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Did He Block Me Because He Cares? (Answered & Explained)

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Getting blocked is horrible, especially when you didn’t receive any closure or explanation beforehand. You may be struggling to understand why he blocked you and a part of you wants to believe that he still cares about you. This begs the question, did he block you because he cares?

No, he blocked you because he doesn’t care enough. If he was committed to having you in his life, he would try everything possible to keep you in it. The only exception to this is if there’s no possible way for the two of you to be together. In that case, he would block you because he cares about your future and doesn’t want you to remain stuck in this situation.

Sometimes, people argue and bicker. You may have a misunderstanding and things have turned temporarily toxic.

He may block you in this situation but because he cares about you, he’ll unblock you as soon as he cools down and realizes that he still wants you in his life.

Personally, I hate this behavior but I completely understand it.

Emotional volatility caused by overwhelming situations often results in rash and impulsive decisions. 

In such an event, he may block you temporarily but it is not indicative of his feelings for you.

Be that as it may, to elicit an answer to this question, you have to examine his reason for blocking you.

Based on the reason and his behavior leading up to it, you could pinpoint whether he still cares about you or not. 

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Reasons Why He Blocked You

why did he block me, he blocked me, does he care if he blocked me

1. He doesn’t care about you

When you have your sights set on someone and feel a strong degree of attraction for them, it’s difficult not to develop hope and expectations.

Unfortunately, attraction can be a tricky thing and he may not feel the same way about you.

Perhaps, at one point he did.

But, right now, he doesn’t care about you which is why he blocked you.

It’s not just about being blocked, it’s about the entire situation between the two of you or lack thereof.

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Prior to blocking you, was he distant, cold, elusive, disinterested and noncommittal?

Did you struggle to get ahold of him let alone even see him in person?

If so, chances are such that he doesn’t care about you in that way and blocked you.

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2. He met someone else

There was a time when people understood the expectations that were placed on them romantically.

If you were getting to know someone but fell for another person, it was considered respectful to let that person know of your decision.

Nowadays, people aren’t as considerate and the rules for dating have changed.

Some guys will begin an entire relationship and block you without any explanation or heads-up whatsoever. 

Sure, he may have no obligation to inform you of his new relationship status but if he cared about you, he would have.

3. He wants you to move on

It is entirely possible that he blocked you because he cares about you and I’m going to explain.

There are instances when you care about someone but you cannot be seriously involved with them.

For whatever valid reason, there’s no way of making it work. 

It doesn’t automatically mean that he no longer cares about you just because he can’t be with you.

On the contrary, he may genuinely adore you.

But, if he feels like you’re going to remain stuck with him in this awkward phase or if he isn’t going to be able to move on either without parting ways, then he may block you.

It may seem harsh right now but looking back, you may find that he did it for the greater good for both of you.

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4. He impulsively blocked you

People fight and argue all the time and when emotions are running high, impulse control becomes a problem.

I know of many people who can transition to uncontrollably mad at the flick of a switch.

It’s unhealthy and often leads to drastic choices that cause damage to them and other people.

As it turns out, there are men and women who cannot handle confrontation and arguments.

During disagreements, they lose sight of diplomacy and the greater good.

Their lover can quickly turn into their enemy during an argument and instead of taking some time to cool off and talk about things in a calm manner, they escalate things by blocking their partner or loved one.

This is ridiculous but it happens.

Additionally, there are cases when people are pushed to the point of blocking someone they care about.

I have a friend who would literally block his girlfriend for an hour or so because she would simply refuse to stop fighting.

It would get so bad that she would fight and then require an entire monologue to dissect every single thing that was said during the fight before even reaching a compromise on the original reason for the fight.

This loop would go on and on instead of being rectified.

When he would try to calm down so that he could meet her halfway, she would blow his phone up constantly to continue the fight or argument.

This is a typical case of someone who is forced to temporarily block someone he cares about.

It’s a bit of an extreme story but I felt like it’s worth mentioning.

Final Thoughts

Believe me when I tell you that I understand how you feel right now.

It hurts that he blocked you.

You feel rejected, confused, betrayed and deeply afraid of losing him forever.

But, what I want you to know is that if you’re behaving respectfully, then you can never truly lose someone who wants to remain in your life romantically.

Please remember that.

You deserve someone who wants to talk to you and not block you.

Raise your standards because you are a person of great value.

Do not accept subpar and dismissive behavior like this.

Apart from that, all I can say to you is that it will be okay.

You will get through this and everything will work itself out. Look for the lessons in these situations and find ways to grow from them.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on did he block me because he cares to be informative and eye-opening. If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share with me on this topic, please do so by visiting the comment section below to let me know.

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