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If You Cut Him Off, Will He Miss You? (Answered & Explained)

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Let’s say that a guy you’re dating or getting to know has treated you like trash and discarded you despite all the effort you have made. Perhaps, he has even been highly disrespectful and ignored all of your attempts at communicating effectively. You’ve heard about how silence makes a man miss you and now you’re wondering if you cut him off, will he miss you?

Yes, cut him off and he will miss you because it hurts to be rejected or removed from someone’s life as long as he had some degree of attachment and attraction for you. However, if he doesn’t care about you then he won’t miss you even if you cut him off. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. For you to be in a situation that calls for you to cut him off to make him miss you indicates that things are not working out well.

It is better to walk away from someone than to chase after them and make yourself look desperate, weak and needy.

That’s just my two cents on the subject. 

The realization that I’ve had in my own life is that by chasing people who don’t want me, I end up devaluing my own worth in their eyes and my own eyes.

The latter is the most important because that just makes me feel miserable about myself and lowers my confidence.

This, in turn, makes me put up with more unreasonable, selfish and disrespectful behavior from others because I lack self-respect due to how I’ve behaved around certain people.

Selling your self-respect and dignity for the attention, affection and approval of someone else is too high of a price to pay.

With that being said, the fact that you are considering cutting him off or initiating the no contact rule tells me that you have reached this point as well.

Even if your intention is to make him miss you, it still shows some level of self-control and respect to even consider this.

So, in this article, I’m going to break down everything you need to know on why cutting him off will make him miss you.

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Why cutting him off makes him miss you

Why cutting him off makes him miss you

Most people don’t realize the value of someone until they lose them. That’s just one of the unfortunate things about life. 

Other people are so consumed by the grass is greener syndrome that they don’t realize how foolish it is to constantly assume that what they have isn’t good enough.

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I noticed that most of us tend to realize the gravity of a decision or change in our life during those moments of silence.

Right now, he’s used to you being around. 

He doesn’t think about you leaving nor does he consider it a problem because you have been so invested in him.

By cutting him off, it’s going to shock him and make an impact on his heart and mind because of the unexpected change that comes along with you not seeing, calling or texting him.

And like I said earlier, as long as he has some degree of attraction and attachment to you, he will miss you if you cut him off.

Also, the majority of people in the world are creatures of habit.

We like comfort and predictability, especially men. By creating a change like cutting him off, it’s going to add uncertainty to his life.

That level of uncertainty is going to create feelings of doubt and fear of loss.

When he starts to paint a picture of you permanently leaving his life, it’s going to create a great deal of thought and emotions in him which will make him miss you.

The only time this won’t occur to a significant degree or at all is if he never really cared about you. 

In such an event, he may notice that you cut him off but he’ll never do anything to change that because it doesn’t make him miss you or feel anything at all.

So, if you’re choosing to do this, make sure it’s for the right reasons, which is primarily your own happiness and for the sake of your self-respect. 

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When should you cut him off?

When should you cut him off

The only way you can truly undo the kind of situation where a man takes you for granted or loses interest in you is by removing yourself from his life.

But, you’re not just leaving his life.

You’re approaching this from the aspect of cutting him off because you deserve to be with someone who actually sees your value, treats you with respect and wants to be with you. 

So, essentially, you should cut him off him under the following circumstances:

  • He treated you like absolute trash and without any respect.
  • He chose someone else over you. 
  • He lost interest because you chased him or over pursued. 

These are primarily the main instances when you should cut him off to make him miss you.

In all these circumstances, the message is very clear – you are not just an option that can be treated poorly.

It shows that you have a strong sense of self-respect that motivated you to walk away from him when you didn’t get the kind of treatment you deserve.

In the future, he’ll remember that you are not the kind of person who can be discarded or treated as a second-grade citizen without consequences. 

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How long should you cut him off for?

How long should you cut him off for

It all depends on you. Ideally, if a guy chooses someone else over you, treats you like trash or rejects you, it would be wise to cut him off indefinitely.

Whether he chooses to come back sooner rather than later, your decision to let him back into your life should be something that you decide on all by yourself.

Now, if your goal is to just get him to miss you for a bit or to show remorse for behaving poorly and not communicating with you respectfully, then you could do it for just a few days to even just a day.

It completely depends on the nature of the situation and the kind of result that you are looking for. 

If it’s to move on, then you should cut him off indefinitely and possibly forever.

If you just want to make him miss you after he tested you shabbily and was being very disrespectful, then a few days would suffice or until he reaches out to you.

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Will he contact you after cutting him off?

Will he contact you after cutting him off

It depends on whether he actually misses you. 

If he misses you, then it means that he actually cares about you and has some degree of attachment and attraction for you.

Without those two feelings, the likelihood of him missing you is slim to none.

In the event that he doesn’t care about you, he won’t contact you after cutting him off.

If he does eventually choose to contact you, then it’s possible that he has an ulterior motive.

This applies to guys who are not dating you or in a relationship with you.

I know from experience that most guys will contact you within days after cutting them off if they genuinely cared about you.

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In Conclusion

Cut him off, he will miss you. It’s as simple as that. But, it’s dependent on whether he has any feelings of attraction and attachment for you.

Put differently, if he is invested in you and cares about you, then he will definitely miss you because cutting him off will leave a void in his life.

What’s important to note is that this should be something that you do as a last resort. I know of some people who are very manipulative and use this as a means of controlling or punishing their partner.

I do not encourage that and I feel like it’s a terrible way to treat someone who is good to you.

And that’s something you should keep in mind.

Don’t treat a good guy who treats you well in this manner.

Cutting him off should be something that is preceded by a serious breach of your trust and boundaries without remorse and with the intention of hurting you.

Also, when you feel like you lost a guy’s attention and interest because of how you desperately chased him, then the silent treatment will work on making him miss you.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on cutting him off to make him miss you to be thought-provoking. If you would like personalized coaching, head over to my services page and follow the instructions on how to get in contact with me.

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