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10 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You

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Friendships can be beautiful but some can be toxic. They can leave you feeling hurt and greatly disappointed which is why it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the signs your friend doesn’t care about you. This can help you to fix the friendship or to avoid it altogether.

A toxic friend will often disregard your feelings and make no effort to stay in touch or to support you during difficult times.

Someone like that isn’t worth your time and energy.

Life is too short and precious to be spent on people who don’t care about you.

With that being said, let’s get into this article on the 10 signs your friend doesn’t care about you.

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1. Your friend doesn’t make an effort to see you

All friendships require some degree of real life experiences to develop into something strong and meaningful. 

Friends who genuinely understand this concept and care about it will make an extra effort to see you when they can. 

Think about this for a second – Wouldn’t you be excited to meet a friend who you genuinely care about? Why wouldn’t you want to see and enjoy the company of someone who has a place in your heart? 

So, if your friend doesn’t seem to make any effort to see you, it might be time to consider the reality that this is one of the signs your friend doesn’t care about you. 

2. They only get in contact when they need something

A real friend is someone who will always try to make time to communicate with you because it adds depth and value to their life. 

All they want is your presence because you, as a friend, add so much of color and joy to their existence. 

That’s a real friend. 

Unfortunately, one of the signs your friend doesn’t care about you is if they only reach out when they need help with something or to get something from you. 

Understandably, being friends with people comes with some degree of help and assistance. 

But, when this is the only basis for your friendship, then it may not be a friendship at all.

If you find yourself feeling as if you’re being used by your friend, it’s probably because you are. 

3. They don’t care about how you’re feeling

Whether you’re a guy or woman, expressive or stoic, we all have emotions and we all need someone who cares enough about how we feel.

A good friend is someone who can fulfill that purpose for a lifetime without any strings attached. 

That’s how beautiful a good friendship can be. 

And it’s one of the signs that your friend cares about you. 

Whenever I’m in a terrible space in my life or going through an event that causes me undue stress and anxiety, I find solace in sharing my feelings with the friends who care.

When they hear me out and share words of comfort and advice, I can tell by their demeanor, words and their eyes that they are genuinely concerned for me.

I can see the care in the words and actions. 

But, a friend who doesn’t care about you will probably ignore how you feel and focus on themselves because they’re self absorbed.

4. They don’t support you during tough times

Building on the last point, I can completely confirm that a friend who doesn’t care about you will not be there for you during dark days. 

They’re not too busy. They aren’t incapable. They just don’t care to support you during tough times because they’re not a true friend.

They’ll always find some kind of excuse for why they can’t help you out or why they weren’t around for you.

However, when things are good or when they need something, then they’ll be knocking at your door or blowing your phone up on a regular basis. 

That level of hypocrisy is just a surefire sign that your friend does not care about you. 

5. Your friend leaves you out of hangouts and special occasions

This one really hurts and it’s a common trope in all movies and books when depicting a friend who doesn’t care about you because it actually happens in real life. 

Very rarely is there an adequate and fair excuse for why you were left out of an event or hangout that your friend hosted. 

This is especially true when other friends were invited and you weren’t. If you’re upset about this, just know that you have every right to be.

6. They are insulting and rude to you

Part of caring about someone is the desire to avoid hurting them.

As unavoidable as that may be, it’s not something a good friend would do intentionally.

However, a jealous or fake friend would have no problem being insulting and rude to you because they want to and enjoy it.

They are either insecure or envious of you which would explain why they are mean and hurtful. 

Sometimes it’s the most subtle jabs that sting the most.

Make a note of when your friend seems to do this and try to analyze whether they were being intentional or unintentional. 

What I’ve noticed is that when you achieve something great, look good or acquire something that they don’t have, they’ll find a way to undermine, insult or be rude to you whilst your real friends are showering you with real praise and adoration.

7. Your friend don’t consider your opinion or feelings 

What I mean by not considering your opinion or feelings is if your friend makes decisions that affect you, in big or small ways, without even bothering to find out whether you are okay with what they are doing. 

This is not only a sign that your friend doesn’t care about you but it’s also a sign that your friend doesn’t respect you.

I like to compare my actions towards the people I care about to the type of behavior I experience from a friend who seems to be acting poorly. 

If what they have done is something I would do and justifiably so, then I can excuse it. 

If not, then I tend to approach the situation from an objective perspective to decipher whether my friend just doesn’t give a damn about me or if they were just not being very considerate in that moment. 

8. They barely reply to your texts

Are you the one who constantly texts firsts or keeps the conversation going while your friend responds with half-interested replies, if any at all?

This could be one of the many signs your friend doesn’t care about you.

Look, not everyone likes to chat all the time.

There are people who are genuinely poor at texting and that’s perfectly okay because they are completely great on a call and in person.

But, when a friend makes an effort with everyone else except for you, then this is not a good sign at all. 

9. They gossip about you

Gossiping isn’t exactly a good trait but we’re all guilty of it from time to time.

When your friend tends to gossip about you to others, it might be cause for concern.

Someone who shares your private life with others and reveals secrets you confided in them is someone who actually doesn’t care about you because if they did, they would honor your right to privacy. 

The fact that they’re gossiping can be indicative of something more sinister like high amounts of jealousy and envy. 

I would be far too afraid of gossiping about my close friends because I wouldn’t want to disrespect them in that manner or to lose them over something like that.

I feel this way because I care about them. 

I’m sure you feel the same. So, keep that in mind when trying to decide whether your friend respects and cares about you or not. 

10. They ditch you for other people

Imagine going out of your way to set up a meeting or hangout with your friend, the time is quickly approaching and you get a brief text from them canceling without much explanation or apologies. 

This would be rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate. But, perhaps there was an emergency of sorts.

Then, it would be excusable and justifiable.

However, imagine you were ditched just because ‘your friend’ decided to hang out with other people instead of you.

If it happens one time, I’d be upset but I’d let it go.

If it were to happen again and again, then I would be incredibly upset because it would be proof that my friend doesn’t really care about me. 

If this is something you are experiencing, trust me, it’s not fair and it’s not right.

You should not allow that individual to disrespect you in that manner.

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In Conclusion

Having a friends who don’t care about you can be really disheartening, especially when you care about them but don’t let this leave a sour taste in your mouth.

There are countless of good people out there who would make better friends and who would actually care about you.

I would recommend having a talk with your friends and letting them know how you feel.

This, in and of itself, could be very therapeutic and helpful in saving these friendships.

With that being said, I hope this article on the signs your friend doesn’t care about you was insightful. Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “10 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You”

    1. Speak from the heart, apologize if you need to and then give them the space to decide whether they value the friendship enough to try and show up.

  1. I have a so called friend for many years. I tell her things and she cannot wait to tell this one person who happens to be a cousin of my neighbor and of course it get back to me. We all do it but some do it to extreme.

  2. I am starting too realize I had only fake friends from a very young age . Middle school this was all my friends and it just kept going till now and I am now 44 . Must be me as I only have one friend now as a adult and I get treated like a fake friend from him all the time . So I got a puppy and saying goodbye to the one friend I thought I had but in fact is so-called fake friend , not a friend at all ! I would rather one pup then 1000 fake friends !

    1. The only time my ‘friends’ text me is when they need help with something. They will often ask me for a favour and then disappear right after that.

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