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15 Reasons Why Dating A Shy Guy Is Amazing

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Believe it or not, shy guys make some of the best boyfriends in the world. It’s true. When you look at the reasons why dating a shy guy is amazing, you’ll probably change your stance on the type of men to call a catch.

Shy guys are more understanding, cute, adorable, good listeners, good lovers, less judgmental and romantic in ways you could only imagine.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn but for a long time, I used to be a shy guy. It wasn’t always easy on me but one thing I’m proud of is the amazing relationships I’ve had.

Never did I ‘shy’ away from being romantic and a good partner because, by the time I reached that stage, my partner was like the best thing on Earth for me. Finally, someone who sees me for the guy I am!

Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I’ve had such long relationships in my life, often ending on good terms.

Now that I’m done with my shameless plug, let’s get into these reasons why dating a shy guy is amazing.

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Quick disclaimer I didn’t want to be biased and craft this article from my own perspective or experience. So, I conducted my own research from women who have dated shy guys, combed through comment sections and personal accounts and spoke to as many friends and family members as I possibly could before creating this list.

1. Shy guys have a better understanding of how emotions motivate behavior

Given that they have to deal with being shyer or more embarrassed than the average guy, it’s easier for shy guys to understand how emotions may influence you to act a particular way and the effect of it.

Rather than be inconsiderate, he may give you space and comfort to express your feelings and react more appropriately than you’re used to experiencing from other guys.

A lot of shy guys would love to express themselves boldly at will but it’s difficult when they are overcome by shyness.

The silver lining is the level of understanding they have.

2. You’ll find him very cute and adorable

I haven’t read a single account of women who don’t find a shy guy to be cute and adorable.

Blushing, smiling and looking away, silent adoration of you are but some of the many features of shy guys women love to witness.

3. He’ll pay more attention to you

It’s not like he is busy running after other women or entertaining a plethora of conversations .

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The fact that you are taking the time to be with him doesn’t go unnoticed. In which case, he is endeared and appreciative of your effort which makes him far more attentive.

We give our attention to the things and people we value. Shy guys value people who look beyond their initial phase of being tongue tied.

4. Shy guys are more respectful

When you are shy and hyper-aware of how words may affect the way you act or feel, it makes you far warier of what you say.


Because you don’t want to put others through the same difficulty. You understand the magnitude of your actions and words on other people.

People who are shy are often exposed to behavior that makes them feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

It sucks but it also allows them to reach a level of emotional maturity that is much harder for others to achieve as quickly or at all.

As such, shy guys aren’t going to be the ones screaming remarks or criticism at others.

There’s also the fact that they are uncomfortable with drawing unwanted attention to themselves, especially in a negative context.

5. He’s more observant

When you aren’t busy talking or being the center of attention, it gives you the ability to stop and observe everything around you with more clarity and attention.

You’ll find that a shy guy is able to pick up on subtle cues in the conversation or your body language and figure out how you’re feeling rather than be oblivious like the average guy.

6. You’ll feel extremely comfortable around him

Based on our demeanor, tone and expressive traits, we all give off particular energy.

Shy guys tend to have a non-confrontational or neutral energy.

Rather than being intimidating, shy guys, in general, try to be as inviting as possible given that they would much rather avoid approaching women the first time around.

Also, given his calmer nature, you feel more comfortable opening up to him because the risk of him blowing up at you for no reason is relatively low.

7. Great in bed

People who tend to be shy in public or in normal life often display an opposite type of behavior in bed.

Perhaps it’s the hormones or the pent up masculine energy that manifests in a passionate and robust love making session with a shy guy.

Either way, he’s going to make a better effort in bed.

8. Shy guys won’t monopolize conversations

This is particularly true at first. Instead of hogging the conversation about things he likes or wants to know, he’ll ask for your opinion.

He’s excited to have the opportunity to connect with someone. As much as he will open up about himself, he’ll be extremely interested in learning more about you from the get-go.

9. Cheating is less of a problem with shy guys

Given that shy guys tend to avoid making the move on women or approaching strangers with the intention of flirting, you have far less to worry about.

Also, he’s not going to screw up an opportunity to be with someone who doesn’t judge him for being shy.

10. Expresses himself with thoughtful gestures

Guaranteed, if you date a shy guy, you can expect sweet, thoughtful and romantic gestures very often.

Shy guys aren’t necessarily good with words so their love language of choice is physical touch and/or quality time.

The romance is real with these guys. Don’t make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

11. Values personal connection more than the average guy

Given how difficult it is for a shy guy to have women make the first move, it’s not uncommon for them to be more appreciative of your effort.

It’s a small price to pay because once you approach and start things off, he will open up like it’s nobody’s business.

And you’ll be feeling so grateful that you found yourself a real gem of a guy.

The fact that you were willing to accommodate his shyness is also noted. When you meet people who don’t judge you for the way you are, it’s hard not to feel a strong appreciation and bond with them.

12. He’s a great listener

I wish more guys paid attention to this little habit, it would save so many relationships.

But, thankfully, shy guys are great listeners – probably because they’re not busy monopolizing a conversation and enjoy listening to you.

Their love language of choice could very well be quality time which often manifests in amazing attention to you.

13. Unintentionally mysterious

Because it’s more difficult for a shy guy to wear his heart on his sleeve loudly, he often opens up over time.

The guy you meet at first is just a small fraction of who he is.

And that’s exciting because you get to unwrap this wonderful, deep and interesting person over an extended period of time.

Also, he could be incredibly fun and exciting!

14. Shy guys are not high maintenance

They often enjoy simple things like your attention, affection and presence. You don’t have to incessantly chase after them either!

Forget about unnecessary commitment issues or doing things you’re uncomfortable with because he doesn’t need those crazy gestures from you.

It’s all about the quality of the romance, attention, understanding and chemistry that matters most to him.

15. He’s less confrontational and judgmental

Given his shy nature and extra consideration for feelings, you can rest assured that he isn’t going to be an aggressive jerk ruining your life.

Also, his compassionate nature prevents him from being overly judgmental so you can feel safe opening up to him.

If there ever was a good enough reason why dating a shy guy is amazing, this would be it. Don’t you agree?

Should you give shy guys a chance at dating you?

I mean if these 15 reasons weren’t good enough, then I don’t know what in the world you’re looking for.

Also, I think it’s shortsighted to assume that confidence only comes in the form of boldness in communication.

Often, you could be overlooking amazingly confident guys who achieve wonderful feats and would be perfect partners just because they lack the ability to open up fast enough during the early stages of courtship.

If you’re willing to take the chance on a shy guy by simply being the one to approach him or open the gates of communication, it may be one of the best decisions you make.

I do hope you found enough reasons why dating a shy guy is amazing. Be sure to let me know in the comment section below.

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