Benefits Of Ignoring Your Ex Girlfriend

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Choosing to do no contact after a breakup can be scary but you would be surprised at the wonderful benefits of ignoring your ex girlfriend.

Not only will it help you to move on from your ex girlfriend but it will prevent you from making mistakes that you end up regretting in the future.

I remember the time when I was dumped and instead of doing what was right, I decided to stay in contact with my ex.

At first, I wanted to get her back but the amount of damage that took place because we stayed in contact actually soured any residual feelings I had for her.

And during that time, no matter what I tried, I couldn’t successfully move on from her because I was stubborn and refused to stop talking to her. When I finally ended all contact with her, everything changed.

The first few weeks were a bit difficult but it got easier with time.

Eventually, I completely moved on from her and embraced my new life with excitement and joy.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the best benefits of ignoring your ex girlfriend.

1. You don’t have to deal with unnecessary drama

Breakups and separations are usually messy, especially if they were caused by reasons that are problematic like cheating, lying or deception. Both of you are probably in a volatile state and it’s not easy to communicate during this time. 

I remember one of my breakups being incredibly messy because I continued to stay in touch with my ex.

I wasn’t ready to let her go from my life altogether and that created unnecessary problems. 

The worst part of a breakup is the expectation that your ex-girlfriend would still be respectful and considerate of your feelings but in reality, her decisions will be based completely on what she needs.

This can leave you feeling shocked, confused, hurt and resentful.

For this reason, it’s better for you to just ignore your ex girlfriend and use the no contact rule.   

2. You can forget about her easier

For as long as you continue to create new memories and conversations with your ex girlfriend, you’ll continue to think about her. 

That’s not a productive thing to do when you’re trying to move on.

Imagine a year of your life just passing you by and nothing has changed.

You’re still thinking about your ex and she’s a factor in most of your decisions because you refuse to ignore her and cut communication.

And in the meantime, she’s busy living her best life and dating other people while you’re stuck in the friendzone. 

There’s nothing to be gained from it.

If you’re someone who struggles with nostalgia and letting go of the past, it is imperative that you cut communication with an ex girlfriend, or else you risk staying stuck in the past. 

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3. It will help you to move on from her

Moving on seems simple but it’s actually quite complex. Most people don’t realize how important it is to work through trauma.

Instead, they bottle up their feelings and try their hardest to get away from it at any cost.

This is one of the reasons why so many men rebound or accept the friend zone.

In an attempt to avoid dealing with their emotions, they settle for short term fixes that cause further damage to their mind and heart. 

I’ve made this very same mistake in the past. And for that entire time, the ghost of my ex girlfriend haunted me.

It sucked. 

Only when I seized all communication and focused on being alone was I able to process those feelings after a breakup and find happiness again. 

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4. You’ll walk away feeling empowered

For those of us who have been dumped at some point or the other, we understand how powerless it makes us feel. 

Not having any control over the decision and being plunged into the difficulty of a breakup can be extremely daunting.

What I’ve found is that the only way to get some power back and to feel in control of your life is to take the bull by the horns and initiate no contact.

A lot of the time, women will dump men but try to keep them around as friends to have someone to fall on.

Basically, they want to ease the pain of a split by keeping you around long enough until they’re emotionally ready to date someone else or be happily single.

You’ll be left feeling like the biggest fool on the planet.

It’s far more beneficial to you to walk away and ignore her. 

What’s the point in being friends with an ex who dumped you? 

Unless you’re perfectly content with being single and have no interest in dating her ever again, you should never agree to being friends with an ex.

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5. You will learn to be independent again

I never realized how easy it is to become codependent on a partner until one of my breakups.

I was a mess and had no idea of what to do with myself. 

Because I relied on her and my relationship to be happy or motivated, I couldn’t focus on my goals and career after the split nor could find joy in my life. 

This was heightened by staying in touch with her. 

The only way to break an ‘addiction’ is to completely remove it from your life altogether and deal with the withdrawal symptoms as they appear. And so I did.

It was difficult at first but to my surprise, I started to discover myself as an individual again.

That experience started off rocky but changed the way I view myself and my life.

I have gained an infinite amount of patience and I trust in myself more than I ever have before.

When you can overcome a difficult obstacle by yourself, the amount of confidence it instills in you is unbelievable. 

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6. You’ll avoid the pain of seeing her move on

If you were dumped or if your love life isn’t going as you expected, seeing your ex thriving in her dating life will not make things easier for you. 

Obviously, most people are too afraid to say this out loud but we have to be honest with ourselves. 

It doesn’t feel good when it hasn’t been a long time since the breakup and you still have some feelings for your ex girlfriend. 

You’ll get pressurized and the fear of being alone will drive you to make questionable decisions.

You can completely avoid this problem by simply cutting contact with her.

This is one of the most overlooked but useful benefits of ignoring your ex girlfriend. 

7. It frees up space for you to meet someone new

In relationships and life, comparison is the thief of joy. 

And for as long as you remain in contact with and attached to your ex, you’ll find yourself wrongfully comparing new people to her.

This is not only pointless but dangerous because the way you will view an ex after a breakup can often be misleading.

Most men end up idolizing and pedestalizing their exes, particularly when they were dumped or made a mistake breaking up. 

If this is you, the only way to improve your overall happiness and ability to find someone new is to sever the ties you have with your ex, starting with any and all communication.

In Conclusion

As much as it’s difficult to cut off someone you loved, it can be extremely helpful for your mental health and ability to start over.

I feel like the opportunity we have to start fresh in life is invaluable. You get the chance to leave behind everything and everyone that have hurt or betrayed you and find people who are of a much higher quality.

That is one of the greatest benefits of ignoring your ex girlfriend.

Stay strong. Once you commit to using the no contact rule, do not break it. Doing so will make you look weak and desperate.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

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