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7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

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You’re in the midst of getting to know a guy, things seem to be progressing well but you’re feeling anxious or uncertain about his feelings. He’s not an easy read and you’re in desperate need of some advice. Well, I’d urge you to study these 7 obvious signs he likes you because they’re real and extremely easy to spot once you know what to look for.

Here’s a quick overview of the 7 signs he likes you: 

  1. He texts and calls you frequently.
  2. He can’t stop himself from complimenting you.
  3. He struggles to keep his hands off of you.
  4. He wants to know everything about you.
  5. He flirts with you often.
  6. He makes plans for the future with you in it.
  7. He can’t stop looking at you.

The way this works is simple – the more signs he exhibits, the likelier it is that he has feelings for you. 

And when at least three of these signs are present, it’s only a matter of time before all of those signs are present.

With that being said, let’s take a closer and more detailed look into these 7 obvious signs he likes you. 

1. He texts and calls you frequently

Most of us are driven by our emotions and the desire to experience instant gratification. When we care about someone, those feelings of excitement and thrill are hard to suppress and why should they be?

The way this expresses itself in a romantic situation is through frequent texts and calls.

Guys nowadays struggle to control themselves and will spend as much time as they possibly can texting and calling you.

The more he texts and calls, the more I would consider this one of the 7 obvious signs he likes you. 

Go through your texts and call history and make a note of how often he reaches out as well as the context of his messages.

Does he make an effort to check up on you? Are his texts elaborate or enthusiastic? 

These are usually good indicators of attraction. 

If you’d like to test him, stop replying to him for a few hours. In other words, get busy with your life and shake up the usual routine. 

Make a note of how long it takes for him to message you.

If he doesn’t, text him as normal and check if he seems more excited to hear from you than usual or if he missed you.

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2. He can’t stop himself from complimenting you

One of the most common and obvious signs he likes you is when he compliments you every chance he gets. 

This is how guys express their feelings to a woman, especially when he starts to develop feelings that extend beyond physical beauty.

There’s no better hype man than a man who likes you and wants to be romantically involved with you.

As a guy, I can absolutely confirm this to be true.

It’s extremely hard for us to contain our adoration for women we like and find attractive. 

3. He struggles to keep his hands off of you

He’s not going to be too obvious about this but you’ll notice that he’s always trying to hug you, he brushes up against you when walking side by side, he tends to get your attention by touching your shoulder or arm. 

These are usually subtle but telltale signs he likes you. 

There may be times when he gives you a kiss on the cheek after hugging you and so forth. 

Most of the time, a guy who exhibits all these traits either likes you or is just a very flirty or touchy person.

But, my money is on the former, especially if he also exhibits some of the other signs in this list and that’s an important factor to consider. 

4. He wants to know everything about you

One of the biggest differences between a guy who just wants to flirt with you versus a guy who genuinely likes you is his interest in you as a person.

Men who like women are intrigued by their personality. 

They will constantly ask questions and get your opinion on things you like or dislike.

He’ll probably show a distinct interest in the fond memories you’d like to share with him from your childhood or past, he’ll ask you to share your thoughts on a situation and he’ll be open to your opinion even if it goes against his own.

A man who displays this level of interest in your personality, past and character is a man who definitely likes you to some extent. 

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5. He flirts with you often

Once a man likes you, he’s going to try everything he can to develop the romance into something more real and meaningful. 

You’ll find that he starts flirting with you via text.

As he gains more confidence, it will transition to in-person flirtatious remarks and so forth.

Granted, some men are just flirty by nature but when he flirts with you often and in almost every conversation, then that’s a good sign that he finds you attractive. 

6. He makes plans for the future with you in it

Flirting is not a big deal but when it’s coupled with him talking to you often, wanting to meet you, trying to learn as much about you as a person and makes future plans with you in it, then that’s an amazing sign that he likes you a lot. 

I don’t know of many men who would make serious and legit plans with a woman unless he likes them.

And that’s something to pay attention to. 

A man who talks about plans is not on the same wavelength as a man who makes definite plans with you that actually come to fruition. 

Additionally, I’ve noticed that a lot of men can’t contain themselves from progressing a potential relationship really quickly when they start liking a girl. 

When you find that he follows through with these plans and shows a lot of enthusiasm about doing more things with you, then you should definitely take that as one of the 7 obvious signs he likes you. 

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7. He can’t stop looking at you

Last but certainly not least, a man who can’t keep his eyes off of you is usually someone who has a high level of attraction for you.

This is wonderful because attraction can go a long way in bringing two people together.

It’s the first hurdle to cross. Once you both tick that off the list, from there it becomes about connecting on an emotional, personal and spiritual level. 

You’ll notice this on dates or when he thinks you’re not paying attention. 

Another sign that he likes you is if his eyes avert when you catch him looking at you. 

If he becomes shy, slightly flustered or nervous, then this is a man who considers you to be highly attractive and likes you a lot. 

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In conclusion

The phase you’re in right now is one of the most enjoyable and exciting ones to be in. Soak it up and enjoy every bit of the uncertainty of a potential new romantic story. 

I would try not to overthink things.

Just continue to focus on having a good time with him by making memories and connecting on a deeper level.

In time, if his feelings start to develop and grow, it will be almost impossible for you to doubt or not notice. 

He’ll probably be singing your praises to everyone and anyone in his life.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on the 7 obvious signs he likes you to be informative and eye-opening. Feel free to add your list of signs to the comment section below and let’s keep the conversation going.

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