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Can A Girl Change Her Mind After Rejecting A Guy? (The Shocking Truth)

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Facing rejection sucks, especially when you make a few mistakes that ruin attraction because you were nervous or inexperienced. Trust me, we’ve all been there. But, is all hope lost? Well, in today’s article, I’m going to share the truth on whether or not a girl can change her mind after rejecting a guy.

A girl can change her mind after rejecting a guy if he behaves in an attractive and confident manner. Additionally, if the circumstances change and she’s now ready, available and open to dating, there’s a chance that she changes her mind about rejecting a guy.

I cannot begin to emphasize enough how important it is for every man to master the art of handling rejection.

Let me tell you something, it doesn’t matter how good-looking or rich you are, there’s always going to be someone who isn’t interested in you.

Rejection is an inevitability and it’s actually a positive result of taking action.

How is it a positive thing, you may ask? Great question! 

Rejection takes you one step closer to finding a girl who has a high interest in you. It’s as simple as that. 

Another reason why rejection is so beneficial to a man is that it forces him to improve his approach and refine his behavior around women.

Only weak and insecure men use rejection as an excuse to shy away from self-improvement.

This is one of the reasons why I do not respect the incel community because they lack the courage and self-discipline to refine their behavior and improve their value to score the type of woman they want.

Instead, they’ll sit around in a little fire camp hating on women and pretending to be in a brotherhood of happiness when they’re literally emotionally suffering on the inside, wishing and praying that they could get the women they want.

How is it masculine and a mark of strength to completely abandon what you want because of a woman who rejected you?

I don’t understand it and I will continue to hold this strong position because I do not want my readers to go down a bitter path.

Let’s be honest for a second, the fact that these men turn into incels after rejection is the reason why they were rejected in the first place.

You’ve either neglected growth as a man or you entertained trashy women who lack integrity.

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Either way, you have to take ownership of these things and channel the pain of rejection towards self-improvement so that you can attract higher-quality women in the future. 

So, what I’m trying to say is that you can actually change a girl’s mind after she rejects you by actually improving yourself and continuing to become the best man you possibly can be.

It’s not about doing it for her.

Re-attracting her is just a byproduct of having a healthy mindset and attitude in life. 

Apart from this, there’s a strong possibility that the reason why she rejected you in the first place is because she’s not available right now.

There are a few reasons why a woman may not be ready, willing or open to dating and they are as follows:

  • She’s in a relationship.
  • She’s hung up on an ex.
  • She’s not looking for anything serious.
  • She’s recovering from a breakup.
  • She has feelings for someone.
  • She’s dealing with a personal crisis.

Timing matters in romantic endeavors. 

Her rejection may have nothing to do with physical attraction or interest in you. In fact, she may even think that you’re a great guy but the timing is not right for her.

You can’t change that by pursuing her more or reacting to rejection in an unattractive, rude, immature or outlandish manner.

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How To Attract A Girl Who Rejected You

do girls change their mind after rejecting a guy, can a girl change her mind after rejecting you, do girls change their mind after rejecting a guy

There are two steps that you must take to appear attractive to a girl who rejected you and this has been the experience for most men who have had success with this situation.

  1. Handle the rejection confidently.
  2. Walk away without looking back.

What’s ironic is that these two things are the hardest to do for most people and yet they result in the best chance of attracting a girl.

As a man, there are times when my ego has been bruised and it got the better of me.

Those also happen to be the few times when I regretted my reactions because it showed my lack of security and self-respect.

Then, there are times (especially now), when I operate from a space of security, high self-respect and detachment.

I’ve noticed that I have had much more success in all areas of my life by remaining secure and composed than I have in the past when I was completely reactionary based on emotional instability. 

Most men get butt hurt, angry, dejected, insulting or pathetic after being rejected.

All you’re doing is validating her decision to reject you while training your mind to react in this manner every time you face rejection.

You lose now and in the future with this approach.

Instead, I urge you to practice emotional control.

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What do I mean by emotional control?

Well, it simply means that you must act in a manner that is congruent with who you are rather than how you are feeling.

You’re going to feel hurt or upset after a rejection. It’s natural and we all feel this way. But, those emotions usually make a man reactionary.

To control your emotions, you must choose when to react and when to respond.

In other words, stop, think and then act.

Most of the time, if you practice emotional control, you’ll find that it’s far more beneficial to just walk away respectfully and with your dignity intact than to lash out, fight, beg or plead with someone.

So, to handle a rejection confidently, simply express your disappointment in a controlled manner, let her know that you appreciate her honesty and wish her well before walking away. 

It will take a lot of strength but it’s also incredibly masculine to respond to rejection in this manner.

What we know about strength and masculinity is that women love it and find that attractive. 

The guys she’s rejecting make things incredibly weird, awkward and pathetic. The fact that you are willing to walk away without insulting her or being pathetic is going to set you apart from the men who she deems as pathetic or unattractive. 

Then, move on with your life.

It’s going to hurt for a while because we usually obsess over rejection. But, it’s important that you focus on feeling your emotions instead of reacting to them.

Over time, the rejection will sting less while you channel those emotions intentionally to improve yourself.

Hit the gym, improve your attire, invest more time into your career and meet other people. 

What you’ll find is that she crosses paths with you again but when she does, instead of having a bad impression of you, she’ll be surprised to see you looking and behaving better than before.

The fact that you’re polite but not behaving in a desperate or hung-up manner will be attractive and if she had any interest in you before, it may be heightened at this point.

That’s when she can change her mind after rejecting you.

It’s not going to happen right after the rejection when you’re chasing her or behaving like a love-sick puppy. 

If you don’t believe me, go try it and let me know what happens.

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Final Thoughts

At this point in my life, I feel like it’s much better to focus my time and energy on people who recognize your value than to waste time trying to convince someone that you’re worth their time.

Some of the best relationships stem from a healthy dose of mutual attraction, interest and respect.

Also, when you spend more of your time on the right type of women, the quality of relationships and experiences you have is infinitely better than with anyone else.

Don’t ever place someone so high up on a pedestal that their level of importance supersedes your own needs and desires.

Once you detach from seeking validation and approval, life works for you rather than against you.

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