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15 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back

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You wouldn’t need to panic or freak out if you knew the signs your ex will come back, right?

It’s not easy to remain objective after a breakup which is why I decided to curate a list of the 15 most common and proven signs your ex will come back.

By exhibiting more than one of the signs below, we can deduce that there’s a fair chance or likelihood that your ex is not completely over you.

Personally, I have witnessed this happen time and time again in my own dating life. Heck, I’ve been the one who has even exhibited these signs when I wanted my ex back.

Here’s a quick overview of these signs your ex will come back:

  1. Your ex unblocked you on social media.
  2. Your ex impulsively dumped you.
  3. The reason for breaking up is no longer a problem.
  4. Your ex can’t find someone better than you.
  5. Your ex was rejected by someone else.
  6. Your ex is afraid of being alone.
  7. Your ex is curious about you.
  8. Your ex invested too much in the relationship.
  9. Your ex won’t leave you alone.
  10. Your ex tries to find out if you’re seeing anyone new.
  11. Your ex is rebounding.
  12. The breakup was amicable.
  13. Your ex is miserable after the breakup.
  14. They remain flirty with you.
  15. Your ex talks about the past often.

Other than coming outright and proclaiming that he or she made a mistake and still loves you, the following signs your ex will come back are promising and hard to ignore.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these signs.

1. Your ex unblocked you on social media

Straight after a rough breakup, it’s not uncommon for an ex to block you from all social media. They want space and opportunity to move on without being chased by you or reminded of you.

There’s not much you can do about it. It stings and is upsetting but more often than not, it isn’t permanent.

As time goes on and the longer you adhere to the no contact rule, your ex may reach the point of missing or wondering about you.

Rather than contact you immediately, they may unblock and snoop around your social media.

Don’t read into it too much but you can definitely take it as one of the positive signs your ex will come back.

2. Your ex impulsively dumped you

Not all breakups take place for a good reason. Some couples break up and makeup as if they’re still teenagers.

When you are dealing with an ex who has impulsive tendencies, it can be expected that they will come back to you as soon as they calm down.

This is further perpetuated by someone who is also temperamental. You can never truly trust their decision to break up when it is fueled by anger and impulsivity. They are reactionary without much contemplation.

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Breaking up on a whim or without contemplation doesn’t prepare you for the consequences of the decision.

If the reason is not compelling and sensible, they will come back to you as soon as the reality of the situation dawns on them.

It may take a few days or even a few weeks but they will return.

As soon as one of you breaks the ice and initiates contact, it’s only a matter of time before you two reconcile.

3. The reason for breaking up is no longer a problem

When the reason for breaking up is anything other than betrayal, there is a fair chance that your ex will come back once the reason for breaking up is resolved.

Take, for instance, long distance. If your relationship ended because the distance was too unbearable, moving closer to your ex or having a definite plan for solving the problem is reason enough to reconcile.

Similarly, if you both broke up because of financial issues or family reservations, solving these issues or removing the reason strongly influences whether your ex comes back or not.

4. Your ex can’t find someone better than you

Have you ever heard of the grass is greener syndrome? It’s when you are under the impression that what you have is not as good as what you think is out there.

Unfortunately, the grass is greener syndrome has no end. Irrespective of what you find out there, it may never be as good as something else.

This becomes apparent when someone ends a relationship under the illusion of something or someone better being out there for them.

The thrill of dating someone new may intoxicate some people who have been in a relationship for a significant period of time. Unfortunately, all new things lose their novelty with time.

As such, if your ex struggles to find someone better than you or even as good as you, chances are, they’ll come running back to you.

This is particularly true when their pride cannot nullify the overwhelming shock of reality and the consequences of leaving someone who was good for you.

Don’t be alarmed if your ex jumps into rebound relationships or starts dating many people. It’s a sign that they are desperate to cover up how they really feel.

They’re trying to avoid dealing with the consequences of a breakup. Unfortunately, they can only run for so long before it catches up to them.

5. Your ex was rejected by someone else

Building on the above-mentioned point, if your ex dumped you for someone else or ended up rebounding and got rejected, it’s a surefire sign that they will come back.


Because it hurts to get rejected. Not only does your ex have to deal with the sting of rejection but they have to deal with all the pain of breaking up.

In hopes of finding some stability, comfort and affirmation, they will reach out to their last source of love, affection and attention.

6. Your ex is afraid of being alone

Speaking about the pain of breaking up, I would be amiss not to emphasize the impact loneliness has on a sore heart.

Being in a relationship is comforting in many ways, right? One of those comforts is sharing your life, good and bad, with your partner.

On that same note, you have to transition from doing most things together to doing them by yourself.

Being plagued by loneliness is jarring, especially when you’re not good at being by yourself.

If that happens to be your ex then we can consider that to be a strong sign that he or she will come back.

7. Your ex is curious about you

If your ex was completely over you or intending on moving on, they wouldn’t really be all that curious about you.

General curiosity doesn’t necessitate much thought but if your ex is going out of their way to find out about you, then there’s merit in considering this to be one of the signs your ex will come back.

You might find your ex snooping around your social media, mistakenly liking an image or asking about you to others.

8. Your ex invested too much in the relationship

It’s easy to walk away and move on from a relationship that was short-lived and barely invested in.

But, when you have spent significant time with someone, formed a routine with them, made ample memories, had firsts with them and built a life with them, it becomes incredibly hard to cut all ties.

If this happens to be the case with your ex, even if they left you for a legitimate reason, we can’t say for certain that they won’t come back.

Love and shared history are strong motivators for forgiveness and reconciliation.

I wouldn’t give up hope just yet.

9. Your ex won’t leave you alone

Like I said above, it’s hard to cut ties with someone you have a long history of romance with.

Even if you were the dumper and your ex decided to initiate no contact, there’s no guarantee that he or she will stay away forever.

As much as I hate to admit it, a lot of people don’t stick with the no contact rule properly.

When nostalgia kicks in, they go running back to their ex.

But, if your ex never left in the first place and continues to stick around even though you have made it clear that you aren’t interested in friendship, then it could be translated to mean that he or she is open to getting back together.

10. Your ex tries to find out if you’re seeing anyone new

For argument sake, let’s say that your ex is talking about you to mutual friends or trying to find out how you’re doing, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are going to come back.

But when they start snooping around your social media and digging into your love life, then that is suspicious behavior.

Someone who wants to genuinely move on and leave the past in the past doesn’t show this much interest in who their ex is dating.

If anything, they’d avoid learning too much about that kind of stuff. Their priority is going to be themselves and their own love life.

When an ex seems to be trying to figure out if you’re seeing someone else, it’s more likely that they’re still invested in you and may come back.

11. Your ex is rebounding

Rebound relationships are not a sign of true love or that your ex has completely moved on from you. On the contrary, a rebounding ex is someone who is trying to escape reality.

They are so desperate to feel good, that they jump into a relationship without dealing with the breakup.

As much as a rebound relationship may be real, it doesn’t negate the effects of a breakup.

Your ex cannot erase feelings of you or the breakup by just being with someone else.

In which case, all those feelings caused by a breakup will catch up to your ex. It’s only a matter of time before that rebound relationship ends. If it lasts more than 6 months then perhaps there’s a chance it can be the real deal.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

The only time when this rule doesn’t apply is when your ex stayed in the relationship past the expiration date of his or her feelings.

In that scenario, all he or she has to deal with are the jarring effects of change. Thereafter, they have a chance at a successful rebound relationship.

12. The breakup was amicable

Good feelings promote love. It’s as simple as that. When you end on bad terms with a ton of baggage, the work required for making up is enormous.

Things said during a bad breakup don’t just disappear. They may linger and affect the way you both feel when some time passes.

Also, a poorly handled breakup that disrespects and unnecessarily hurts one of the parties or both, will have detrimental effects on residual love.

This is why it’s important to maintain self respect and avoid causing drama. If the breakup takes place respectfully and amicably, then both of you walk away with nothing more than good feelings for each other.

If you both walk away with respect for each other, down the line, it will have a positive effect on attraction.

When you eventually see each other again, the most prominent memories will determine the course of events.

If those memories are nothing but good due to an amicable breakup then that’s a sign your ex will come back.

13. Your ex is miserable after the breakup

Life never goes as planned and just because your ex may have had potential partners lined up after splitting up doesn’t mean they’re going to fall in love with any of them.

Things could happen that leaves your ex feeling alone and miserable. Perhaps they’re having bad luck meeting new people or they just can’t find happiness without you.

Whichever it may be, if your ex attaches happiness to you and misery to the breakup, that’s for sure one of the signs your ex will come back.

14. They remain flirty with you

A surefire sign that your ex still finds your attractive and is open to romance is if they flirt with you.

Blatant flirtatiousness and a breaking up do not go hand in hand.

An ex who suggests being friends after dumping you will actually surprise you by how quickly they treat you platonically. That, in and of itself, is jarring. It makes you feel weird.

But an ex who continues to flirt with you is clearly exhibiting signs of attraction.

Don’t ignore that. Roll with it because your ex is on the way back.

15. Your ex talks about the past often

Reflecting on good memories spent together, flirting and questioning their decision to break up is a telltale sign that your ex wants to come back.

I wrote an article about what to do when your ex comes back after no contact and in it, I discuss how it is imperative not to talk about the past unless you’re reminding your ex of good times.

The more nostalgic your ex feels, the easier it is to trigger those feelings attached to his or her fond memories.

A quick tip: when your ex talks about the past, redirect the conversation or place emphasis on the most joyful experiences of the relationship.

With that being said, I hope you found this list of sign your ex will come back to be informative and thought provoking.

In the mean time, you should focus on using this time apart to improve yourself.

Self-development will only make you happier and a better partner if and when your ex returns. If you truly want to improve your chances of getting an ex back, you must focus on improvement.

Please share your thoughts, questions or experiences in the comment section below and I’ll share some of my insight with you.

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