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8 Creepy Guy Behavior Patterns To Be On High Alert For

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If you asked someone to define the idea of a creepy guy, they would have a tough time because it’s very difficult to adequately pinpoint what behavior is considered creepy in general.

What is universally accepted is that creepy guy behavior often brings about feelings of discomfort and dis-ease.

Which is why I thoroughly researched the topic and found a list of the top 8 creepy guy behaviors that make most women feel uncomfortable.

If you’re a woman (or other), familiarize yourself with this list so that you can avoid creepy guys.

And if you’re a man, try to understand how these habits and behaviors make you come across as creepy to women. Adjust your approach, and you’ll be good to go.

With that being said, let’s take a look at these 8 creepy guy behaviors.

Signs Of A Creepy Guy

creepy guy behavior

1. He won’t take no for an answer

This may not be a rule of thumb, but at a certain point, persistence can quickly evolve into a red flag for creepy guy behavior if he won’t stop.

As far as dating is concerned, if you reject a guy more than three times and he continues to pursue you, invade your space, or blow up your phone, he could be a creepy guy.

At which point, your best approach is to be as firm and direct as you possibly can. Leave no room for doubt in your rejection.

If he doesn’t get the message, block him and don’t engage him as much as you possibly can.

2. He is overly touchy

Invading someone’s physical space is another sign of creepy guy behavior.

It’s a different story if you know each other well, share a romantic relationship, or have been touchy before. Some men express their love and affection through touch.

But if you don’t share that kind of relationship and a guy is overly touchy, it doesn’t surprise me if you consider this to be creepy.

Let him know that you aren’t comfortable with being touched. If he isn’t disrespectful or creepy, he’ll quit.

3. He constantly checks up on you

It may start off innocently at first, but with time, if you notice a guy starting to keep tabs on your whereabouts, plans, and habits, it’s cause for concern.

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When this becomes apparent, the guy is not within your friend’s or romantic circle.

There’s no need for him to be so invested in your life. Especially if you aren’t willingly divulging this kind of information to him.

4. He is all over your online profiles

I’ve actually witnessed an old friend who is terrible at dating bombard the comment section of girls posts to a creepy extent.

Not only does he come off looking like a weirdo, but the remarks he makes only add fuel to the fire.

In 2020, blowing up a girl’s comment section or pictures is not considered a good form of getting her attention. If anything, you can easily come across as desperate or, worse, creepy.

5. Overreacts to rejection

Granted, most people don’t respond well to rejection, especially when ego is involved.

Even the least creepiest guy could have a lapse in judgment and do something out of character.

There’s a time period during which acting poorly won’t get you pegged as creepy. It’s when things continue for weeks or months on end; that’s when you’re dealing with a guy with creepy behavior.

He may blow up, act like the world is ending, make suicidal remarks, or chase after you like a heroin addict. Thereafter, he’ll sit back and wonder why girls don’t like him.

6. Overshares with no limit

Unless someone is your partner for a significant amount of time, the notion of being completely transparent does not apply.

And yet you’ll encounter creepy guys who will disclose all of their innermost sacred thoughts, truths, and secrets to a girl they barely know.

It’s definitely considered a sign of creepy guy behavior. Set the boundaries for what is acceptable to share as soon as you can.

A guy who didn’t realize he was oversharing will get the hint. And that’s perfectly okay. But if the guy refuses to listen and continues with his verbal diarrhea, it wouldn’t be unfair to consider whether he is a creepy guy or not.

7. Displays creepy behavior patterns

A study on creepy behavior conducted on 1,341 participants by Francis McAndrew and Sara Koehnke of Knox College in Illinois found the following behavior to be considered the most creepy behavior from a list of 44 behavior patterns:

  • The person stood too close to your friend.
  • The person had greasy hair.
  • The person had a peculiar smile.
  • The person had bulging eyes.
  • The person had long fingers.
  • The person had unkempt hair.
  • The person had very pale skin.
  • The person had bags under his or her eyes.
  • The person was dressed oddly.
  • The person licked his or her lips frequently.
  • The person was wearing dirty clothes.
  • The person laughed at unpredictable times.
  • The person made it nearly impossible for your friend to leave the conversation without appearing rude.
  • The person relentlessly steered the conversation towards one topic.

The more of these behavioral patterns are present in a guy, the greater the chances are that he’s creepy in some way or another.

8. He enjoys creeping people out and ignores social cues

You’d be surprised at how many creepy guys actually get off on freaking people out. It’s almost like a kink.

The satisfaction and thrill of making people feel weird are appealing to these types of creepy guys.

And here’s the kicker—they don’t see anything wrong with it.

You can bring up the idea of their actions coming across as creepy, and it won’t affect them. They already know, and they really don’t care.

Avoid These Types Of Guys

I would never recommend painting someone in a bad light just because they have a bad habit or two.

But if you find yourself encountering a guy who exhibits more than one of the creepy guy behaviors above, my best advice to you would be to run.

More often than not, these kinds of men end up adding unnecessary drama and stress to your life.

The best thing you can do is draw a line very early on and don’t let them cross it.

If they do, they’re out. It’s as simple as that.

Trust me, the last thing you want is to be forced to reject a creepy guy only for him to dial up the creepiness because he doesn’t know how to handle rejection.

Final Thoughts

Since there’s no cohesive and universal checklist that can help you identify a creepy guy, the best approach you can adopt is the three-strike principle.

People make mistakes and can act out of character at times. It would be foolish to cut them off or call them creepy if it’s a one-time deal.

What makes more sense is to explain how their behavior makes you feel uncomfortable.

Thereafter, consider that the first strike. If they continue to act in a creepy way for two more times, that’s three strikes, which is an immediate disqualification.

You can remove them from your social accounts and avoid them in person. This approach avoids making you paranoid and also prevents you from enduring creepy guy behavior for longer than you need to.

Also, make it a point to be firm about what makes you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to be rude about it at first.

But you ought to be direct and to the point.

Word what you say in a nonoffensive manner to be helpful and nonjudgmental. But be firm. And don’t beat around the bush.

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