting a girl who has lost interest in you or doesn’t value you.

It makes no sense at all to reward poor behavior. 

At the very least, she’ll gain some new found respect for you!

3. You frequently talk girls out of liking you

Not everyone is well equipped to nurture feelings of attraction and fondness over text.

I’ve seen some pretty awesome guys completely sabotage themselves online because they lack texting etiquette.

If this is a common problem in your life, it might be time to dial back the amount of time you spend texting a girl.

Focus on pursuing her in person and you’ll have a much better time in building attraction. 

If you fall into this category, use the phone to set dates or to call.

Avoid texting if you’re bad at it!

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4. It will create some uncertainty in the courtship

A girl doesn’t need constant assurance that you love her. I mean, it would be great and ideal but sometimes, uncertainty and mystery create a lot of excitement.

She’ll have time to fantasize about you and the reward of actually gaining your time and affection will be all the more satisfying.

Some guys completely sabotage the courtship phase by coming on too strong.

Give her some space to wonder about you and I’m sure that this will re-attract her. You don’t have to disappear for a week or something.

Just be like a normal busy guy who has goals and aspirations outside of her. 

Focus on your career when you’re at work. Be dialed into the moment when you’re socializing with family and friends.

There’s no reason or need for you to be texting a girl 24/7.

It’s unhealthy and far too predictable. Save some of the good stuff you have to talk about for dates. 

In Conclusion

Do girls notice when you stop texting them? Yes, girls do notice when you stop texting them provided that they have some level of attraction and attachment to you. If they don’t, it’s likely that they won’t notice or care when you stop texting them.

As soon as she notices, the likelihood of her reaching out and texting you is high if she actually likes you.

If she doesn’t, you won’t hear from her for a long time.

This may seem scary to you, especially if you have a great deal of attraction and investment in her.

But, if you ask me, it’s better to know where you stand with a girl early on than to waste months or years of your life on someone who just doesn’t care about you. 

I would like to emphasize that you shouldn’t approach this as a game or a tool for manipulation.

That is not healthy.

Good communication is pivotal to a healthy relationship.

This is something you should consider only if you chased a girl out of your life or texted her so much that she’s turned off by you. 

Additionally, if you’re being treated with sheer disrespect and disregard for your boundaries, then this is another option at your disposal if she won’t take heed to what you are saying.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on whether girls notice when you stop texting them to be insightful and thought-provoking. Head over to the comment section below to share your thoughts or visit my services page for email coaching. I’m more than happy to help!

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