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10 Signs He’s Losing Interest In You

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I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve been through a situation where a guy seemed totally head over heels in love with you until all of a sudden, he wasn’t. This leads you to consider the possibility that he’s losing interest in you. It can be hard to tell if he is, which is why I’ve compiled this list of carefully curated signs he’s losing interest in you. 

If there’s one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that you should trust your gut. If you’re grappling with the feeling that he’s losing interest in you based on a prolonged change of behavior, it’s probably something you shouldn’t ignore.

When looking back at my own behavior and past, I can pinpoint a few of my behavioral changes that accompanied a loss of interest in a girl. 

And so, I want to share those experiences with you by discussing all of the signs he’s losing interest in you. 

I hope that you can identify these signs early on and mobilize yourself to take measures that prevent him from completely moving on.

And if it’s too late, then I hope that I can help to save you from investing more time and effort into someone who no longer appreciates you so that you can focus on someone who does. 

Signs That He Is Losing Interest

Signs That He Is Losing Interest

1. He barely replies to you

The average person checks their phone approximately 58 times per day and yet he barely finds even a few minutes to reply to your texts?

Surely, if you’re important to him and he cares about you, he’d make time to reply to you. 

Granted, some days can be daunting and extremely busy but that’s not a norm. 

If up until now, he used to text you regularly and punctually and nothing has really changed in his life, then this lack of replies is nothing more than one of the popular signs he’s losing interest. 

This becomes abundantly more clear when you find him online or on other social networking apps and yet he doesn’t read or reply to your texts.

More often than not, this means that he has seen your text but chosen to ignore it until later. 

Why would he do that if he has no reason to be upset with you?

That’s something to think about. 

But, as a guy, I can tell you with certainty that he’s just not as invested in you right now as he was before.

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2. His texts are short and disinterested 

While we’re on the topic of texts, another sign he’s losing interest in you is a total lack of effort to text you with enthusiasm and interest.

You may notice that his texts have gotten shorter over time.

He no longer asks you questions and simply responds to your texts with short and dry replies. 

Trust me when I tell you that a guy who genuinely likes you will show much more enthusiasm than this.

There’s a subtle difference between a man who is slightly mysterious and one who is disinterested. 

The former will often flirt with you and show an interest in you as a person. If he doesn’t text you much, he makes an effort to reach out when he misses you and asks you out. 

A man who is losing interest will do none of the above. 

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3. He doesn’t make an effort to ask you out on a date

A guy who genuinely likes you and is interested in you will make every effort to meet you.

Texts and calls will never be enough. 

He wants to take you out on a date, get to know you, flirt and be romantic to impress you.


Because he is interested in you.

On the flip side, a guy who is losing interest will make no such effort.

In fact, if you try to meet him, he may cancel or come up with continuous excuses for why he’s too busy to see you.

Let me tell you something, if he really likes you and is interested, he’d find the time to meet you regardless of how busy he is.

A lack of effort to ask you out is just one of the popular signs he’s losing interest. 

This is usually accompanied by a lack of calls and texts as well.

4. He doesn’t flirt with you

Flirting is really one of the most common ways a guy will express his desire and attraction for you. 

Whether it be using pick-up lines, compliments or terms of endearment, these are things that should exist in most courtships and relationships.

When those things start to dissipate, it’s usually a sign he’s losing interest. 

There are instances when a man gets comfortable in a long-term relationship and stops putting in as much effort as he once did.

I would say that this is quite different from what we are discussing in this article because it’s usually remedied by telling him how you feel or by you taking the lead.

In this case, irrespective of how much you try to flirt, it’s not reciprocated and he seems totally uninterested in impressing you or being romantic. 

5. He doesn’t show much affection towards you

Being affectionate doesn’t mean that he has to be constantly showering you with love and attention but his behavior should show that he cares about you.

Whether he calls to let you know that he’s thinking about you or texts sweet affirmations of his affection, he should be doing something to make you feel loved.

When all of this affectionate behavior halts and you’re left making all the effort without it being reciprocated, it could be one of the signs he’s losing interest in you or the relationship. 

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6. He doesn’t pay attention to you

I’ve noticed that men who are genuinely interested and like a woman will be widely interested in what she says and does. 

He would pay attention when she speaks, he’d ask questions, he’d notice when she makes an effort to look good and he is aware of what is going on with you.

This isn’t difficult for him to do because he has such a high level of interest and attraction for you.

However, when guys tend to lose interest, their attention gets diverted to other things. 

He may sit on his phone for longer periods of time, he may not make much eye contact, he may seem lost in thought and he doesn’t really listen when you’re talking. 

7. He’s talking to other people more often

It’s never a good sign when a man starts spending his free time talking to other people instead of his girlfriend or the girl he has been pursuing.

This usually presents itself as a warning sign of a man who is either losing interest or a man who isn’t looking for something serious right now. 

If he takes it a step further by flirting with other girls, then we know for certain that he has lost interest and is entertaining other options.

One of the warning signs of this is increased activity on social networking apps, he’s liking other girls’ pictures or commenting on their posts and acts even more secretive about who he’s talking to.

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8. He doesn’t support you

One of the greatest aspects of a relationship is the undying support you have for each other through trials and tribulations.

You actively want to provide comfort and encouragement for your partner because of how deeply you care about them.

A man’s interest level is dependent on how much he cares about you and vice versa.

Losing his support for no reason whatsoever is more likely a telltale sign he is losing interest in you and the relationship because he no longer cares as much as he once did.

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9. He’s non-committal about the future

Ever notice how a guy who is really into someone starts thinking 10 steps ahead?

He can’t help but start planning future dates and assumes that you’re going to be in his life long-term.

On the flip side, when he loses interest, the exact opposite takes place.

Suddenly, he doesn’t know when he’s going to be free to see you. When you try to find out whether things are going, you’re met with uncertainty and no plans. And the talk of being more serious in the future is something he runs away from or evades as quickly as possible.

This is not just the sign of someone with commitment issues but also a sign he’s losing interest in you.

10. He avoids intimacy with you

Intimacy is an integral part of a serious relationship and I’m not just referring to sex.

Intimacy comes in many forms, whether it’s emotional, intellectual, spiritual or physical.

When it starts to diminish and she shows no desire to be close to you, there’s definitely something wrong.

Granted, there are cases when a man will seem distant after a fight but if there’s absolutely no ongoing obvious misunderstanding or issue, then it’s likely that he’s losing interest in you and that’s the cause for his lack of desire to be intimate.

In Conclusion

It can be a scary and frustrating experience to deal with a man who is losing interest in you but I urge you to avoid ignoring these signs.

Being realistic about your relationship and identifying these signs early on will help you to make some changes to the relationship or your behavior to re-attract him or to move on without humiliating yourself.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on the signs he’s losing interest in you to be insightful and eye-opening. If you’d like email coaching, feel free to visit my services page for more information on how I can help you to get him back.

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  1. Thank you so much. he’s a little busy right now and has a lot on his plate, his sister is in the hospital.. his mother.. gone. He talked to me about it and I comforted him. now he has basketball and he broke his arm so he hasn’t been replying much, but I understand.

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